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  1. I would hate to be a snow bird pulling back a boat for someone and then blow a tire or have a hub go out on the trailer. That would be a major head ache.
  2. I ran tor FF yesterday with my son as well. It was busy as heck, but they had a ton of staff and the lines moved quick. It looked like Cabelas when they opened. I picked up a bow case for my son. Found it on sale at Cabelas and FF price matched it too. Did a quick peek at the Senko's and the 5" ones were 6.89 a bag compared to 7.99 at Cabelas when not on sale. TB
  3. Ovi sure makes it look easy out there. What a beast.
  4. Time to put Zucker back up with Granny and Koivu. Sometimes when he gets pushed down in the lineup he stops working as hard. Put him back on #1 line and he will pick it up. Then Parise, Staal and Pommer. Put Coyle, Nino and Haula together. Was fun shifting the lines every game early on, but time to settle in.
  5. My ladder doesn't reach the ground either so I keep a chunk of 4x8 post that it can sit on when I pull it down. Works fine. I suppose you could build a little box if you wanted to be fancy. TB
  6. Sure would have made a nice quill pen.
  7. Next time it looks like dump from the Satellite feed, fire up the Fox Sports Go app on your phone or tablet and watch it from there. (Assuming you have high speed Internet)
  8. The best thing about this antenna is that it mounts directly on your existing Post from your Directv or Dish network dish, so you already have the Post and coax in place, which makes it virtually painless to install when going from Dish to antenna.
  9. Finally got around to ordering the outdoor antenna rather than my indoor one plus the Foil addition. The outside RCA antenna from Menards works phenomenally on the 3 tv's in my house. Thanks all. No more foil.
  10. I was yelling for Stewy. I actually was calling for him before Parise. Stewy has been awesome in the shootouts.
  11. cork handles on the pro. Foam on the HT Blue. Both fiberglass noodle blank to my knowledge.
  12. Same on all lakes and all holes? Just ruling out any current or boulders. If you ruled out the transducer, then next would be to rule out the battery.
  13. Oh, you must have been in the Wheelhouse parking only spot.
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