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    Wet Deer opener on the way.

    New model runs show much of north central and northeast mn receiving 4-6" of snow Friday evening in Saturday. Then followed by freezing rain Sunday. Tree stand safety must not be taken lightly this weekend.
  2. certified jumbo

    Wy Antelop

  3. certified jumbo

    2017 Hunting Regs?

    Yea. It's kind of bush league. Managed which is 5 miles from me can shoot 2 does for $15 each. I can shoot 1 doe with my bow for $30 and I lose my buck tag statewide with a bow. So I'm forced to buy a muzzy or gun tag for another $30 to harvest my buck in a different zone. So i have to pay $60 for two deer and the guy a few miles away can shoot 2 for 30$ if there both does.
  4. certified jumbo

    2017 Hunting Regs?

    Thanks for sharing that, I clearly understand what the law is. I'm not fan of only one part of the law. Which is if you shoot your doe in a hunters choice area, you lose your buck tag with that weapon in other areas. You are allowed 1 buck in mn, shouldn't matter which weapon you use.
  5. certified jumbo

    Collecting near bait

    I've done it both ways. Get your own or go to lucky 7 bait. Both are good ways. Last year though I went to lucky 7, dropped $100 and was done collecting bait in 5 mins. Didn't have to worry about mold, freezing stuff, driving around on Tuesday and Friday when they trash the bread, etc. I save all my oil from fish frys. Pretty slick....
  6. certified jumbo

    2017 Hunting Regs?

    Thanks, that's what I needed to know....
  7. certified jumbo

    2017 Hunting Regs?

    Does anyone know in a lottery area, do youth and archery hunters still get the free antlerless?? If the above answer is yes, do archery hunters have to tag the doe with their main archery tag? There for, you couldn't harvest a buck with the bow in another area?? Its been 4 years since I've dealt with these questions. Need a refresher.....thanks
  8. certified jumbo

    2017 Hunting Regs?

    It's set up a little differently this year. Click on interactive map, then your hunting area and it will give you details. In general most of central Minnesota amd north is hunters choice. The east central area is 2 deer again. Intensive is now 3 deer, not 5.
  9. certified jumbo

    2017 Hunting Regs?

    1000 doe tags for 183. Not thrilled. 3 years of bucks only and now only 1000. At this pace were going to hook another bad winter and be back at square 1 before more tags are available. I guess once bitten, twice shy for the dnr.
  10. certified jumbo

    2017 Hunting Regs?

    Can't wait to see.....
  11. certified jumbo

    Apple tree food plors

    So about 20 years ago we started planting Apple trees as wildlife plots. I read a ton of info on how to' s, best practices, etc etc. I planted about 200 trees. Roughly half made it to adulthood. Trees died from many reasons from bears, to moles, infections, etc. But we have lots of thriving, heavy producing trees. Something I found interesting is the trees that I didn't prune have done far better than the trees I did prune. My question is, is pruning a must or overrated in your opinion. Just curious your answers..
  12. certified jumbo

    Collecting near bait

    I collect year round. So disappointed in the number of permits though. I get a little discouraged when I see so many bears. I'll have to apply again for extra permit.
  13. certified jumbo

    Seeing any broods

    News release says we have reached the top of cycle. That being said the cycle is nothing what it used to be
  14. certified jumbo

    Bear Lottery

    Didn't get drawn. Not surprised with the continued lack of permits. Disappointing I guess. Sure see a lot of bears on camera and during last season's hunt.
  15. certified jumbo

    The state’s deer herd is growing

    Deer numbers looking really good in both areas I hunt. Good mix of bucks, does and twin fawns showing on camera. Agree that the dnr is chomping at the bit for a Wolf season. Come on feds....
  16. certified jumbo


    Very Awesome!!
  17. certified jumbo

    2016 pheasant season

    "One last look"
  18. certified jumbo

    MN Turkey 2017

    Thanks for posting the information. Funny how 10 years ago sometimes a guy wouldn't get drawn every year. Now you can buy over the counter tags in spring and fall. I know the population has soared out of control in both area's I hunt, imo. Is it optimal nesting conditions, lack of predators or waning hunter interests?
  19. certified jumbo

    Waterfowl Reports

    I'm not a huge duck hunter, but I live 1/4 mile from a large waterfowl sanctuary in central mn. In about 20 years i've never seen much more than a few rafts of bills out their late season. Lots of geese though!!!
  20. certified jumbo

    Upper Red - Average Ice?

    Typically, if fish catching is most important, the earlier you go in the season the better the fishing(before Jan 1st). We have mild temps forecast for the next 7 days, then overnight lows in the low teens thereafter. My guess would be foot travel somewhere around Dec. 14 if forecast holds. Some may go out earlier than that. But there are so many variables, so who knows....
  21. I'm glad it will bring down the land value and lease spending . I guess that's a good thing. It may become available once again to the average Joe !
  22. certified jumbo

    Big Push?

    I drove around the last hour tonight looking for ducks. I saw four buffleheads and that's it. Lots of geese though. Central mn
  23. certified jumbo

    Pair of Cougars spotted near Nashwauk MN

    Bobcat. But honestly, who really cares? cougars hAve been known to pass through minnesota periodically and trail camera pics show up every year . not sure what all the hoopla is about it though.