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  1. Pulled the trigger on one after watching some Videos of the Elite-5 (non CHIRP). $346 after rebate also made it fairly easy to decide.
  2. ANyone have one? Looking for opinions on it. I tried an older LMS-522C on the ice and didnt care much for it on the ice. Loved it in the boat. Seemed for Ice fishing I couldnt get the interference out. Currently, I have a Marcum LX3-tc and want an upgrade. Figure I'd give the marcum to the kids.
  3. Heading up to that area in October and would like to find a place to camp. One RV and one Travel Trailer. We wont be fishing, just hanging out and relaxing. Which do you prefer and why? Thanks in advance.
  4. Well, that didnt work like I wanted. The quail didnt move once my dog found them. My daughter got to learn how to clean quail though! Yes, my dog has been introduced to gun fire. I started him off with a starters pistol and gradually worked him up to firing a 12gauge over him.
  5. I've got access to 80 acres and planned on working with my dog tomorrow. Had him out hunting (his first) with me last week, but he never saw a bird. Our group only flushed 1 rooster and 3 hens.
  6. My daughter attended the DNR classes and used the Online version to reinforce what she leaned in class. I highly recommend signing up for the DNR class.
  7. Looking for a place to camp where I can bring my camper and boat within about 2 hours of the Metro. Suggestions?
  8. How do I make sure it drains correctly?
  9. I've got a 2000 crestliner fish and ski. I have it covered most of the time but it is stored outdoors. Last year I stepped near the back of the boat and the board gave way. Tonight I pulled the board up to replace it and noticed there was a bunch of water built up under it. Also, where the boat seat goes, there was water in there? Looks like they also cut the aluminum plate out for some reason? The board broke right in the middle. Most of the screws were also worn, meaning someone removed the panels prior. I bought this boat in 2007? Is it normal to have water under the boards? or should it drain somewhere? I have the boat tilted quite a bit as well.
  10. Yes, it's a 2000 though..
  11. I've got a hybrid camper where the front and back pop out into beds. Looks like. The front didn't seal well and now the bed and front is rotting. Anyone have suggestions on a place to have it repaired? Assuming it can be repaired reasonably.
  12. Forgot, He's a 5 month old GWP. We were out for maybe 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Did I work him too hard?
  13. Started out really slow, just trying to get him in the water. I didnt bring a bumber with, for fear he wouldnt get it, so I grabbed a stick. Threw it just barely in the water and he'd work his way to get it. After a while, he had no problems swimming out to it, but coming back he'd hold his head high and swim with only his front feet. It really was comical. Let him rest, [PoorWordUsage]'d (Bull Scat) with a friend I ran into and then went back to the lake. Threw a couple more times and he finally swam back with stick in mouth, just like he swam out. It was awesome! Now on to the I dont know what I did wrong part... After swimming, he was shaking quite a bit. Was it the temp of water? Or fear? Or excitement?
  14. I had a Menard's brand years ago and it worked great for my first Boxer. Years later I got another Boxer and he was really stubborn and would bolt through the fence. We decided to spend the money on Invisible Fence brand since they guaranteed that it'll keep your dog in the yard. I think I had them out 3 times changing the collar but it eventually worked. My new pup (GWP just over 4 months old) is now trained on the fence.
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