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  1. Yep, this stretch is going to be the kicker. They haven't faired well against the Western Conference teams, especially Pacific Division and here we are, loaded with games against the Pacific, multiple (4 or 5) back to backs coming up too. The schedule isn't easy, this will test their mettle. Aside from their last 2 terrible road games, they actually strung together 4 good ones so hopefully its more that game of 4 trend than the last 2.
  2. Yeah, the Caps have been slumping a bit lately and lost 2 in a row. That means they are ripe to get healthy against the Wild! LOL
  3. I would trade shoes with the Hawks in a heartbeat, but man, it could be a bumpy ride for them now. They had a heckuva run. They were one of the most feared teams in the league for 10 years and now they are a stat padder which is kind of sad. We need a win tonight. The Rangers have been playing much better after the GM wrote an open letter basically telling everyone he didn't have faith in them and they were going to do a yard sale with the roster. Seeler gets his NHL Debut. Hopefully he doesn't get exposed, but I like his size, physical nature. He was a bit suspect playing the
  4. Man, the Hawks are bad. We didn't getting many scoring chances, but even though the Hawks had 44 shots, they were not in what would be considered Grade A scoring chances. Good defensive game to force everything outside. Dubnyk played great. I have been reading some of the Hawks fans tweets, etc and I thought we had some bandwagon fans, but good Lord they are far worse!
  5. Get back up on the saddle tonight with the Blues. We need these Divisional Games. And no giving away loser points either. All 2 pts. Get the road trend in the right direction starting tonight.
  6. Duffman, contact Costa they will send you an RMA and you can get them replaced. Wonderful warranty. Regarding the prescription lenses. I have prescription Polycabonate lenses (non bi focal) and they ran pretty close to 300 for the lenses if memory serves. I like them because I don't have to wear contacts to enjoy my costas, but unfortunately they were an old prescription when I got them so I don't see real well with them. Or, it could be the fact that I have a wrap around lens style and that makes it difficult to get the focal point correct. I have had many things
  7. Tonight will be a good test for the Wild. The Pens are not playing as well this year, but it would be great for the Wild to go into their building and grab a W before the All Star break. Ek has quietly been developing quite nicely. He isn't scoring, but he is now playing center more, his faceoff % is respectable when early on he is in the 30% range which is terrible. He is so strong on the puck and he catches many guys off guard with how hard he hits. He has the makings of a Staal or Koivu which would be a good thing long term. Having him at Center allows Coyle to play wing. Can
  8. Yeah, the 5-5 record certainly fooled me, but we have played some pretty good teams in there and our results didn't show the quality of our play in a couple of them. Namely the TB game. That was a 1-0 game late and then 2 empty netters. Florida won 5 in a row starting with the win over us, so the teams we have been playing have been relatively hot. We shut down Nashville here, then lost in Nashville. Nashville is a strong team too. The standings are pretty interesting now with Chicago on the bottom. When was the last time that happened? In other fronts Fletcher met with Kaprisov in t
  9. The Golden Knights are surely a good story and I am happy for Haula to get more of a chance. He was stuck behind a few guys and didn't get a lot of ice time. Hopefully he stays healthy. There are only 6 teams that have a better record than the Wild in the last 10 games. The Wild have been winning games in many cases last year they didn't. Lots of OT/Shootout wins. They should beat the Panthers, but the Bolts are going to be tough. They haven't let up this whole season and have so many dynamic players on that team.
  10. Overall decent game against the Blues. The Blues are a very talented team and haven't been playing well recently. I will take the W, D play was much better, but we didn't muster a ton of offense. Good to see Dumba get that OT winner. He was on his horse to get up ice on that play, good to see him get rewarded. He has been playing better in recent games so that is encouraging.
  11. Agreed 100%. Winnik has not business on that line and Kunin would be a great fit there. I am sure as time goes by, around mid-season we will see Kunin in that spot. He is such a competitor and I am actually surprised at his physical play. He is more physical than Stewart and has half as many fights this year. LOL
  12. I think Kunin is ready right now, its just not helping him only playing 10 minutes a night. Ek needs more time in Iowa. I think if Kunin were up with Mitchell that could be a dynamic pair with Cullen. They would be fun to watch. I am done with the Stewart thing. He is a tremendous defensive liability and really doesn't provide much other than his little scraps here and there. He isn't even very physical. He is a decent guy, but I just cannot see the value in his production with all the risk he is on the defensive end. We would be better off taking our lumps with a young guy than him.
  13. Last night was tough. BB, you pretty much proved my point with your "under 25" comment. NYI and LAK are really no better off than we are. Yes, I agree that Calgary may have young talent, but I have a buddy who is from Calgary and word around there is they are none too happy with their GM regardless of who is on the roster with "potential". Its a tough business, I get it. Fans invest a lot and expect a lot. Our society is an immediate satisfaction one now and if they don't win right away people get restless. We lost 9 guys from our roster at the end of last year. Let that
  14. I would agree with most of what you put there, but no way NYI, LAK and Calgary. The Kings are on the brink of collapse. The Islanders have Tavares and that is really the only thing to be happy about. Snow blows! I think Winnipeg is getting turned around now, they certainly have talent if they can just keep the puck out of their net. Big test coming up for the Wild. Tampa Bay is my 2nd favorite team, well maybe 3rd because I really like the Golden Knights story. Their twitter feed is absolutely hilarious too. Give them a follow if you are so inclined. Before the season they were golde
  15. Well, I said Nino and Staal needed to get goals last night, and they delivered! :-) Pretty boring game, Dubnyk was unreal. Keeps the shutout streak alive. He is playing very well right now. As good as he has ever IMO.
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