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  1. HooknHorns

    2015 Unguided Public Land MT Elk Hunt

    Glad to here you were happy with the way this trip turned out compared to the last. Looks like some thick country!
  2. HooknHorns

    2015 Unguided Public Land MT Elk Hunt

    Glad to hear you making another crack at it. Good luck to you.
  3. HooknHorns

    A deer hunting story.

    Good job on the follow up.
  4. HooknHorns

    Great elk hunt !

  5. HooknHorns

    2015 Unguided Public Land MT Elk Hunt

    Well I have great respect for you, taking unprepared hunters that just don't have "it" to tackle a hunt like that. It seems like you love to share your experiences out west and you'd like others to see for themselves. It's just too bad that others look at it as hard work that's not worth the effort once out there. If they don't have the drive to prepare, they don't have the drive to achieve goals out there. Sacrificing your time thoughout the year to prep yourself and then have to give up the hunt that you're accustom to because of others is tough to swallow. Id rather bring my son that's only 9 and carry more weight for myself than to deal with what you went through. Better luck with the wolves and weather next time.
  6. HooknHorns


    Couldnt even give a peek at an evidence of sex attached. Tuned in.
  7. HooknHorns

    What's the plan for this fall?

    I will be buying PP this year. Didn't want to push my luck with the wife. Working on improving my whitetail spots this year, that's about it. Can't wait to hear all the recaps.
  8. HooknHorns

    The Remington 870 of Bows?

  9. HooknHorns

    Fun weekend for the Engel boys!

    Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. Do you carry a video cam when your out with the kids?
  10. HooknHorns

    Archery Hunting Photos

    Very nice!
  11. HooknHorns

    Wyoming Elk Hunt

    Scoot, the reason for asking about the points was I don't want to waste money accueing points for a good draw unit when you don't have to. I've seen some info on point creep and other units taking 6 to 7 points. Just wondering if you had a horseshoe like Jim had and got drawn for a spectacular spot against all odds. I did love the OTC tag in colorado. I appreciate the time you take for these threads. I have to say if it wasn't for jims threads and yours, I wouldnt had the direction to achieve my own western hunt. Like most others out there reading this. It's one thing to have the desire to do these hunts and another to just do it. I think being afraid to fail and the amount of work holds a lot hunters back. Thanks again
  12. HooknHorns

    Wyoming Elk Hunt

    Awesome bull, congrats to you guys for punching your tags. Just curious how many points did you have to get drawn in that area and was it you first choice. I will have 3 or 4 in wyoming the next time I think I can go but don't want to burn them unless confident in that area. You guys have a great spot. What do you think the bull to cow ratio was? By the way, what camera did you use on your trip? I think I need something better than a cell phone next time. Thanks for sharing again
  13. HooknHorns

    A little video from my elk hunt

    Jeez that was close! Cool vid
  14. HooknHorns

    Wyoming Elk Hunt

    Oh man that's a classic, I can't believe it actually worked out the way it did.
  15. HooknHorns

    grunting time?

    I was sitting in a ground blind with my son calling turkeys when a 120's 3 year old was pushing a doe around with in bow range. Both were in circles 100 mph. Then gone. 10 minutes later another small buck came by on the same trail. I do believe once in a while there are does that come into heat in October. Most might not see it cause they're sitting on the couch or it all happens in standing corn. It's not the first time I've seen this.