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  1. I put a round ring on all my water traps. Buy them from a tack supplier. I cut then weld them on but could also attach with an s hook.
  2. I am not ready yet but thanks for the reminder. My new fur shed didn't get finished but at least it got started. Am adding new swivels to my 1 1/2's, triggers to the 110's an 160's. Everything is getting new tags as 2013 is the yr the old dl number is no good. The foot traps are all getting redipped for the first time since late 90's. Parts are cut and formed for 30 doz dp's just need to put together. Seeing there has been some talk of dye vs dip I'll share what I do. I use oil based paint mixed with gas 1 part paint to 2 parts gas or there abouts. colman gas works best but if you have the time reg gas will air out just takes a bit longer. Then I'll wax. I normally wax every other yr but pressure wash every yr. redip maybe every 8-10 or as needed. In yrs past i have used flat black but this yr am going with a brownish color instead. One bit of advise if you want to dip coni's in white for winter do it before they rust. I tried it once and the rust bled through. That's the nice part about dipping with paint is you can choose a color.
  3. X2 I have 3 of the model 24's 22lr over 20/22mag over 20/22 hornet over a 12. Love them things.
  4. The essence is worth more than the pelt. I know a couple guys that sell the essence, render the fat, glands, hide well by the time they are done claim they get more for a skunk than a darn good coon. I don't know where they have all there markets so can't help anyone there.
  5. One thing to consider is the noise factor if you'll be doing hunting in them. The metal ones are alot noisier than wood. I am in the process of looking for a new pair myself due to the 26 yr old ones being stolen. I have looked on the internet and can't find what I need exactly but have been talking to some trappers from canada and alaska and they agree if your hunting stay with traditional wood ones. Some like the newer pvc webbing and other prefer the older rawhide type.
  6. Don't worry about human scent with gophers as it don't make a bit of difference. Try not to make the hole any bigger than the gopher had it. I know not always possible but it does make a big difference.
  7. Only reason to dry them in my mind is to sell them.
  8. Seeing you are from cloud area. Lots of hunters around there, could be they are there but have been wised up also. May be hagnin in the cover where ya may not see them.
  9. I wished I could of held onto my fur. I wanted to hold onto them but sold coon daily in the round for gas money. Had to sell mink when the gas man came an filled the tank. So that leaves me with some rats. Well I am glad I held most of my rats, I did plan that right. Hopefully they stay up til they sell at the auction. I like to be optimistic and think that fur will go up for a bit. I'd rather have reason to think positive than hope positive.
  10. I'm not even gonna talk with my buyer til I bring fur in. I am just doing my thing. It's going to take 20 coon a day just to pay for the gas. I will be letting the runts go figuring I won't sell them anyway. If your trapping for the money stay home. Now if you plan to trap in yrs to comeyou better get out there and keep the population thinned on your lines to keep over population and disease from damaging future fur crops.
  11. I normally set my trap in a depression on the shelf. or try placeing the dog to the side so they walk between the jaws.
  12. I normally set my trap in a depression on the shelf. or try placeing the dog to the side so they walk between the jaws.
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