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  1. The original sub zero boots were good but the new sub zero x boots are even better then the original sub zero's.
  2. I only use the Clam light bar now. I lights up the house like high noon. I even use two of the light bars in my hub house by slipping them between the roof and the poles that hold it up.
  3. I was talking to one of the guys from deep freeze they redesigned this years model by adding the small bar of plastic across each of the holes. the ones without this added feature were known to leave a little more slush then this one does. I have been tempted to get a 6 inch and 8 inch model to try but just haven't pulled the trigger yet, still might thou.
  4. I would go with 4 lb line. if it was just for crappies then 2 lbs.
  5. read the 2014 reg book on page 2. it defines what is legal access and the read the section under it that has the definition for recreational use. unless I am reading the first section wrong, I think you would be fine since you are accessing the first water surface from the public right of way then crossing the cat tail area (atleast that what it looks like in the pic you posted). the key would be that there would need to be enough water between the two to float a canoe (definition in second section I told you to read). be safe and check with a co to get the final answer thou.
  6. the 1660 Six Pack now comes in a full thermal version and the original non thermal version still. the full thermal has a MSRP of $499.99 so if these places are selling it for $399.99 then that is really a good deal as the non thermal model of this has a MSRP of $399.99.
  7. Walleye44, if you already have a canvas craft lodge why not just buy one of their cabin kits and make your own floor for it. the thing that is nice about theirs is the option to get it in full thermal. I bought one of their 4'x 8' full thermal cabins once then built a heavy duty insulated floor with 6 cath cover holes in it. I had them add a extra door at the other end of the house so it was easier to get in and out of the house when there was more then one person in the house. they offer these as large as 8'X 8'.
  8. The Nanook tent will fit the guide house. if it was me I would spend the money and get the full thermal nanook tent ($229.99 on the Clam Site) and put that on it. to get the same house new you would have to buy the nanook which would cost $499.99 for the full thermal model. so you save $170 by just buying the full thermal tent for your guide and then you get the benefit of having the full thermal. an non thermal nanook is $399.99 and the replacement tent is $149.99 so you still would save $150 over a new house. just something to think about.
  9. check out the K-drill & Milwaukee M18 Fuel Drill combo that Vexilar sell. it comes in either 6 or 8 inch. you can get the 8 inch combo for $549.99 or $249.99 just for the auger part it self if you already have a good 18 or higher volt drill. light weight and does not throw chips.
  10. a carpet remnant is not a good idea. it will soak up water and freeze and then will become even heavier and unable to be rolled back up once froze.
  11. the problem with larger portables is they get heavy and you almost need a four wheeler or snowmobile to pull it with until you can drive the truck out. some of the larger ones are the Clam Bigfoot XL 6000TC, the 1660 thermal six pack like you said. these would be the large hub styles. the only large sled type would either be the Clam X4TC or the Canvas Craft Double Sided flip over. Canvas Craft is the company that make the 8' X 8'suit case style house. I had one of their 4' X 8' suit case houses once. It was one of their insulated models. they are nice houses but if you over build the floor like I did with mine the end up weighing alot.
  12. as of right now the new style tri beam is not being sold as a replacement transducer. these are only replacements for the bad original tri beams that people return to vexilar. I do hope at some time they will offer this transducer for sale. I got my old style tri beam replaced with one of these new style ones and have had good luck with it so far. hope it holds up.
  13. Brad B


    Most of the lakes around Wright County are at like 8 to 9 inches of ice. I don't thick it will hurt the ice that bad. the good thing thou is that it should help cut the snow cover that is on the lakes right now and bring the ice back to just bare ice. once it starts to freeze again we should have bare ice unless we get some more snow with this after the warm up tapers off.
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