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  1. I wouldn't touch a Ultrex with a 10 foot pole. I know of at least 6 guys who tried them and brought them back because they didn't work worth beans. I have a 70# powerdrive with co pilot that will be for sale soon. E-mail me if your interested. Probably sell for around $350. [email protected]
  2. So after running this combo this year I will give my pros and cons. 1st off the only con I have is the weight. Its heavy with a 10" auger but not bad with the 8". Pros are it is fast, clean , quiet and drills a lot of holes on 1 charge. Reverse is nice to clear holes out. I got 40 holes on a 10" cut no problem. Easy to charge and all I do is take the battery pack off with 2 easy screws loosened and charge until light goes green. For a perm or even people who don't want to mess with gas and smell this is a great option.
  3. Digger auger mount all the way. The best I have used.
  4. Have no clue but a lot. I fish 4 to 6 times a week. My motor is a 04 Yamaha 115 and its still going strong.
  5. For ride glass all the way butif I beached my boat a LOT I would have to stay alum or us a double anchor system and get wet coming in and out to the boat.
  6. I have fished down there and those perch are huge. It can be rather lazy type of fishing but when you hook the biggest perch of your life 4 times over in a day it keeps you coming back. Best advice is get good spring bobbers and the best wigglers you can. I really like ratfinky and the smallest gold Swedish pimple. I have also caught these perch on plastics that are scented and look like wigglers. Don't be afraid to either pound bottom or set deadsticks up high.
  7. I love my lure lightnings. Great product and they last forever. Make sure to get the correct one for the type flasher/graph you have. There is different thread designs.
  8. See you at both Jarrid. You doing the St. paul show at all?
  9. I just put my Hideout together and I think its my favorite Otter house. Im 6'6" and 280 pounds and I was worried about room but man it has plenty. I think the Hideout will be a huge seller this season. Cant wait for 1st ice. The basement just isnt the same. LOL. I put a string of Northern bright lights LED lights in it and had to buy a dimmer switch because it was so bright with out it.
  10. These days there are a ton of very nice rods in the $100 range. On sale you can get some very nice rods. With the invent of superlines a less expensive and less sensitive rod can feel as much as higher end rods. I have tons of rods from $70 on sale to $300 plus and truthfully I wont spend $300 on a rod. All the expensive rods I have I got on sale , won or as gifts. If I have to buy one these days I go in that $100 or less and spool up with a superline like Suffix 832.
  11. Deam Marshal is the only guy I would buy a new Skeeter from. He knows his shiznitand dont blow no smoke. Joe that Lund is a awesome boat but like you said they are PRICEY! I did hear they arent as fast as the skeeter when comparing apples to apples. Verry very well layed out boats and the attention to detail is awesome. The best rod storage of any boat I have seen.
  12. For vertical jigging lakers I like a 7' to 7'9" medium with a fast tip. I like a spinning rod but a baitcaster will also work fine. $215 is pricey for a rod like that in my opinion. I have many other rods that are in the $120 range that work just fine. Being custom though you get what you pay for. If I had a choice I would go Batson over rainshadow though.
  13. Call Jay Soderbloom he does all my props.
  14. Get a good set of radials. Stay away from the carlisle tires. I found them to be junk. Never had a good set out of 3. The radials I have had for 2 years are doing awesome.
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