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  1. With no tilt an trim the motor will be less efficient and run at higher RPM's and develop less thrust. A 40 without a gas assist tilt will be be a pain to lift if you are in the boat.
  2. Have a print for the basement design made now so you can avoid expensive retrofits of existing electrical, water and mechanical. For heating put in the tin for forced air or run the electric to branch areas during initial construction. Don't forget to build in code egress windows.
  3. Splash Brite -- Get one early because the best sizes especially the smaller ones get bought up.
  4. I've been using a truck camper and hauling a boat for 30 years. I've been all over northern MN, Northwestern Canada and have taken a few trip down south to MO, IL, KY TN an FL. Been west to ND and SD. I don't have any problem with ramps. I do have front hitch I use for the ramps with tight clearances. I usually stay at a campground. The WalMart experience doesn't appeal to me for a fishing trip. I also know lots of remote spots in Canada where we stay near the lake. There is a lot of convenience having a place to stow your gear and easily cook a meal if the weather is cold or inclement. IMO truck campers are for two people. I also have a 10 by 12 tent with a very comfortable cot and mattress that by fishing buddy uses. That way we both have our own spaces and don't have to set up for sleeping. It a great way to go.
  5. As with any surgery you are at a high risk for infection and injury. Your heart may still be unstable. Unless you have medical care close by this might be one of those trip you skip. Why risk it. Heal up and there will be many days of fishing and family ahead.
  6. I wouldn't use any tile that needs grout. Basements tend to have some moisture in them and the grout could have issues with mildew and need maintenance. There are machines similar to buffers that have special heads with scrapers that will take off the residual glue and smooth or remove the loose paint. There is very little dust raised with this method. Then you could put down an epoxy coating in a cool color.
  7. I'd go to Fergursons Plumbing Supply. They have an extensive selection of tubs and surrounds and can point you in the right direction. Locations all over MN.
  8. That's a good point. Don't ever take a boat without having the title in hand. My buddy bought a boat from a guy who lived about 200 miles from him. The guy said he couldn't find the title and would mail it when found. That began 2 year ordeal to get the boat title. IMO NO TITLE, NO DEAL. If you have any questions about a the boat's title situation call the local County licensing agency, provide the model, length and motor size and they will tell you
  9. Vermillion on the Tower side has everything you stated you were looking for. If you fish during the week it will be mostly vacant. There will be a few vacationers, but mostly musky fisherman zipping around. Contact Cliff's Guide Service if you want someone to get you on walleyes.
  10. Can you be more descriptive of what you are looking for?
  11. I hope I can spuell all my words correctly. Walker ---- This bill will probably get wrapped up in the overall late session activity. My bet is that it will ultimately depend on DNR support one way or the other.
  12. Jay Soderbloom Prop's in Cromwell will come up with the right prop for this boat. I've been doing business with them for years and he has always hit the nail on the head. They will express ship a prop and its returnable for an exchange. One of my fishing buddies had this same rig used on Lake Vermillion. Having had quite a bit of experience with this rig as a passenger and driver I can say this rig performed perfectly for a variety of uses including skiing and tubing. The sweet spot for cruising of this boat is about 38 to 40 MPH above that it gets a little light in the handling. My Pro V was the same way. He had a 17 pitch SS prop he got from Soderbloom's. I think about the only gain you will make is better hole shot and top end speed. If it were me I'd experiment with some different props and maybe change the mounting hole and check the trim range. You may save yourself quite a few $$$ doing a prop change.
  13. Then in the spring you fill up that tank with equal parts orange juice and fill up your glass>
  14. I've been up in Canada and snowmobiled across 2 or 3 portages and set up on a 25,000 acre trout lake. I've had groups ride up, stop and fish some of the holes I've put down as test holes. I always welcome them and tell them good luck. I go fishing to enjoy myself not to fight or get pizzed at someone. Most of us just want to catch some fish and have some fun. Ice fishing is stationary vertical fishing, so wha't the big deal if someone sets up 20 feet away.
  15. I always go for the newer is better unless there are defects. The only way to determine the size of the boat you need is to answer the questions of how you will use it. Consider how many passengers, how much equipment, coolers and other stuff that gets carried in a boat. I would also allow for some growth. It's probable that after a year or two you may decide to turn you attentions to other fishing endeavors which will require some flexibility in the boat you have. I also support getting as much HP as you can. I can speak from experience that an underpowered boat can lead to some long runs in some bad weather and limits fishing opportunities. Make sure you take the motor to an outboard mechanic and have it checked out. It might cost a $100, but you will know the motor's condition and it might prevent you form making an expensive mistake. Also consider what else the seller is including. Extra seats, life jackets, anchors, batteries, trolling motors, covers, trailer parts and tires can add up of February isn't the best time to be buying a boat. Wait for another 5 or 6 weeks until mid-March when people start turning their attentions to spring and summer. There will be a deluge of boats for sale and you will have a larger selection. Good deals abound for a buyer who knows what they want and have the financing in place to move quickly. Good Luck - I always enjoy the buying and selling process.
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