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  1. Huge bummer on the umbellatus! I would've picked the top one and made 'er work... Kids picked on about in that same state that had to be cut up pretty good to get a meal out of it, but it was worth it!
  2. Picked 150 chants or so with clients yesterday, also found the first king of the year...
  3. Don't miss this week's episode of The Flush as it features Minnesota sharpies and my two late GSPs... http://outdoorchannel.com/showvideos.aspx?show-id=1016
  4. Things have been busy in the north country! We've already picked several pounds of chants and various other summer edibles. The best picking of the season is from now through early October! Be sure to catch Minnesota Bound on the 27th to catch some MN chanterelle madness!
  5. During family guide trips we've been making time to put the kids on some panfish, and the same tactics are still putting out!
  6. Been finding the crappies in the thick cabbage, mostly mid-lake. 8-12' of water has been perfect. Been pitching Flu-Flu's with a minnow under a float into the pockets, or trolling Salmo Hornets around them.
  7. Shaggy's are out in full force! Side note, anyone tried corn smut?
  8. That's an aspen bolete, or leccinum scabrum, scaber stalk, etc... The "scabers" on the stalk are a dead giveaway. Many species in the genus, with varying colors on the cap. Kings will have a reticulated stalk, very weblike. Also, the base of the stipe will be bulbous about 90% of the time. Here's a pic...
  9. Yummy, trumpets are great! Puffballs are good. Seeing lots of posts talking about them. Very abundant this year... French toast.
  10. Pretty early for honeys for a normal year, I usually find them in October up here. With how early everything else has been, I can't believe I haven't found a single honey yet... and I've been looking!
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