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  1. Just got back from a trip to Lac Seul and thought I'd share some information in case there are others headed up. We went out of Hudson and did the houseboat deal. We had a 6 hour boat ride and ended up in Sen Bay, NW of Hudson. The lake was down 4 feet this year. It was amazing to see the lake level line on the shore rocks, to see new beaches and HUGE rocks we'd never seen before. We fished Monday-Saturday morning and for the most part fishing was good. We had a lot of wind except for one day and the days we had wind, we caught fish pretty easily. The one day we did not have rain, we got ra
  2. Dark, you ever willing to teach a new guy (me) and take out to look for agates? I'd love the opportunity!!
  3. I need some help & advice on what to do here. Never had any problems over the past few years. Well....my yard was in MINT condition prior to last weeks dry/HOT,HOT weather. In a matter of 2-3 days, I had several spots throughout the yard turn yellow. When I go touch those areas, it almost feels like straw. I'm assuming it got hot/dry to quick!? So what can I do now? I've been watering pretty heavily every other day for the past 4 days, haven't really seen any green results yet. [color:#33CC00] What are my options?
  4. What a great opportunity! What is the cost of the program? Will you have information about lodging for those coming from a distance? Any special lodging rates with the program? Thanks!
  5. What time are you guys out trolling? From what time to what time?
  6. Hey Dark, Nice finds What type of solution/mix are you using to clean up your agates? I do not have a tumbler so really hoping there is something to help clean up some agates. Thanks! Brandon
  7. I'll pick up the book and get some hints. I was searching for that book but cannot find it on Barnes and Nobles HSOforum. It's by John Marshall right?
  8. I was up on the Northshore in August and picked up a handful of rocks that I think have one or two agates in em'. Is there anyone in the metro that I could bring my rocks to and they could tell me what I've got? Could anyone give me some tips other than what I've read on-line on how to identify an agate? I'll be up on the Northshore again in several weeks and would like to do a little more searching. Thanks!
  9. Was at the golf course last night (Sartell) on the range and heard LOTS of bluebirds. I had a pair nest last year in our BB houses last year but have not seen them back in our area yet?!
  10. I have a 3 year old GSP from Grouse Point Kennels (Rice Lake, WI) and couldn't be happier with her! She is a great house dog, sociable with people and other dogs, and is a heck of a hunter!! I did a LOT of calling around 3 years ago before I went with Grouse Point Kennels. I'd even touch base with someone from the MN NAVHDA club as well. LOTS of good information- that is where I heard about Willow Creek Kennels. Sharpshooters Kennel is a good one as well. Do plan to spend $1000 a pup from there and run your dog through the NAVHDA trials (I believe that is required of his pups). Willow Cree
  11. We took two houseboats out of Lac Seul Floating Lodges in Hudson, Ontario. We left last Sunday and got back Sunday, July 26th. Before we left, forecast temps were for mid 70's and a day or two of rain. I think we had high 60's for highs and rain everyday. Thunderstorms would roll in and out during the afternoon. Walleye fishing this year was outstanding. We head up to Sen Bay (SE corner) of the lake and park on an island w/ sand beach. We found our fish off of points, working the breaks from 10-23FOW. We also found fish on humps or flats (whatever you want to call them) coming out of 35-40FOW
  12. Hey Fishhead, would you be willing to share your e-mail address. I have some questions for you.
  13. Sounds like the bite has been phenomenal! We leave Sunday for Hudson Bay Floating Lodges and head to Sen Bay. I know where Mahkwa is...we are East of there by quite a bit. I know traditional walleye structure, but I've been up there for the last 3 years (around end of July) and I have NEVER had the big fish days like everyone is talking about. I'd appreciate any tips between now and Friday night on what to look for. For the best bite up there, what kind of structure am I looking for/ should I key on? FYI..I take GULP every year and never get fish on it. What am I doing wrong?!? Thanks
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