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  1. EBass


    I got a pair of hummers coming to my feeder and black n blue salvias throughout the day in Eden Prairie. I didn't know they chirped. They also don't like bunnies or squirrels around when feeding.
  2. Looks good EG! We're going this weekend. We freeze a lot to make jam in winter.
  3. Hodor! Yes I've been watching. I haven't read the books, but I love the show.
  4. Saw mama duck on Minnewashta she had a lot of ducklings. I didn't count, but I'll guess 10ish. Last night I see 4 adult geese with 1 gosling. However the EP Home Depot flock has a nice group coming up.
  5. I have a trailer that uses 1 1/16" and 1" will not work. It looks like it would fit, but nope. I get the hub/bearing kit at Northern Tool and it comes with a couple of sizes for the rear seal in the kit. It's been working for me. My trailer is old like smurfy was talking about and my rear seal is larger too.
  6. I keep playing his songs over and over in my head. RIP
  7. Yes I take the O-ring/Split ring off and just use the snap. Some cranks are a PITA to get a snap on, so may need to leave the O-ring/Split ring on and tie direct. 95% I use snaps though.
  8. There should be plenty of little sunfish and crappies for them to attempt to catch. May get a pike or bass to. That area gets hit hard and there's gotta be perm's out there now. Sunnies will be closer to the bottom. Crappies will suspend a little higher and are more active at night/low light. Keep the kids warm and bring plenty of snacks. The north west side of Goose has a deeper hole. I'd start there. Good luck
  9. Sweet! That's pretty bright. Does it have low and high or just on and off?
  10. I have an old FL-18 and it works just fine for me. The newer Vex's are way better. My .02
  11. EBass

    Bass Photos

    That's a nice board you got there EyeGuy. The fish ain't too shabby either.
  12. The best time to go fishing is anytime you can. Copy write Bill Dance
  13. EBass

    Bass Photos

    A river Smallie that's almost 21" Biggie_Smalls.bmp
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