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  1. All good questions, they were new in the quiver. Arrows was in weeds tip in dirt but not barried and pretty confident didn't close. These have no o-rings or rubber bands. Was just mostly curious if others had issues with these or anybody had different ones to recomend.
  2. Thanjs for feedback, they didn't go back, there's no blood on and blades halfway down and fur in hinges from being mostly closed. Yeah I've heard and thought that they could have closed but how would they close, forward momentum would keep them open and going through both sides of the hide and hitting the ground should keep them open. I'd like to use mechanical for the same reason anybody does they fly better than fixed, less drag etc on longer shots. But maybe I need just go back to fixed. Thanks!
  3. So this must be the 3rd or 4th time I've had an expandable not open on a deer. This time it was a grim reaper on a 30 yd pass through shot. The deer only went 40 yds but the shot was almost perfect, had it been off who knows. Ive used several brands, is this just the chance you take? Too much velocity? Thxs
  4. Looking at getting a camper and never had one before, but have questions. I have a half ton PU and looking at around a 24' bunkhouse style pull behind. It's just me, my wife and daughter and her bringing a friend once in while (why the bunks be nice). Probably use it 4-5 times a year and deer hunting for a week. Not sure if going new or used up to 10 years old at most. Generally do the slide outs have issues leaking, breaking down not retracting? Brands good or bad? Any recommendations to avoid or must get in getting a camper? Thanks!
  5. Yes looks nice got one $75-100 top right of picture. I've had 2 done.
  6. Looking to try new Doe Estrus this year and wondering if anybody has a recommendation on fresh scent they have used and witnessed it work. Thanks, Jay
  7. Looking to try new Doe Estrus this year and wondering if anybody has a recommendation on fresh scent they have used and witnessed it work. Thanks, Jay
  8. What unit is it flasher and GPS? Thanks So sounds like flasher isn't great on these? I was hoping to get something for both maps and then fish with it so I don't have drag the vexilar along....is it just slower, meaning has a little lag time or fish separation bad? Can anybody speak to the flasher on the helix good or bad? Also are most units just less reactive than a vexilar? Thanks
  9. Looking for ice flasher/GPS unit any suggestions? Thinking Helix 7 but heard mixed reports? Is the flasher accurate like a vexilar or is there any lag time. How's map on it, as good as the chip you put in it I assume? Thanks
  10. I'm looking to get a new GPS and flasher combo unit I was thinking of a helix 7 but not sure any opinions? Is the flasher comparable to a vexilar in real time speed? How are the maps? Thanks Jay
  11. Looking for new pistal in 40 cal and appreciate some recommendations. I may carry it once in while but mostly just target shoot a cpl hundred rounds at most a year. I looked at a few i like the H&K p30 but still deciding, any thoughts on this gun?
  12. Both licorice seem to work well but with blk get anise smell bonus. Meat, donuts, candy and bacon are favorites for me.
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