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    Saved A Snowmobiler’s Life Today

    we all have been there, either making the dumb mistake, or foreseeing the mistake about to happen, and came out ok LUCKILY!! It is amazing after things happen, to sit down, decompress, and try to gather your thoughts, on how many different ways that situation could have turned into a way worse deal! Hopefully none of us has been part of these situations where they didn't turn out OK and not everyone made it home that night...I sure would not want to have to deal with those memories for my lifetime! Glad you are OK and the snowmobiler came out OK and hopefully learned a life lesson!!
  2. I sold my boat 5 years ago because family needs and can't justify buying a new one yet. I planted the idea last fall with the wife though and in the next 2 years I will find and purchase our family boat!! Patience
  3. wish I could help ya spend ur $$$ but I am not informed much on those particular boats, but I am jealous and envy your situation! Both options sound great! Report back and include pics of your new rig when you make a decision! Good Luck
  4. ozzie

    Saw first motorcycle out today

    Good ol Elk River
  5. ozzie

    Wakeboard Boats And Zebs

    I have been preaching this to the AIS people at the launches forever! The dumbest system for prevention ever!! Between the wake boats, and the way they clean boats EXITING an "invasive free" lake instead of before they launch has been 2 reasons I hate stopping to let them even check my boat! So frustrating, when you are conscience of the fact of AIS, so you do things to prevent the issue such as bringing your bait in a controlled cooler with aerator, and the goof at the landing says "dump the water" and you watch a wake boat launch knowing 100% they have water in their tanks from the last lake they partied at is a system they need to resolve ASAP!!!!! Glad research has proved what my uneducated brain has known for many years!!! How hard is it to figure out that a boat that intakes hundreds of gallons of water and cannot empty completely is the major problem when basically many of our invasives came by way of ships emptying their ballast tanks in the great lakes!
  6. There I might have made it a little easier to read Hope we are all still around in another 10 years!!
  7. I just looked and saw that I was also a 10 year member on this site as of 12/11/2008...got me wondering if the fishingmn site was different, as I recall joining in march during a spring crappie boom on red. Sure enough I joining that site as of March 2 2005. It has been a great site to be a part of and have had great conversations, learned a lot, and have sadly seen too many members pass away. Very odd on that part when I find myself shedding a tear for people I had no connection to other than the love of the outdoors and reading and exchanging info on the interweb!
  8. ozzie

    Upper Red - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Great advice and sounds like you have had some great times on the great Upper Red Lake! The difference on Red from having a good day to a great day can be as much as moving 20 feet away! From what you explain I would try to befriend a local or rent an ice auger and bring with the cold gear. Rent your house like you are and then throw the auger in the car and explore or just pop holes in the area of your house so you can get out enjoy the uniqueness of fishing outside and your chances for landing more fish increases greatly opposed to hard house fishing. Good Luck!!
  9. ozzie

    Muzzy 2018

    If time allows I will get out for a couple walks in the woods with the muzzy. I didn't get anything with the gun and have yet to buy a bow license cuz time was spent chasing fall walleyes opposed to deer. Good Luck to those that get out!!
  10. ozzie

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    I think the trade sucks if they actually had the Heat's offer of Josh Richardson and a 1st round pick plus another player...even Richardson and the first round pick would be better then Saric, Covington, and a 2022 2nd! Maybe I am off on this (Saric and Covington aren't the worst return) but looking back I wish they had stuck with Lavine, Markinen, and Dunn! Oh well glad to put this behind us and start the healing process!! hope Butler brings the 76ers and their "Process" down!! Go Wolves!!
  11. Tis the season of a Minnesota Holiday and the opening of the firearms season for deer!! Where ya going to be sitting come sun up on Saturday? Tell us about your set up, your camp, your camp characters! Give an idea of why this time of year is special for you. For me, I am starting a new tradition (I hope), and hunting in the Crosslake area after about 10 years hunting in farm country in the Princeton area. As some may recall, last year I had a run in with a neighbor to a chunk of land that I had been hunting for 8-9 years, that resulted in the neighbor being arrested the 2nd time I had to call the authorities out to the land. Since that was not fun, and I cannot safely enjoy my time out there, I was left scrambling to find a new hunting spot. I decided I would go north to my in-laws in Crosslake. Father-in law has always got his deer up there and I figure as he gets older he will not quit hunting but should have help if needed. Also my kid is now 10, and will be joining me more in the next couple years, and Gpa will want to hunt with him too. I have some connection in the area through friends and just happened to notice that one of the acquaintances happened to just move to a former chunk of Potlatch land that looked real promising. So I asked if he minded me either joining him on his land, or parking on his land, and spreading out on the public land around his place. He said he wasn't hunting this year and that I could sit in his stand if I wanted!! So I scoped out the area and come to find that he has a nice box stand with windows and all the comforts needed for a long sit! The stand sits on a hill with valleys on either side of it. One valley comes out of a swamp and the other comes from a pinch point between a river and a lake! As much as I will miss hunting the land of agriculture and swamps I am excited to see what my future hunts bring me in the big woods of the north! Good Luck to everyone this year and most of all make it a safe one making memories!!!
  12. well that is cool Dusty! Staying in deer camp for 10+ days sounds fun as you have plenty of times to hunt and not feel obligated to go out every morning or stay out all day! Good Luck!!
  13. Well the weekend came and went with little excitement, which for me, isn't such a bad thing! I sat in luxury this weekend and wonder if it was a reason I didn't see many deer...but then I thought back to years past and froze my butt off and saw nothing. This was way more enjoyable sitting in a box stand with windows and a heater! Heard a few shots out there so I know a few deer dropped...lets see some trophy pics!!
  14. ozzie

