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  1. I put a 3 pin IQ sight on last year. I like it. I had an adjustable one pin sight for many years, but found I really didn't ever adjust it anyway.
  2. I checked one earlier this year on a food plot. I had hung it & not turned it on while I spread fertilizer. I left the door open so I wouldn't forget to turn it on when I was done. When I went back in two weeks I wondered why the door was open... I won't point my cameras any direction but N or S unless it's pointing it to heavy cover where the sun can't get a low angle at the camera. I have places where the grass waves, so I go in there with a hand cutter when I hang the camera & chop all the weeds & grass down in a fan from the camera. It's a lot of work, but I don't
  3. http://projectgold.ru/gearbestles/20w_e27_smd_____2835_102_leds.html

  4. Archery, shotgun/rifle, muzzleloader deer in MN. Fall turkey hunt, probably about it this year. Go archery as much as I can & try to cut wood in between. Usually get in 30-40 archery hunts a season counting morning & evening as each being a hunt. Maybe try to get in a little more fall fishing. Managed 1 or 2 outings each of the last 2 years which is a HUGE improvement from zero. Not planning to hunt ducks any more, just don't care enough about it anymore to do the work to be decent at it. Might do the early goose hunt, but probably be mowing food plots & shooting
  5. Suppose it's a lot easier & cheaper just to let the 7 guys know.
  6. We need a wolf season again, or they'll start pushing further S. I think the DNR knows that, just need to get them delisted again.
  7. I love basketball, I'm much less enthralled by pro basketball. In my eyes the college game is where it's at. The preferential treatment by the officials to the stars, especially Lebron is rather sickening. I love MLB & the NFL too. I really couldn't care much less about any of the other sports, from hockey to tennis to golf to NASCAR. They're all fine I guess, I can watch them, just really have no interest in them. I jokingly raised my son saying if there's no ball it's not a sport. I don't really think that, it's more my interest rule, but golf, tennis, rugby, soccer all
  8. Cool pics, good job.
  9. Nice job guys, gotta get those other birds up, so the guys in the bleachers can cheer...
  10. It was a lot of fun, pretty much just as much fun as shooting one myself if not more.
  11. Took a HS kid from church out Saturday am, Sunday pm & Wednesday pm. Saw at least 10 birds on the different properties we hunted in those times. We couldn't get to where I had my blind setup last night, which is where I killed my bird on 4/29, because there were turkeys between us & the blind. There was no way to sneak to within range of the 3 toms out in the middle of this 1/2 mile long 80+ acres of field. We tried to skirt them keeping brush & humps in the field between us to get down to the blind, but half way there we could see a tom & a hen probably within 50 yards of
  12. Here's a few more pics. I think it was my heaviest bird, if not second heaviest at 25 pounds even. I totally forgot about signing up for the contest this year, haven't been on site as much since it split up. 11 1/4" beard, 1 spur was 1", one broken off about 5/8".
  13. Does anybody ever really get to their spot when they'd like to? Seems like I'm always pushing it, especially on the am hunts. I make the half mile walk down the open field to the blind & get there right about legal shooting, 5:35ish. 20 yards from the blind I hear the first gobble & it's maybe 100 yards behind the blind & is answered & answered & answered, by more birds all in this little 1-2 acre strip. I'm praying none of them can see me & thinking as long as they come to this field & don't go S it could be a really short hunt. It's not long &
  14. I don't know if these birds are coming, going or already gone. It's probably 6:45 at this point. Then I see one headed back WNW, fairly quickly, all of a sudden there are 8 of them & they all look like jakes. They are under 300 yards, but not much. Then I see a couple of hens, including the white one, working along the same line, but even further N. Then I see part of a fluffed out gobbler straight S down the seam & decide he must be the boss tom & actually drove the jakes off. 4 of the jakes have now disappeared in the woods to the right, but there are still 12 turkeys in th
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