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  1. Hey Shack, you helped me out the last time, and I thank you for it, how about this time? How do I post a picture in this new format, or are there still some bugs to work out? I can't find anything like the quick method you told me about before? I got the same catfish again the other night, you can't miss that big scar and it is highly unlikely that different fish had the same exact scar! He/she was alot bigger this year, it had like 9-10 months to put on weight. It weighed 46 pounds when my wife caught it about 9-10 months ago and it maxed out my 50 # scale the other night. I just bought another scale that goes up to 80#! :-)
  2. The Grebe

    The General

    I got my first flathead of the season last night, 44 inches and 50# or better, cause the digital scale only goes up to 50# and it maxed out! Of course, the first one of the season I had my pointer finger in the way of the line and now I have a nice, sore slice in it! Nice way to start out, but it's gonna be hard to top? Here's the kicker to this story.....this is the 3rd time we have caught this same catfish in 2 years. I got it first in 2014....a month and a half later, my wife got it and at that time it weighed 46 pounds. i got it again last night! No question that it is the same fish, it has a distinctive scar around it's middle. How ya like them apples? My friend just gave the monster a name today...."The General"! When I figure out how to better navigate this new (To me) HSO, I'll post a picture of the beast! :-)
  3. That was pretty simple with a little help from a friend! Thanks.
  4. Thanks S-5, I'll get right on it.....I'd like to post the photo that the story was about! Let's see if it works?
  5. The picture isn't working...I'll have to mess around and try something else
  6. http://.img_2658 I don't know if this is going to work? In all the posts I've done over the years, this is the first picture I've tried....here goes!
  7. I'll run through my pictures and see what I've got?
  8. Thats what I'm thinking about doing? We had a happening last summer that really turned me on to flathead fishing. In 2013 I fished with my friend for the first time and didn't get any, he got a couple in the 20 pound range when we went. Last year I went nuts on the flats, I got like 10 of em and the two biggest that I got were 46 and 48 pounds on the digital scale. What I can remember is 25-18-22-12-42 and some smaller ones. Got a good story....I caught one of the bigger ones and it had a very distinct scar around the back of it's middle, all the way around, like something had been wrapped around it for a very long time and the fish had kinda grown around it until whatever it was came off? There were still open skin wounds. I caught the flathead, took some pictures and let it go. A month and a half later, my wife decided to come with me fishing flatties and just before dark, the reel starts clicking. I coached her on what to do and told her whatever she did, don't leave go of the rod! If she thought it was to much, holler and I'd take over. Well, once it ran a little bit, I engaged the reel and told her to hit it as hard as she could, she did and the fight was on! Lots of hollering and whooping and struggling and she finally got the fish to where I could grab it. I got the fish into the boat and guess what? It was the same fish with the same marks that I had caught a month and a half earlier! This time it weighed 42 pounds. Neither one of us will forget that fish as long as we live!
  9. How early can a person fish for flatheads and have a reasonable chance of catching a large one? Also, when do they spawn?
  10. Thank you guys, thats the culprit! The ones at our feeder is a little lighter in color, but the same in body shape. I guess I didn't search hard enough on the net? I was thinking at first that it was some kind of exotic bird that made it's way to our feeder. We did have a couple, one being a Rose Breasted Grossbeak....it wasn't at the feeder, but on the ground under it. First and last one we have ever seen here.
  11. We have bird showing up at our feeder that we have never seen before? I think they might be immature Grackles, but I'm not sure? They are light brown and about twice the side of a sparrow...I say Grackle because I seen a mature Grackle sitting on the fence. Couldn't get a decent picture...anybody have a picture of an immature Grackle?
  12. Thank you, I just needed some direction, a jumping off point, that doesn't sound to awfully complicated, I should be abel to handle that?
  13. How much of a job is it to convert what is on a VHS tape, onto a computer disk? Besides a VCR, what other kind of equipment would a person need?
  14. I have a practically new set of North American Fishing Club books that I would like to donate to some youth organization. How to books about lures freshwater fish and how to catch them, gear, everything a young angler would like to know. Beautifully put together. Any ideas?
  15. CC, this is what I was gonna eventually get to....if a person had all those fish in their possession, how could they prove they got em from an open, froze out lake...and would that even matter?
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