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  1. Duh and I are in! Check was sent out a couple weeks ago and I just noticed it was cashed. I am looking forward to this circuit. Hopefully the best anglers from southern MN all jump in.
  2. katoguy

    At what point is it too much?

    Perhaps your issue should be with your friend and not people that release bass.
  3. katoguy

    Winter is coming.

    I have been seeing a few grackles and a few RWBBs, too. Lots of robins, mourning doves, starlings, HOSPs, chickadees, downys, house finches, and juncos. I had a flicker and a few white thoats the other day. I looked back through my last couple winter's daily birding journal. I know that some goldies over-winter this far north, but I have only seen two goldies during the past two winter seasons. They do not lose all of their color, but they do turn more drab. Even if I couldn't see them I would be able to identify their recognizable song and flight! For whatever reason, they stay away from my yard during the winter.
  4. katoguy

    Winter is coming.

    Wow. I am surprised just seeing a goldfinch now. Lots of juncos and bluejays.
  5. katoguy

    Bass Photos

  6. i-Pilot Link and 360 Imaging.
  7. katoguy

    Uber Tannery Bankrupt

    A small business going down during this administration makes news?
  8. Yeah, you won on Washington/Stella and are leading the points race by 3 points.
  9. katoguy

    i-Pilot Link?

    There are 322 Lakemaster-surveyed HD maps on the current chip for MN. You are showing old information. (The current chip is version 3. I believe version 2 had Vermilion listed as Lakemaster-surveyed, too.)
  10. katoguy

    i-Pilot Link?

    You guys really got to try using the LakeMaster high def maps instead of whatever you are using. They are really spot-on.
  11. katoguy

    Difference between cork and non-cork rods

    I definitely prefer cork. I believe it is more sensitive. It is also more expensive. That is the reason you see more and more rods with the EVA foam handles.
  12. katoguy

    What birds have you see in your backyard this spring?

    I had my first ever yellow throated warbler yesterday (and again today). I also had my first baltimore oriole and ruby throat visit today!
  13. katoguy

    Orioles & Hummingbirds

    I tried last year. All of my area ants got their vitamin C.
  14. katoguy

    Orioles & Hummingbirds

    I think I paid about $1.75 for 32 oz jars (regular price store brand) @ Hy-Vee.
  15. katoguy

    Bass Fishing Tip of the Week Official Post.

    It has to do with being more weedless.