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  1. I am currently looking for a pickup that can carry my ice fishing gear (particularly tcx voyager sled 6ft long). i have been looking hard at chevy 1500 lz and ltz series. necessities are crew cab (for kids), standard box (to fit sled), running boards, and box cover. i would like thoughts on cloth vs leather seats, spayed plastic bed liner vs metal, and even short box (and purchasing extender rack to fit sled) vs standard box. would like to keep total package under 40G . have found some very nice LTZ's but just have too many perks that make them out of our comfort zone. Kind of caught in a
  2. Anyone ever diagnosed with a bursae sac issue, mine is behind shoulder blade, wondering what treatment may consist of.
  3. Anyone install lights on cargo hitch carrier, I did last fall for my 2 man flip over but they keep breaking off the side. Pics would b appreciated, thx.
  4. I recommend u do it yourself & just pay for tape & mud. Im lazy and terrible but did ours with my aging dad and great brother. Our entire 1,500 sq ft basement turned out awesome. Just hired a great taper out of local newspaper and u cant even tell my lazy butt did it.
  5. Wow....that looks terrific!! Thanks!!
  6. Also wise to know that I did this with my boat 5 or so yearsago when I bought it. Tabs were up and I went to office to renew but came up as having a title. So I contacted my seller about title he could not find. Long story short is he had to go register and pay for copy of title himself so I could transfer to me and update tabs cause if he refused to get copy of title any accidents the boat would be involved in were still his responsibility as long as title was still in his name. When I found that out from dnr & insurance company he hightailed in to get copy asap.
  7. That cracks & is more rigid than ashalt
  8. I would do swing out double doors, save room on inside for more storage with plenty of room for access.
  9. I would do swing out double doors, save room on inside for more storage with plenty of room for access.
  10. Already checked and double checked, no permit required here for anything under 200 sq ft & under 15ft. Just have to b sure of easements & my neighbors on that side are great.
  11. Thats exactly what I figured to get it done myself last night. Thats not bad at all.
  12. I started doing initial plans today for a 8x12 8 ft walls. The floor and wall materials alone are $550 with some blocks on back side for slope. Geez, that dont even consider rafters, shingles, door, or paint/siding. Ouch!
  13. been researching the diy put together yourself suff alot lately with 3 bad common deniminators in reviews; 1. warped product in kit 2. iffy hardware 3. always spent a few extra bucks with reinforcement. so instead of paying $800-1500 and being mad about it wife said do it yourself from scratch. i have zero experience cept for just finishing our basement. looking at 8x14 or 10x12. this seem possible for a first timer? what should flooring b to get started, 2x4 or 2x6? 1/2 inch/ 5/8, 3/4 osb? heaviest thing in it will b snowblower & 2 man ice sled. TIA
  14. Driveway is 10 years old, is their a solution or just let it go?
  15. my driveway has been resealed a few times professionally and by myself. last year i resealed by myself and also used crack filler, all per manufacterers directions. this spring (after a mild winter by MN standards) my cracks are 3x bigger, i have more, and go complete with of driveway at least 3x. these cracks are big enough that i can (but barely) put my big fingers in them. is there a larger issue here (like base) or is this normal. also have other cracks appearing and growing at what i think is an alarming rate. is this normal with asphalt? should i be seeing this less than a year aft
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