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  1. TruthWalleyes

    taco dip?

    I like your thinking, I knew the best ones involved cream cheese. I usually double, or triple the meat to any recipe (never followed one exactly lol ) However, I am a little surprised the crack has no other cheese in it, but the guys will eat it, no question there.
  2. I'll be making a trip your way this winter Gordie. Paint, sights and all. Been looking forward to it for a while too. I better save some pennies, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach when I'm mod'n something
  3. TruthWalleyes

    That Darn Heavy Sled

    Yeah I try to pack light Stopped at the local thrift. They had a bin of skis. Picked up two sets for $10. Didn't have time to buy lumber so I'll have all day tomorrow to think about it so I'm sure I can think of something.
  4. TruthWalleyes

    That Darn Heavy Sled

    I haven't been to a thrift store yet for some ski's, but shifting quite a bit of weight to the rear along with harder snow made for a more tolerable walk yesterday.
  5. Yep, my cheap plastic CVA front sight broke last saturday -14 (-30 wind chill). Went to buy the same front sight just so i could hunt this last weekend before replacing the set with peep and ended up having to buy a whole new set of CVA sights just so i could hunt this past weekend. The new ones are Steel, so that's good that they quit putting plastic sights on.
  6. You always wuss out Phil. I hunted all of saturday, till about 3pm i decided it was time to quite for the season and go have a cold one at the local pub. Spend sunday dark to dark on the ice, for 2 fish . Our group of 3 got 5 this year. Here were our two muzzleload deer, the rest taken by shotgun.
  7. TruthWalleyes

    That Darn Heavy Sled

    Good thinking naturboy. That's easy enough.
  8. TruthWalleyes

    taco dip?

    Got a pot luck Wednesday at work. Want to make a good hamburger cheese taco in a croc to put on chips. Anyone have a good recipe that stays creamy after several hours in a croc. Thanks
  9. TruthWalleyes

    Who's doing the muzzy season?

    Appreciate that advice.
  10. I'll expand my short story from above since it's Friday afternoon... One weekend on Mille Lacs winter 2013. Friday night i fished out of my QF3 through saturday morning about 10am when i checked the wind forecast which was expected to be sustained 50mph winds. I dredfully packed up and began my 1hr trip off the lake. As i got closer to shore i kept checking the NOAA site hoping it was going to change for the better. By the time i hit shore the forecast changed to 40mph winds with 50mph gusts. Well, i've been out in those conditions before, and i figured the forecast was going to be on the high side, so i filled up my two 20# propane tanks and headed back onto the lake. Out to 7 mile i went. Left the coat in the bonneville when i got out there. Setup the QF3 with anchors in each corner and each side preparing for heavy wind, heater, grabbed 2 beers and started jigging. Within about an hour it went from a light breeze to a full on hurricane. WInd picked up to 50mph and sustained for several hours. It was so windy the corners of my hub house looked like they were going to shatter. At this point i opened the door on the hub house to go get some more beer, a coat, and tighten all anchor ropes...But, as soon as i cracked the zipper on the door, the roof on the house slammed down on my head. I zipped the door back up and the wind was blowing hard enough that it was continuing to push the roof down. So, i opened up a windward side window so the wind could blow into the house and 'pressurize' or 'inflate' the hub house. This worked great, counteracting the force of the wind on the outside of the house from the inside....But, it was cold, my sunflower couldn't keep up. I was out of beer, and the forecast showed no improvement till about 7pm. Snow flying into the house via the open window. That was what it took to keep the house from snapping like a twig. I enjoyed the amazing weather we were getting. Watching PILES of snow fly by the house. Come 7pm it had let off enough that i could get out of the house and go get a coat, some beer, and a can of soup. Throughout the night the wind roared but was darn near calm at sunrise. What a pretty sight that was. Having not marked a fish and just endured the craziest ice fishing day i decided to head back to shore sunday morning. Met Paul from appledorns, help pull a few vehicles out of the snow. Wettschreck was out there that weekend staying in a perm, with an extra bunk...If only i would have known, i'd of been there in a heartbeat. He's got some good stories from that day as well.
  11. TruthWalleyes

    Who's doing the muzzy season?

    Congrats. I too am hoping for an opportunity like that this weekend.
  12. TruthWalleyes

    2012 Shanty Build (Homemade)

    Very well done! I like the open floor space. Looks like a winner!
  13. TruthWalleyes

    That Darn Heavy Sled

    Hardwater, i'm in owatonna now, but if'n you want to fish sometime tetonka would be a good half'way point. Sounds like the smitty sled is the way to go and i was trying to re-invent the wheel by doing otherwise. Hmmm. Marv's got most of that stuff on his tractors (That he won't 'need' till spring lol) We would just need to come up with a new otter sled drive train and explosives
  14. TruthWalleyes

    That Darn Heavy Sled

    I'll be in Roch tomorrow, is the ski shop you went to in Rochester and would you share the establishment. Headed to mayo then to Preston for deer hunting
  15. TruthWalleyes

    That Darn Heavy Sled

    I would like to see those pictures. If you can put aunt Norma on the sled and pull with ease then I'm pretty well convinced. I'd much rather go the quick, cheap, and easy route if it gets the same results. Plus, if there's no complicated welding I don't have to buy Eric a bunch of PBR lol. . but I can still stop over and drink a few. BTW Eric, dad is in high spirits after his 8 hr surgery Tuesday Mille lacs houses are full the 11th and 25th. I'm open any other weekend though if you, Tom, and the mic golden drinker in the house want to go.