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  1. I have no idea, i checked the iceleaders site and couldnt find it
  2. I like your izaak walton saying there renneberg
  3. Here you go guys, I work at sportsmens so I was able to find out. When using both 1 pound tanks on high the line freezes up and starts venting the propane.
  4. Thanks guys I went with the bowtech.
  5. I am looking at buying a new bow, money is not a concern for me, I am looking at either an outback switchback, PSE Firestorm lite, bowtech Allegiance or liberty, and was wondering if anyone had some info for?
  6. Dude you have the biggest case of loser denial I have ever seen, you might want to grow some hair to pull your head out of the mud or you know what! a detroit writer wrote this: DREW SHARP: Stop kidding yourself, the Lions will always stink November 26, 2004 BY DREW SHARP FREE PRESS COLUMNIST The Lions stink and they always will. I've always prided myself in brevity. What more needs to be said? They couldn't even fool a national television audience Thursday with their traditional Thanksgiving Day masquerade of competence. Instead, the country got its fill of turkey even before it got to the dinner table. Detroit has really looked good in the last week, hasn't it? In seven days it has shown the world that its basketball fans can hit their intended targets, but its quarterbacks can't. Get a clue, people. It's time to stop kidding yourselves. It's never going to happen here. Deal with it. The Lions are worse now than they were when they rewrote history for road futility the previous three years. They're regressing at quarterback, cornerback and defensive end. They've finally found an answer to their biggest offensive deficiency -- a consistent running game -- and the offense has nonetheless dipped a few levels below putrid. a song for you too. "Livin' on a Prayer" Based on the performance by Bon Jovi "Lions' Misery" Parody by Mike Armstrong Detroit Lions... players, coaches, and fans... here's to you. Herman used to play for the team. Mitchell threw the ball, the Lions were a dream, it seemed. Sanders brought 'em out of their seats. But then he went on strike, he hung up his cleats for good. mmmm He says I gotta hold on to what I made. It doesn't make a difference if I never get paid. The only thing they got with Morningweg... IS A FAILING GRADE! OHHHHHH They're 0 and 3. OHHHH Porcher rips his knee! Mike McMahon throws it to a DB!! WHOA it's Lions' misery! Spielman used to crumple the bones, of backs that came into his area of the zone. Ohhhh There's a Wide-out by Terry Fair. Don't even get me started on Andre Ware. Don't dare. 102 grabs for Perriman. I'll be da****if he ever saw the field again. Maybe they'll score some points this fine weekend... FORGET IT MY FRIEND! OHHHH they're 0-5. OHHHH they're taking a dive. 0-16 is for what we strive. WHOA... can they survive?? ******************* Guitar Solo ******************** Oooooo Jason Hansen's still great, no change. Now if only they could get within his range. OHHHH They're 0-10. OHHH They lost again! Are there any fighting men INNNNN the Lion's den?? Whoa! The Lions SUCK! Whoa! Lions SUCK! *fade*
  7. any one have a link to see the hit, I was in the HSOList.
  8. Stopped at JR's today, saw the eff emm logo from the highway wonder whos it was, BDR license plate, BDR Painting. I wonder, almost met ya I guess, sort of. Best Fishes Chris
  9. I didnt know sauger was european, i thought it was zander that come from over the big puddle? Weird. Best Fishes Chris
  10. huskiesplayer15


    I pay 3.75 for river/silver shiners. Weird. Best Fishes Chris
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