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Hit list...

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Good luck boar, taking a break from getting bait together for tomorrow, forgot how much work this is popping some popcorn and opening donut packages to fill buckets . Hate doing three stations but hate to Incase one shuts down. Doing it every other day this year less bait At a time, Last year did a lot but every few days...

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Checked mine after work yesterday. One picanic basket was found. Only hit one night though. Will check it again today on the way home. I think this might actaully be the bear we seen the one morning on our way to work a week or 2 ago. Having trouble guessing the size. Some pictures look decent size, others seems like it is smaller.





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Sweet pics, hes gota real nice V on him, even tho it looks like hes got a tick rub ther, Id be gunning for him. Nice bear. Well I checkd ol' Faithful todya an I'm still hitless. Green Death is makeing me a liar. Patients of Jobe, gota have patients of Jobe. It'll happen Corn should be hardening, berries I thought I didnt have are popping up an acorns are falling. All this should be done in a couple weeks. One day at a time.

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Only pulled SD cards on one station, as I keep forgetting more cards. I couldn't take it any longer at the one site, and uploaded the pics today... Figured it was a big boy, but it was jus tmultiple bears. Always a nice surprise, as they all look tasty... wink



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Checked the one that got hit and no return, just a one hit wonder I guess. I did darn near get hit by a skunk though. I was moving some logs off of the pile because I could see where the skunks had dug under and wanted to check to see how much bait was left. Well as I was moving the logs I started to here a thumping sound and then I seen the flash under the logs. Holy carp! it was about 6 inches away. Threw the logs back on the pile and away I went. Good thing it couldn't lift its tail or I would have been wearing a new colone today. Hopefully it is gone tomorrow when I check them again.

Come on Green Death, do your thing!!!

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Great stuff guys! Keep it coming!

Here is a video of the critter who found one of my baits. This is from last night at about 6:20.

Looks to be a nice 60 pounder laugh

My other bait is still cold, but it is in a great spot smile

Shouldn't be long!!

Man, I can hardly wait to send an arrow through one grin

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Just got back from our second trip baiting. We ended up going 6 for 7 being hit. 5 of those are being hit in daylight. There are about 15 different bears coming in so far. One sow has 3 cubs, otherwise the rest are all coming in alone. Looks like we have 3 that are decent size.

They really hit the baits hard and cleaned up everything. There are no acorns and the berries are thin this year. I think that is helping us.

A long ways to go yet, but its a good start. We all know things can change fast, so we're not getting to excited yet.

Here's a little taste.....









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