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  1. The C-store on 28th & Johnson St, N. E. (in Minneapolis) has tank exchange for around $12 bucks. It across the street from the old Hollywood Theater.
  2. Depending on where your are, chloramines may be used in tap water instead of chlorine. Chloramines will not evaporate over time like chlorine does. The only way to 'break the chloramine bond' is to treat the water. Enough water treatment to last a season can be bought at a pet store for less than ten bucks.
  3. I've got six of those dowel-type jiggle sticks in my basement. They've been retired for some time but could easily be pressed back into service with a line change. I caught a lot of fish with those rods including an eight pound walleye but I admit I prefer a rod and reel combo.
  4. Indeed, too much agitation will kill fish. Keep the airflow into the tank to a minimum. Surface agitation is what introduces oxygen into the water, too much of it and they'll die off (in an aquarium type of setting like this).
  5. City water has chloramines in it which don't evaporate like chlorine does. Letting the water sit won't help. Get some aquarium water treatment from the pet store, change a good 1/3 of the water every week and keep them cold. Extreme temp changes are hard on fish but an ammonia spike from their waste is what will kill them. Adding air is always a good idea.
  6. I use an Altec im207 (there's a newer version now), it uses 3 AAA batteries and is the size and shape of a hockey puck. It will plug into a mp3 player or radio, it easily fits into a pocket and because it's self-powered it sounds great. True, no stereo but it claims to have something called 360 Sound. Whatever it has, like I said, it sounds really good and I don't have to tote around a couple of speakers and their accompanying wires.
  7. If you have the money, buy a camera. I've not, for one second, regretted buying mine. The pro's are many the con's few if any. The thrill/dread of having a huge Musky consider your tiny ice fly is, alone, worth the cost. I drill a second hole about 2-4 feet away depending on water clarity and if you get one with a good light system, after dark is no problem.
  8. I think the filter is recommended in the instructions for the Big Buddy. My regular Buddy heater clogged up and so did my neighbors. Needless to say, I'm not taking a chance with the new Big Buddy. I bought the filter. Why take the chance? They're only about eight bucks.
  9. It was nice to meet you Fri pm at Bob's bait shop. Glad you had some luck with your Dad along. My luck with the pheasants wasn't quite as good Saturday am. I think I'm done with them now....onward to the ice!
  10. I have a Sci-tex Fl-5 and a Marcum OVS560 and I fish in a 5x6 Clam. I use 3 plastic milk carton containers (the kind school lunch milk is delivered in) lashed together and stood upright. It sits next to my hole and my brother calls it my sensor array. I also have a small tv and a radio that fit in it quite nicely. It's like having four shelves in front of me. Power tower would be another apt description for it.
  11. Fergus Mor McErc


    The Wild are winning. Jacques Lemaire signs on for three more years. I couldn't be happier. Maybe we'll have a season like Lemaire did in '76-'77. Yeah, that's a lot to hope for, but a guy's allowed to dream a bit.
  12. For me, the upcomming hockey season represents that hunting and ice fishing are also drawing near. Bring on Autumn!! Huntin', fishing and hockey all at the same time. I'm prone to pleasure overload from this trio.
  13. Ah yes, the shads. I've been using them too with great success. Couple nice cats and a big carp yesterday.
  14. The fishing gods smiled heavily on me; Bob's shop is only a couple blocks from my house. The bullheads are very hardy and Bob's a super nice guy. #1 stop for summer cats and winter, city lake, fishin'.
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