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  1. Derek, I will stop in if I get up that way. Typically, Im at the river in the boat during the winter.. Your story needs to be told, but to tell you the truth, its so good, that you need to do it right the first time... Good luck with your video production. I am anxiously awaiting it. Good luck in your business venture also. Ill definitely stop in if I get up that way. I would like to see the building also.. I will add your Facebook page also.
  2. Derek, Only been to WL once, and drooled over that piece of real estate you guys bought. A friend of mine told me he met a young guy named Derek last weekend up there when they checked in. He told me about your tree stand fall. What an incredible story! Have you shared this anywhere where it is available to the public to read online? Gave me shivers, just hearing it second hand. God is good! Feel free to PM me..
  3. Ask Jeff Gordon, or Tony Stewart where they would rate the kid. I know where he stands in their circle. This kid didn't buy his way into any ride he has ever had. Over rated? How about some facts to support your opinion..
  4. Congrats to Kyle Larson and CGR. If they can improve their pit stops, the kid can win. He raced 3 times this weekend, and never gained a spot in the pit in any race, quite often losing 2 to 4 and up to 8 spots in a pit stop, and still finished 2nd in the truck race, 3rd in the NNW, and 13th in the Sprint cup race. He finished 17th overall, and under the old scoring, wouldve finished 8th. The future of Nascar is in good hands with the youngsters coming up.
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  6. I like to make a pate out of my birds when I get enough to make a batch. I grille them till done . Grind them up and add miracle whip, some relish, some crushed red peppers , a little liquid smoke and let it sit for a couple days in the fridge to jell. It is awesome on a ritz cracker, or excellent as a sandwich spread.
  7. I thought it was like two big dogs that thought they wanted to fight, but really didn't, and while they were all hackled up, somebody kicks one in the butt and all he'll breaks loose
  8. reddog

    side imagers

    Day in, day out, whether its my 997, or the 1197, or the 1198, my range is set to 70 feet. I just learned to recognize things at that range.
  9. I called in this morning expecting a long wait. She picked up on the first ring, and handled my problem right away, and also looked into the back order waiting time for my new onix 10.. Anxiously awaiting it's arrival, but don't have to look for the UPS guy for a few more days.
  10. I have a mini split in my man cave, which is attached to my two car garage. I have in floor hydronic heat in both areas, and use the mini split for cooling the man cave and auxilliary heat in the man cave. The hydronic is slow to heat, but steady. That way, if I have an unexpected gathering in the winter in the man cave, I can boost the temp quickly. The AC side of the mini is awesome when you want to cool the room. Haven't tried the heat pump side of the mini split, but it's coming.
  11. Not a concrete guy, but been in construction for 40 some odd years. I don't think there is anything you can add to these steps that will hold. Just too much seasonal movement to expect it to last. $.02
  12. No reason to upgrade the trolling motor unless you want/ need/have to. A simple swap out of the head is all that's needed.
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