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    After the game the other night maybe those chants weren't that far off
  15. ozzie

    Show Your Orange Motley Crew.

    Sadly I have never been apart of a group of no more than 3 and we never took pictures. Thinking back on the hunting buddies I spent years hunting with, I am not sure that I ever took pictures with the group. Sad thinking back on the hunting buddies and characters that have come and gone...I guess that is another part of opening morning that I love so much as I sit in the darkness thinking back on hunting pasts. I will try to start a new tradition with my new hunting spot tradition and snap a photo of the hunting party during the hunt. good luck to all and enjoy your hunting camp and group!!!
  16. ozzie

    Happy Halloween

    it was a little slower in my hood last night. We had about a 100 kids I would guess but expected more. Years past we have run out of candy but last night we ended up with 2 bags remaining and now become deer camp candy! Was a good night with good weather and a lot of happy kids!!!
  17. ozzie

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    I agree that it was nice to see them come together and pull out a win without Jimmy. I really think they need to go back to Miami and tell them Josh Richardson, Whiteside, and a 1st round pick for Jimmy. Let's move on and get an asset that this team can use. With this trade listed we get a young upcoming player in Richardson, a rim protector in Whiteside, and a coveted 1st round pick that will land in the upper teens.
  18. ozzie

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    shot clock reduces to 14 on an offensive rebound has sped up play but the way the refs are calling games, at a very tight game, not letting the defenders touch a guy has created a lot of players getting into foul trouble and not being so aggressive on the D.
  19. ozzie

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    meh~last night they were giving Rose an MVP chant too! In the first quarter!!! Okogie is a decent ball player and will get his time it seems.
  20. ozzie

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    does he need to? Sounds like he put a whoopin on the boys in the one practice he showed up and played in...
  21. ozzie

    Who Has Winterized And Stored The Boat Already?

    I have another weekend in me to fish and fight the winds and weather and then the boat will be done for the year. Guess it is that time of the season but would really love to get another couple outings in but such is life!
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    Not sure where to post this so I thought I would start here in the Varmint section. I moved into my current home 5 years ago this summer. When we moved in I noticed there was animal droppings in the attic to which I thought mice and also thought it must be old since "how do mice get into an attic?" Dumb thinking maybe but I put out a few traps and also some poison and nothing took the bait. Through the years there have been a few instances where we heard scratching in the walls or ceiling and never found the culprits until this winter. My wife heard scratching in our bathroom and I investigated and sure enough could hear it too. A week later my wife was cleaning our basement and almost picked up a BAT!!!! So now I have put 2 and 2 together and realize we have bats in our attic. I found 2 potential entry points where our soffit meets our rooflines and there is an opening of a couple inches. I have read online to put a Bat Cone in the area and bats can leave and cannot get back in. I have an idea to build a box with said bat cone and cover the supposed entrances. My questions are has anyone dealt with something like this? did you use these bat cones and did they work? Is this something that I should consider removing the insulation in my attic and replacing? not sure how I would go about doing that but it is a thought that has crossed my mind. I am not sure how many bats may be up there as I don't really have the ambition to go into my attic and 1 or more "rats" hanging in my attic. Any information is greatly appreciated.
  23. ozzie


    yup just had the guy come out Monday the 1st and said I have bats and gave me the rundown of my issues and cost to button up the house and rid me of my problem. $2000 later it should all be good!! He hopes to get them evacuated yet this year but depending on weather it maybe next spring since it is getting late. fun times but a lot goes into making sure they don't return and get into other crevasses of the home. The joys of being a home owner right? At least the guy I am having do it is very knowledgeable and thorough and he did not see evidence that I would need to replace my insulation so that is good!!
  24. ozzie

    Montana Archery Elk 2018 By Cheetah

    Always enjoy the "out west" write ups!!! I really appreciate you taking the time to share your journey!!
  25. ozzie

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    I don't get the concept that we won't get anything in return for him. If you are using that theory look at Kawai Leonard...San Antonio seemed to get something for a guy that everyone knew was not gonna work with San Antonio and everyone said they would only get something from the Lakers but Toronto stepped up made a play and the word is that they may be the front runner on resigning him! Look at Paul George...he was in the same boat that he was not gonna resign with anyone and the Thunder took a chance and now they have him on the books for years to come cuz he changed his mind. Players in the NBA seem to change every month as to what they want to do. Get rid of Butler, get some good assets, and move on.