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  1. I am in the market for a new pop up shelter this year and have my eye on the Frabill Fishouflage Ambush Series outpost. Even though it's Fishouflage, it will be hard to hide out there on the ice Hopefully I can get a couple lakers landed in this shack this winter! It should fit great on the rack of my Bearcat as well! For those with kids, Frabill has the new Ambush flipovers as well with the SideStep door system. I may have to give this one a try as well as my oldest son, 5 yrs old, loves hitting the ice. Much easier for them to slip out the side versus walking all over everything. It's always great to see what new is out there and what everyone is looking at getting for the upcoming season. Now if we can just have all this ice talk make the thermometer drop as well!
  2. Nicely done! Simple but effeIctive modifications. Did you paint or carpet your plywood? I have used totes for my tackle for the past couple years. Nice to just grab a box out of there when I need it. I may have to do something similar in my Frabill.
  3. You won't be disappointed in the Predator, either the insulated or uninsulated. I will warn you though, once you use an insulated shack you won't want to use anything else.... Heat Retension, No Frost, No Dripping, and no flapping in the wind. The sled on the Predator is the just as good as the Otter. They are much better built and durable than the sleds on the standard Frabill units. I have used my Rtec on a trip in -20 to -25 temperatures, along with -40 plus windchills last year and glad I did. While others in the group had frost, etc we were comfortable in sweatshirts.
  4. Ed~ I was thinking the same thing after seeing the pictures of your mods. I need to get together with you sometime and check out your shack in person. Wish I would have seen this post last year I am hoping to get a few mods done on mine before the ice hits.
  5. I made some up at work last year, will try to find some pictures. I never got them on my sled. Gave them to a buddy to use this year. My plan was to bolt them to the sides of my rack on my Bearcat.
  6. The beauty of these is that there is no snap to clasp shut. I ordered some of these for this winter as well, #0 & 1 is what I went with and they look perfect. The Musky Shop is the only place I found them as well. Really looking forward to being able to just switch out my trebles this winter when I go up to Canada(barbless) so that I don't have to be pinching barbs all the time.
  7. Hey guys, Well I hope this hasn’t been asked before or too recently anyway. I just purchased a sled … 96 Bearcat that doesn’t have electric start. I would like to add this as electric start would be nice and I would also like to mount my GPS to the sled and run it off of a battery. Do you know if anyone out there makes aftermarket kits for this that aren’t too big of a hassle to install? Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. ivegottabite


    Mozy~ Frabill make some very nice quality and durable shacks for a nice tag. They've got 4 new models coming out this year, a Commando(deluxe 1 man); Trekker DLX, Predator and R2tec 7080. The last 3 are all 2 man houses with the quality going up in the order they are listed. The R2tec is the king of all houses, being it's insulated, has a great new tub design as well as a new pole system with self lubricating bushings. The Predator is the same just without the insulated canvas. They've got the best seats in the business too, and I'm not the only one that will tell you that I've had Frabills as long as I've been ice fishing and they've been good to me out on the ice
  9. I would go with the Frabill R2Tec. Best insulated shack out there, new improved poles this year. Check it out on the Frabill site. Go to "The Guide" once you get to the site and click on the new Ice Guide
  10. Sounds like it was a great time, too bad I couldn't make it. Anyone else have any pics to share? Looking to see what some people have done to their portables. Who makes that big blue "quickfish" looking shack? Seems like there are a few different manufacturers making these now.
  11. Thanks for the info, have you guys found the regular white or warm white to work better? I don't want to take away from this post but am just curious so I can get some ordered up.
  12. This looks great. I know I have seen many guys use these LED light strips. Can anyone give me the exact link to the light series you guys are using? I'd like to order up a few of these for my fish houses this year. WTN4ICE, great looking mods. I live in DL and may have to take a look at that house sometime! Just a question for those who have done the mods. Has anyone tried using a quick pin release setup for there frame? I was just thinking this may come in handy for early ice when a guy wants to stay as light as possible and can't use any other mode of transportation than 2 feet
  13. Originally Posted By: Northlander It says sold right above your post. LOL, guess I need to get my eyes checked
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