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  1. Archerysniper


    Also a lot of deer between Atkin and Malmo area. Another big this to look at is the wolves. They might not be there now but will return and can decimate your deer populations in a hurry.
  2. Archerysniper


    Find anything you can afford along the run river
  3. Archerysniper

    Which Way To Go With New Bow?

    Love my RX-1 Carbon
  4. Archerysniper

    Opening Day

    I'm supposed to be leaving Thursday evening for the Missoula area. Came down with a skin infection on the elbow. Dr is saying 3 day stay in the hospital,I told him I'm walking out the door Thursday by noon
  5. Archerysniper

    Opening Day

    Welcome to the neighborhood,I live between Isanti and North branch on 5
  6. Archerysniper

    What's Your Go To Broadhead?

    Anything made by Slicktrick
  7. Archerysniper

    Team #3

    Pfunk,you going to enter your bird? I almost forgot to enter mine.
  8. Archerysniper

    Team #3

    20180519_060302.mp4 20180519_060302.mp4
  9. Archerysniper

    Team #3

    Mentored for the Mn DNR women's Turkey hunt on Fri night and Sat morning. Friday was quiet but the birds flew up within 40 yards af the blind so we were hopefull for what the morning would bring. Sat morning was quiet and I waited till shooting hours to make my first yelps which were immediately cut off by 4 different birds. My lady was excited to say the least. She had never seen a turkey in the wild growing up and living in iron range. Two of the toms gobbled a little after fly down but I could tell the were going north. The other 2 that were to our east gobbled a bit but shut up but sounded like the were coming down the road towards us. After about 20 minutes they rolled a big triple gobble within 60 yards wondering where this hen was at. I gave them a few purrs and set the call down getting her ready and calming her down for the shot. We still had not seen them put I could hear that unmistakable sound,pfffft boooom. Now I'm getting excited because I know they are danger close but they are on the side we can not see. Like always they proved me a fool and instead of coming right up the little road the cut through a high spot in the swamp and pop out in the field at 30 yards. They immediately hit full strut and throw a huge gobble right in our face and directly at my decoy that is set up at 8 yards. Then instead of coming right in they circle the decoy and blind at 25 yards and go to the side of the blind that is closed and gobble and strut for 15 min finally working into 8 to 10 yards bit still won't come towards the decoy. So I shut the one blind window and get her moved for a shot. The birds are now at 18 yards but getting skittish and moving away. As soon as I get the window open I hear her string drop and whay sounded like a hollow feathery smack and she says she got it. I look up and the birds are still there and look just a little nervous so I hit the call and they gobble back so I know it was a miss. So close but it was so much fun. Those 2 birds hung out for a few hours after strutting and gobbling at everything.
  10. Archerysniper

    Team 2 - Everlasting Gobble Stoppers

    I would stick around for that,and also having a personal guide that is cheap and spending great time in the woods with my kid.
  11. Archerysniper

    The Strut Stops Here

    That's how my bird made his mistake,I herd him spit in drum 5 yards behind the blind. Really a cool sound and I have ran arrows though many of them doing it to my decoys.
  12. Archerysniper

    Archery Hunting Photos

    Congratulations Don on another great bird
  13. Archerysniper

    MN Turkey 2018

    Called in a true giant on Thursday evening to 20 yards and my buddy screwed up and hit him through the breast and clipped the wing. My legs are still sore from chasing that bird. Called in 2 toms 2 Jakes and 4 hens last night for my brother but we had a miss communication on the range. Hind sight the toms were at 21 yards but I could not see them so I told him to hold off,didn't want to chase another one.
  14. Archerysniper


    Wish I knew you were down and within a few miles of me. I have been pretty consistent putting people on birds in the evenings.