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  1. Not legal to target muskies through the ice. Not ethical to do it saying your pike fishing. It is an addiction nothing you can do about it once you start hunting them. Just takes time on the water to learn once you have the proper landing and release tools. Unless you have a friend or know somebody in the lakes area that muskie fishes. Your best bet may be to hire a guide
  2. I have a 20 in the big shack 10 in the small shack. I hate 1 pounders. 10 ran out last time I used it. 20 should be good for the season.
  3. I run a cottage and a lodge. Lodge is roomy for 2. Buddy has a resort it's a castle.
  4. Battery life depends on 2 things. How good the battery has been maintained. And how high you run the backlight. I run the light at around 70% outside 15% in the shack. I have switched to lithium and fished a tourney this past weekend both days and didn't even bring a charger along.
  5. I have the T600 and XT650. Love them both. Friends have the 1200 and also love them. We just prefer the bench seat.
  6. 6061s are my personal choice. #8 cgi is decent for the price but I have noticed they aren't as smooth and a bit sticky out in the cold.
  7. I know the owners of this. Great guys and neat product. May not be for everyone but there is a market and seems a big market for them.
  8. I never use target id. Sensitivity on 3 normally with a 3 mm tungsten jig and plastic tail. My guess it needs an update. Should be 4.01 or similar I think.
  9. Some days 2 others 100+. Depends on target species. Weather and my mood
  10. Bucket will fit in my lodge. Kinda does in my cottage but not perfect. If pulling by hand auger just lays on top of everything. Get closet broom clips and screw to the back of the backrest to store wind braces. I carry a 13 rod bag a clam rod bag lx 7 10 pound tank a buddy heater and an ammo can with spare batteries and a kitty litter bucket or 5 gal bucket all in my Cottage.
  11. My Kenai did the same thing under light use and always in the garage or under the topper. I fixed the problem by buying an Otter.
  12. I have the 600 and 650. Both are plenty warm. Unmatched quality to.
  13. Been more than happy with my LX 7'S. Really opens up the world under you. There is a learning curve but once dialed it it's amazing
  14. Used mine yesterday. Great rod. I'm happy with it and it has a place in my rod bag. Biggest fish landed with it was a 12" walleye. But hoisted it out of the hole no problem. Wasn't cold so no freezing but didn't notice any water build up like I did on my recoil guides on my other custom rods.
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