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  1. A VCR is analog. I don't remember ever seeing one that could read digital. So running an antenna in from the cable box to the VCR then to the AVR would allow an analog signal to arrive at the AVR. The AVR would then be using built in algorithms to mock up a "surround sound". A 10 year old AVR should be able to do Dolby Digital via SPDIF (digital RCA connection). If you have a cable box it should have a RCA digital out. Run a wire from the cable box to the AVR digital input. This will allow the AVR to use Dobly Digital surround as it was encoded into the movie. Technically, the SPDIF connection should use a cable speced at 75ohms but really any RCA cable will do in this instance. You may need to go through menus in the AVR to change settings telling it to use the digital input for audio after making this change. If you don't have a cable box, check the back of your TV for a digital SPDIF output and connect that to your AVR. You may need to go through TV menus to adjust settings for the digital output. Set it to DD, Dolby Digital, or PCM.
  2. The prop wouldn't happen to be left handed?
  3. 77 Hours on a 2014 150hp. I consciously try not to troll with it to keep the hours down. I also rarely run wide open, usually cruise around 4,000 rpm getting close to 5mpg and usually burn through around 10 gallons a weekend, so 45-50 miles a weekend.
  4. I didn't realize that it had changed so recently. I don't get worked up about the regulation since I don't keep fish but it bothers me to hear that an official might be imposing his will where the rules state otherwise.
  5. Kyhl


    I move slow when jigging, .1 - .3 mph. Faster than that and I'm dragging the jig which invites snags and missed fish. If able to move faster (depending on bottom and fish's mood) then I switch to Lindy rigs and move .3 - 1 mph. If they are aggressive enough for a spinner then I'll add a bottom bouncer and step it up to 1 - 2.5 mph. If I'm going 2.5+ then I'm dragging cranks with or without lead.
  6. Kyhl

    Reg ?

    I posted this in the Vermilion forum a while back. I doubt many people know that the rule changed. Previously the regulation was that fish from lakes with special regulations must be kept whole while on that body of water but could be cleaned for transport. (Italics at the end added by me)
  7. Might be time for a second opinion. Something caused the uneven wear.
  8. It is probably been longer than 15 years. My 2004 has this. There is a relay in the tongue that is triggered off the back up light. The relay bypasses the hydraulic lines so that the master cylinder is not able to pressurize the brakes. Not speaking to anyone in particular, if you have surge brakes and the connector has 5 pins, use them all. It will save you from having to manually lock out the tongue when you back up.
  9. I am torn on the walking away part. The better choice would have probably been to call the law. I am curious why he chose to confront the teenagers on his own rather than report a nuisance.
  10. Last I checked, five years ago(?), I was getting in the mid 12's per gallon, normal hiway driving in town. I lied to myself and rounded it up to 13 to feel better about it. I decided not to ever look again after that. I will be happy as punch if I can average 14 or 15mpg and have more torque. That would be 11% - 20% increase over today's results.
  11. Planning to pick up a '15 max tow and just read through this. I found this interesting, the 3.5 eccoboost is not availabe with 3.73 this year. 3.55 is the lowest ratio. There are two good updates this year. They fixed the stupid turn signal switch to operate like a normal switch. I hated that in the previous models. And you can order the tow mirrors without getting max tow. Although I still opted for the bigger cooling of the max tow. After reading this I can assume that my mileage will not increase from my current '03 5.4. Based on the comparison of how I drive versus descriptions here, I can't imagine only driving 65mph down a freeway. How old are you guys? Ha.
  12. That is the route I would try first, see if they fix it under warranty. That might be what they are looking into since they kept it.
  13. 5 year old mono? How do you deal with the memory? The coils made by the mono forming to the spools drives me crazy. I got tired of changing mono every year and switched to braid 4 years ago then I run a mono snell for the last four to ten feet of line. The braid will last me years without needing to be changed.
  14. I drove around ML for a bit on Saturday and the ice was looking dark and thin. The wind had blown it up on the south west shore at some point. There was piles of ice on the shoreline. Saturday's wind blew the ice back to the north east making the west side look open for a mile out. It won't be long.
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