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  1. jerkbait

    2017 Fish House Build

    Awesome job LRG!!!! I can't wait to hear how the infloor-heat works this winter.
  2. jerkbait

    Boars bait

    Go get em Boar!!!
  3. jerkbait

    Boars bait

    Hope you get him Boar, looks like a nice one. Get your butt out there and get him! If the wedding is Saturday you can hunt Friday.
  4. jerkbait

    Bear lottery in ! I'm out

    Thanks. Good luck hunting.
  5. jerkbait

    Bear lottery in ! I'm out

    Did you go to an ELS to get your tag or online?
  6. jerkbait

    Favorite bear bait

    I will next time I get a tag. I am tossing around the idea of no quota yet. Since our hunting cabin is in No quota. just would only be able to bait once a week.
  7. jerkbait

    Bear lottery in ! I'm out

    Awesome. I wasn't as lucky as you to get a surplus tag.
  8. jerkbait

    Mineral sites

    We have been mixing our own for about 5 years now. Think I found the recipe on here that someone had posted. Works good and you get about 200 lbs for about $40. It is one part Dicalcium phosphate, one part stock salt(ice cream salt) and two parts trace mineral salt. We do 4 or 5 mineral sites with the batch. The deer really like it and the bears can't walk off with it.
  9. jerkbait

    Favorite bear bait

    I like pretty much all that is mentioned. We got some cookie dough a couple of years ago that really worked good. The granola and trail mix keep really good in the weather. Next time I hunt I will have to try the roast beef stuff. otherwise I have been using the green death like Boar.
  10. jerkbait

    Boy never seen this.

    I am going to try for a surplus tag on Friday. Crossing my fingers.
  11. jerkbait

    Boy never seen this.

    This place has become more and more quiet every season that goes by.
  12. I am kind of gathering bait. All depends on if I get a surplus tag since I did not draw this year. keeping my fingers crossed that I can get one.
  13. jerkbait

    Bear camp 2016

    Those are some awesome bears!
  14. jerkbait

    New "Good Morning" thread

    I think while it is cold and crappy out this weekend I will get the boat ready and hopefully get nicer weather to come for fishing. Doesn't help the project list is way to long. Another fine day at work. Have a good one!