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  1. I spoke to the CO from my area today on the telephone. He said that the spear counts as one line and you may use another line, either in the house or outside. You must be within 200 feet and be able to see it. He said having a window in my house that allows me to see the tip up is ok. Glad I called him, most of the advice here seemed sound but ultimately it's up to me to understand the rules. I'd encourage anyone with fish or game questions to ask a CO. Here is a link I found on page 84 of the 2014 fishing regulations. www.mndnr.gov/officerpatrolareas.
  2. Is it legal to have a tip up in use outside of a darkhouse while spearing? Reading the regs makes me think it's not. Seems I can have a line in the water in the darkhouse while spearing, though.
  3. Gus is right. Spend a hundred bucks more and get a direct vent heater.
  4. I bought a BW3 used from an outfitter in Ely. plenty of legroom for the bow paddler, holds a lot of gear and feels pretty stable. I don't have a lot of experience to draw on from paddling other kevlars but I like this one.
  5. I agree with High4Life and Del, either oil it or replace it. It's a pretty cheap part and a lot of the smaller hardware stores carry parts for lanterns and stoves.
  6. I couldn't see from the product description too much of a difference in the two. I'm not sure if it is something that needs to be wired to the timer or not. Might want to post this in the lawn and garden forum. I think there might be some irrigation folks there.
  7. A tip? I've never heard of tipping the plumber and I'm a plumber. I must be working in the wrong part of town.
  8. Services aren't free, you must pay a fee. I doubt the DNR employee wants to build landings for free. Or patrol the lakes looking for poachers for free. You get the point, like someone else stated, you gotta pay if you wanna play.
  9. I transferred the registration from my dad to myself for his canoe over the phone. While convenient, I find it a bit disturbing that I didn't need any proof that he allowed me to do this. While there wasn't a title involved, it still makes me wonder how easy it woulod be for someone to steal my canoe and register it as there own. Am I missing something in this process?
  10. Split rock has cart in sites but like Nofish said, you need to book early. I stayed at Lambs for two nights last summer. I wasnt too impressed with the seclusion but I'm not used to camping in campgrounds so my perspective might be a bit off.
  11. Not sure what is under your restroom, if it's an unfinished area and the water supply to the toilet is piped underneath, you might consider putting in a mixing valve. It will help keep the toilet from sweating. So will an insulated tank. If this is just a half bath, I'd go this route. If there is a tub or shower in there, I'd go with tile or vinyl.
  12. Buy your license online. Total time, fifteen minutes. That equates to five minutes per year. Is there really nothing better to complain about than this?
  13. I agree with Comit on the choice of fuel. The yellow bottle works best. I used a jet boil type of cooker on steroids when I ran sled dogs. The object wasn't cooking food but heating water for the mutts to drink and to thaw the meat they ate. It did come in handy though when throwing a bag of pre cooked but frozen food into the hot water to thaw. I'm no longer a fan of white gas, too many flare ups and close calls. I used to swear by the white gas stoves but now I lean towards the one pound propane cylinders. I wish they had a way of recycling them. Don't even get started on how to refill them yourself, illegal and just plain stupid (if you understand basic physics).
  14. I have a 53 year old 16 foot alumacraft at the cabin, shaped and handles much like a bathtub. Also, a 24 year old 18.5 Alumacraft Quetico (got it new, dang, where does the time go?), don't think it's made anymore. Those two weigh the same at 65 pounds. Decided last year to cut some weight and help the economy so I bought a Wenonah BW 3 used from Piragis in Ely. More legroom in the bow than the Mn 2 and doesn't have the annoying braces behind the bow seat to get in the way of packs. I'm extremely happy with it and it can't weigh more than 44 pounds.
  15. Bread works, but take the aerator off or run water to a fixture without an aerator such as a laundry tub, hosebibb, bathtub, etc. There are some dissolvable balls, looks kind of like paint balls, that can be inserted into the pipe and when you're done sweating the pipe, run the torch over the spot where the ball is and it will break down and flush through the system. When you're sweating the pipes, not only do you need them to be dry, you also need to have a place for any steam to escape too. If you don't, you're going to have a leak. I'm not a fan of the sharkbite stuff, seems like a flood just waiting to happen, IMO.
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