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  1. Will an Otter cottage fit in one of these with the seats folded? This vehicle looks like it would fit my needs perfectly if it will. Thanks. Any other small or midsized SUVs I should look at?
  2. On gravel roads I get a ton of dust. Any solutions? I rolled my cover up but that defeats the purpose. Thanks.
  3. Who died? I haven't watched in years but I know who all is still alive from Rick's band
  4. Hey look, I was right. Alabama doesn't have a QB, Saban looked ancient, and the road to the SEC championship game just got way tougher. ESPN put up a stat that Alabama has allowed 40+ points in 3 of the last 6 games.
  5. The Heisman usually goes to a good player on a good team that has no other options. Or at least not any comparable options. There are no better athletes than Braxton Miller, but Ohio State is so loaded that he won't get the carries/pass targets to rack up the numbers to win it. Georgia's Chubb would be my bet right now.
  6. Alabama will not make the SEC championship game. They don't have a QB. Saban is aging. Their window is closing. ESPN might falsely promote them as #1 at some point again. That won't make it true.
  7. Mine never gets used. That's why it's going bye bye next spring.
  8. I was going today but it's like a furnace outside, so the doves get off free until Friday evening. Next week is supposed to be cooler.
  9. When does MN season start? Iowa starts tomorrow, 9/1. I am ready. I am excited to head out after them. Good luck to the guys heading out.
  10. Anyone notice there is also a $10 price increase? Wowzers I was surprised.
  11. The same model you have might have been changed by Marcum. So maybe all you want is a new 5. I use Vexilars and I went from using Fl18 to using an Fl8. It does what I need, if there is a fish down there it shows up. I sightfish shallow 80% of the time and they all work OK for that. If a person fishes Lakers you might want really deep capabilities otherwise simple will probably be fine. Good luck.
  12. I prefer a smaller footprint in the garage. The poles slide easily, its not an issue to me.
  13. I got xt1200 one man at the end of the season and I love it. I don't know what they are going to improve on. I have a T600 wild series from a few years ago and it is better than products from other manufacturers. Its like they are in front and pulling away from the pack.
  14. Here's my choices: Mono: slip bobbering, walleye snells both spinner blades and plain, snagging rods Fluorocarbon: ice fishing for low vis qualities and doesn't cut on the ice, panfish jigging because of the low vis Braids: I use Power Pro. I use it for casting jigs and cranks, bottom bouncing, catfish rods. The small diameter allows you to let less line out, it gives you better sensitivity and casts further.
  15. I don't trust their site because its just too much information, trying to keep up with all the fish stocking data. And yes, I have caught muskies in Silver. Last year I was busier than ever and didn't get there much. 2 years ago we caught several. Biggest one maybe 36". If you really want a muskie easiest way is chubs through the ice on West O. Good luck.
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