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  1. I would be careful hunting a young pointer with a flusher. Until he is rock solid and will hold points, seeing that lab flush everything can give your pointing dog the wrong idea of what is expected. A beeper collar is a great tool, I would have a hard time hunting without mine. I lose sight of my pointer pretty easily and when the beeper goes off i go find him. The dogtra i have also allows me to hit a locate button at anytime. This time a year is fun cuz you can get birds to hold tight in the cattails, but birds can also be very jumpy. Yesterday I was out and watched my pointer go on point and about 2 seconds later a bird bailed out about 20 yds out. The birds are pretty educated on pub land this time of year. Adam
  2. Wow, I have not checked this post for awhile. Bob nice comparison, crack to walking the field I like it. As far as your e-mail, who responded a CO or some office junkie in St. Paul. I know several CO's from former jobs and training we,ve had together and I will continue to bring my wife, no license needed, she will also sit unarmed in my duck blind and deer stand as well. The nice part about working in Law enforcement is the officers have discrestion and I a confident that if they watched us in the field they would determine that my wife is not assisting in taking game. Adam
  3. No license needed, my wife has been doing it for years. She follows along cuz she loves to watch my pointer and be out in the open spaces with me. Adam
  4. I feed my dog pro plan and switch from pp adult to pro plan performance during the season. I have food in his bowl all the time. He is a pointer and during the season I cant give him to much food. I also give him some sort of jerky or half a sandwich during the hunt. Adam
  5. ATM

    Dog ID

    The ticking and face are very similar to my enlish pointer. I would guess some sharthair dog like EP/or GSP mixed with a long haired breed. EP and setter could make a fine hunting dog. adam
  6. Nothing is better for training than wild birds. lay the foundation this off-season.Then next year get him on wild birds. The hardest thing for me when i started training my pointer 6 yrs ago was excepting that he was a pup that was going to make mistakes and just needed time and experience to figure things out. Adam
  7. Great job getting the kid out there. The pics of him and the pooch are awesome. I cant wait to share the field with my boys. Congrats on the good hunting. Adam
  8. gold meadows up by cold spring. good cover, birds that fly and decent prices.
  9. I Hunted a wma just East of hutch for 2 hours yesterday. Got 1 rooster and saw 2 hens. Not bad for 2 hrs but when i have more time i will be going further west and hunting hutch when i just have an hour or 2. Adam
  10. Yep, im a police officer and firearms instructor but i still manage to miss big a$$ pheasants over a point. Yep its the same dog he will be 8 may. Yep i shoot 4 shot steel for phez in either 12 or 20. Last time i was out my 3 bird limit took 8 shots. But it was windy.
  11. Sorry my post kind of hijacked the topic. His tail bleeds all season long, it hits everything and once its open it doesnt take much to open up again. It will heal up about may. It is an english pointer and part of there style is there tail so they are not docked like a GSP. Back to the original topic, sunday I plan on hitting LQP I will focus on short grass next to food or shelter belts. If there is alot of snow I will hit the cattails. Most of the reason I hunt is watching my dog and with a pointer it is just more fun to watch them in the grass so that is where i will start. The ice should be good so one tactic i like is going to the inside of a slough and working it inside out as well. Adam
  12. That one did but if you have seen me shoot you wouldnt presume anything.
  13. With no snow, i am focusing on the edges. These birds unless pushed deep will still want to be on field edges etc. feeding. During the last hour I will focus on some thicker cover. Here is a pic of my pointer from this weekend locked up on a bird on the edge of the grass and cattail. i attack phez hunting like fishing and focus on transition areas between food and cover. Adam
  14. Chub, you should have saw it on monday. The refuge is one of my favorite places to hunt with 45000 acres and birds that only get hunted for a month it seems like each year I find a new honey hole there. Next year if you get out head closer to appleton if you get further into the refuge there is less traffic even on the opener. Adam
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