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  1. I was able to pass on the turkey hunting addiction to my wife. After a rough B season she was able to harvest a great first Tom during F season. She has been through a lot in the last 15 years. She has battled lyme disease for years and had surgery to remove a brain tumor in 2019. She seems too finally be on the mend and having the desire to be back out in the woods hunting with me.
  2. I was able to get myself a birthday bird out in the blackhills.
  3. Gordie is still around, not sure if he's on here. Hes doing good and loving the cabin life.
  4. That full moon is killing the deer movement for me. I have missed 3 days of hunting so far and have seen maybe 10 deer. This year I have seen the least amount of deer in my 28 years of hunting Isanti and Chisago counties.
  5. I live across the street from Houcks, this one was east of town
  6. Tagged out after only sitting two hours opening night. Didn't get a weight but it was heavy.
  7. Did pay attention to the dead line and thought I still had a few more days, sorry
  8. ? we had a great hunt and I have a new favorite experience calling a bird in for a friend. All I could see was Don being a turkey ninja while I was calling. It was something you would dream of being a turkey hunter.
  9. Went down to a exotics farm in Ne Iowa with a group of friends last weekend. Even for game farm pigs these Russians are mean.
  10. I was drawn with Donbo again for Sd so we should have a blast again. I was looking forward to the Mn archery hunt as always but do to a injury that's not going to happen unless I get a crossbow permit.
  11. Magnus stingers or buzzcuts and then use a slider judo on the shaft to keep the arrow in the bird
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