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Goals for the 2004-2005 Season


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I'm kind of a goal setter by nature. I'm really excited about this upcoming ice season. So much so that if it were not for hunting, I'd be totally consumed.

My goals for this year are to:

-fish at least once per week (married with two little ones)

-connect with some new fishing buddies

-fish Winni, LOW, and Red

-catch a trophy Crappie suitable for a replica

-catch a >36" Pike on a tip up

Other than "have fun" or "be safe", what are your goals?

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You & I think a lot alike, ALOT alike.

My goals are to:

1- Beat my personal best Walleye, Pike, Crappie, & Perch through the ice. (Walleye = 28" 8lb, Pike = 40" 18 lb, Crappie= 14 1/2", and I'm just looking for a real jumbo 2lb Perch)

2-Fish the majority of the I.C.E. Series events which will put me onto some great bodies of water this winter.

3-Of course hook up with some new people.

4-Learn some new techniques, etc.

5-Figure out a way to get my sleeper house on to & off of Upper Red.

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Very good topic BigDaddy!!

My goals:

  • Have a successful ICE Series

  • Get my dad, brother and other family/relatives out fishing more

  • Guide someone to a trophy fish

  • Figure out where the big bluegills go in a lake near my house during midwinter

  • Land a monster pike, hopefully somewhere in the 40 inch range

  • "Have More Fun!"

I'm sure I could add several more things and there are probably things that will be added throughout the winter.

Good Fishin,

Matt Johnson

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This year, I want a walleye over 10 lbs... I've watched a couple of my friends land them but I haven't been that lucky yet.

I also want at least one pike over 20 lbs this season.

Other than that, I just want to get out as much as possible wink.gif

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Great Topic - here goes:

**Don't fall in - had a little accident 2 years ago with the 4 wheeler.

**Walleye bigger than 30".

**Don't get disgusted with ice fishing as early as other years.

**Move the fish house every day you fish.

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1. To get out as much or more than I did last year

2. Try to get out and fish with MJ5 over Christmas like I

have the last 2 years!

3. Have a blast on my annual Lake Trout fishing trip to


4. TRY NEW TECHNIQUES I've learn over the last year!

5. have fun doing all the above!!!

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Fish as often as I can....Fish some new lakes....Try to target a mongo Bluegill (That is always my goal). Get into those Crappies.

Have at least one productive outting on Mille Lacs, it has been awhile! (Winter, I've spanked my share of wallys in open water.)

Be allowed the opportunity to enjoy the company of a fellow fisherman, be it someone I know, or someone I meet on the ice. B.S., tell lies, catch fish, lie somemore, enjoy the visit, the day, the experience!

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1) Hit the Ice Sries Events and meet some new people and see my old friends

2) Catch the dang 34-35" Walleye I missed last year on Lake Superior!

3) Teach some South Africans how we have fun in the snow and on the ice. grin.gif

4) Get out more than last year. (May not be possible.)

5) Find a way to do it all and still stay married! blush.gif

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this will be my first full season of ice fishing so i have alot of goals, too numerous to list!

-get out at least once a week

-learn to catch slab crappies thru the ice

-go to at least one ICE SERIES event

-hook up with new people

-fish as many different lakes as possible(nearly all the lakes in minnesota are new to me)

-learn as much as i can from others about catching fish thru the ice

grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifthe ice is coming!!!!!

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MY goals for this season -

Fish on Vermilion, URL, and Mille Lacs. grin.gif

Catch a "siutable for mounting or replica" size Walleye and Crappie


FIsh in my first tourney ever

Make one FM get together.

Otherwise, just get out more than last year, which will be easy to do as I got hurt and was unable to get out more than 4 times... tongue.gif

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It's not overly difficult to get a house on and off red. What I do is let some friends know that they can use my house for free the 1st and last weekend and anyother weekend I'm with. They haul it up there and back, saves me the gas bill and headaches. Did I mention that the 1st and last weekend I usually have too much going on to make it grin.gif


1. A crappie of mountable size (over 2 lb.)

2. Devils Lake catch perch built like footballs.

3. Get my 8-6 x 20 done in time for URL. Why bring up one house when 4 is better.

4. Catch a laker through the ice

5. Already have plans for a couple trips to meet up with somepeople I've met through FM

6. Am looking forward to this yr. Looking back I've spent 5 days a week fishing in past so need to try and make it 6 this yr.

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To get Griz to catch a Lake Trout through the ice.

Hey Griz, the dogs are looking good for our first trip. Me and my daughter are heading out after breakfast to put some more miles on them. I also got a few puppies. Gotta plan for the future.

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1.) Get my father on the ice at least once. He always says he'll go but never does. He's shown interest in the UW camera I just bought so odds have improved here.

2.) Get my wife on the ice more than twice and somewhere other than Lake Harriet. This one could be tough.

3.) Try to make an ICE Series event or two and meet some of the fine folks who post here.


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My goals:

Try my hand at guiding and see how it goes, this will be my first winter. I thank Matt alot, he helped me alot in getting started.

Keep My job at sportsmens hopefully.

Try to break less then 3 or four rods this year.

As far as fish go.

Break the 31 inch mark for a walleye.

Catch a 40 inch northern.

Break the 18 1/4 mark for a crappie this year, I have had 17 3/4, so I am close.

Catch a catfish intentionally through the ice.

Have alot of fun.

Not burn the venison.

Not roll the snowmobile.

Other then that I think is about it.

Best Fishes


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