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Gearing up for 2013 - What are you adding to the boat?

Scott M

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Well, year number two with my boat is going to be in the books for me soon. A record low Minnesota River and the scarcity of fall hunting days means despite the tremendous fishing that can be had in the fall, I'm likely putting the boat in storage in a few weeks. When I purchased the boat, I pledged to make upgrades in each year of ownership. The first year, I put in some rod holders and did some tune up work on the motor. This year, I upgraded all of my seats. Baby steps. My biggest deficiency is now my electronics. I typically take out a small GPS with chip to get around on lakes and then rely on my old Lowrance X45. It's good enough to read bottom and that's about it.

The fishing learning curve is greatly steepened with electronics. Like it or not, it makes the difference between good and great fishing in many instances. After spending time in the boats of friends and seeing how they use their depthfinders, side scanners, and dual-purpose units, I've come to the realization that I need to upgrade next year.

If you're like me, you take some time to research your purchases. So for 2013, I will be looking at depthfinder/GPS combos. I did make an electronics purchase a couple years ago, and I found a company, a sponsor here at HSO, that does a super job of delivering great products at a great price: Pro Fishing Supply

To me, a purchase of something so important, and quite frankly one of the more expensive purchases one will make within the fishing hobby, should be done with someone you trust. Trust is built by consistency, excellent customer service, and helpfulness. This is why I would recommend, and will be doing my shopping, at Pro Fishing Supply (PFS). Dave Weber runs PFS. When you call the store, you get Dave, not some machine. He can answer all questions, because he's used all the equipment. He's been in outdoor product retail his whole career. He fishes for fun, and he fishes for tournaments. He has all anglers covered. If you buy a product, and you have a question, he can help you. If you buy it at Big Box, can you call them and have them help you get it going? Good luck. To me, its the person behind the product as much as it is the product and the price point.

I've got a little bit of Depthfinder/GPS combo research to do this winter, and am actually looking forward to it.

So I have to ask...anybody else have plans for your boat next year? A new trolling motor? Radio? Fishfinder? New motor?

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My upgrades will be the following items.

Humminbird 788CI HD DI ( for the console)

Humminbird 788CI HD (for the bow)

Humminbird 5 Port Ethernet Switch

Humminbird Ethernet Adapters for 700 Series (X2)

Humminbird 2FT Ethernet Cable

Humminbird 10FT Ethernet Cable

LakeMaster Minnesota Chips (I-pilot link version)(X2)

Minnekota I-Pilot Link

Driftmaster Rod Holder Trolling system.

the year after that I might add a Humminbird 898 SI.

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just got my trolling rod holders so will add them b4 HSO event next weekend. also have had my boat for 2 years, last fall oct upgraded from '84 HB LCR to HB 597 CI HD

this year added 1 new seat, will add trolling rod holders

next year hopefully upgrade trolling motor to co-pilot & proper thrust needed.

depending on how long i keep boat in 4-5 years would like to gut the floor and add more usefull storage from the original 1984 layout

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This thread makes me sad. I'm still creating plans for fishing this year.

Probably install one more trolling rod holder. Have it, just haven't put in in.

I'd like a locator up front. Maybe next year.

Other than that, nothing.

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I think it will be either the new Ipilot with the contour trolling option (but that means I need to get rid of y existing Ipilot and chips, who's value is now much less than when I purchased them mad) or the 360 downimaging from Humminbird. I really think the 360 imaging will make a big deal for the style of fishing that I do.

Either one of those two or new boat that has them both. Still thinking on that. smirk

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This season I had the pinion gear from last fall fixed, new hubs/bearings, put on new leaf springs, but didn't know that I needed shackles too which busted the leaf spring holders which I had welded back together, and a new pair of leaf springs which weren't the correct size and went through a few of those only to go back to the slipper springs that I had on in the first place (this is over the course of the spring/summer). Of course w/o the shackles the stern started to crack since the boat bounced hard, so I had that fixed. Once the springs were taken care of I put on new rollers (3). Then take it out and all that bouncing from before made a few rivets loose so had those welded and a crack on the keel welded. But I think it still leaks a bit, so I will fill it up and look for drips again. Whew.. this was over a G for my stupid mistake. UGH!

Next year will be 3 tires (w/spare) and a new troling motor (80lb, Fortrex) and whatever else happens to break. It would be cool to spend $ on fishing gear rather than the boat/trailer. I've had it 8 years now and every year I sink more $$$ into, but the value of the boat doesn't go up. Dang it!

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hmmmm let's see...I have had my boat now 2 years and the first year I upgraded the back transom trolling motor, installed my lowrance 522igps locator and changed one side of the hub/bearings assembly and I also installed 2 rod holders. This year I have had to throw out 2 seats and have replaced one so far (usually only fish 2 people anyways)added a used bow mount trolling motor and added 2 new batteries and replaced the other hub/bearings. Things on my wish list to add in year 3...Would love to add the I-pilot terrova but won't do that until this used motor breaks or I come into an x-tra 2 grand...I am going to add a butt seat so essentialy will have 3 seats and I need to replace 2 rollers on the trailer...oh and I guess I need to have the motor looked at as it has been running a little off this year but it still runs...slowley it is becoming everything that I need in a boat

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Additional LED lighting in the bow, cockpit and back. A couple more rod holders. Side and possibly rear curtains for my bimini top.

NMEA 2000 network and LSS-2 structurescan (already have ethernet networked units), possibly an external gps puck for transom. I may look for another hds unit to mount in the rear for fishing guests on back deck otherwise they can just view the one from the console.

I have wavered between getting a kicker or upgrading my bow mount.

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I will be marketing my 08 997 and possibly the 1197, but with its ability to drive the ILink, Ill probably just keep it.

Ill be replacing the 997 with a 2013 998 or just another 1198.

Then Ill be selling my IPilot (with 2 controllers) and drop the IPilot Link onto the Terrova..

I already have 1 Lakemaster V3 chip. Ill see how well that works, before upgrading from my 2 navionics.. I only need one Lakemaster to use with the ILink..

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