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  1. Did pay attention to the dead line and thought I still had a few more days, sorry
  2. we had a great hunt and I have a new favorite experience calling a bird in for a friend. All I could see was Don being a turkey ninja while I was calling. It was something you would dream of being a turkey hunter.
  3. Went down to a exotics farm in Ne Iowa with a group of friends last weekend. Even for game farm pigs these Russians are mean.
  4. I was drawn with Donbo again for Sd so we should have a blast again. I was looking forward to the Mn archery hunt as always but do to a injury that's not going to happen unless I get a crossbow permit.
  5. Magnus stingers or buzzcuts and then use a slider judo on the shaft to keep the arrow in the bird
  6. That's ok I will just stop posting here and move everything to my Facebook page. If anyone wants to find me their it's Jeremy Tidd, send request
  7. I've had them break, this was on the entry of my bear this fall
  8. Was lucky enough to have this guy give me a 34 yard broadside shot. I still cant believe it happened. It's been a long time since I have punched a buck tag this early.
  9. I was lucky enough to punch my Non quota tag on Friday. After very little activity on the bait he made a mistake and came through behind the bait at 630 Friday evening. Made a perfect 12 yard shot and he went 30 yards and crashed.
  10. Skipping out this year and staying home. Wife has a pituitary tumor and cushing's disease. Surgery for her in the next few weeks.
  11. Pretty sure he is on his way there today. His season starts on the 13th I believe.
  12. Correct, it needs to be a .22 caliber centerfire or larger. You can now use a .25 auto if you want.
  13. After baiting and checking my cam this weekend I know I have 6 different bears on my bait. I just need the acorns to dissapear so I can get more consistent hits. This is the one I'm after.
  14. I'm hunting no quota, have 3 for sure different bears maybe 4 on my bait. One is a giant boar. Headed back north tonight, will rebait an and set my stand in the morning. Only took 2 days for them to start hitting, my guess they were already in the area because of the mass quantity of acorns fall by the bait site.
  15. Here's Don's bird from the black hills. 20190423_064621.mp4
  16. Sounds like lots of walks at interstate park with a pack on your back is your summer agenda.
  17. I got more excitement out of this hunt then I did out of the others that I shot with my bow this this year.
  18. This year I decided to try my luck with my pistol. This one gave me a good broadside shot at 45 yards and stopped right in the middle of my shooting lane. This is the pistol I carry while elk hunting for bear protection. The .480 impressed me by picking him up and throwing him a little ways with a heart shot. Didn't hit any big bones just a rib in and rib out. He only made it 10 yards.
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