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deer with different guns

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As I was cleaning "The Gun" tonight I started to think back to my youth, and the deer that I have harvested and the guns that did their job. Deer #1 was a doe taken w/ a used bps bought by my dad when I turned 12. First buck was taken w/ a old Ithica deer slayer. Here is a list of guns that I have harvested a deer with. 8 different guns 31 deer all with there own unique story. I will be trying a different 50 caliber this weekend so maybe the list will grow.

walnut bps

synthtic bps

Ithica deer slayer

winchester model 94 30-30

remington model 742 30-06

remington 700 bdl 7mm mag

Thompson 50 caliber muzzel loader

remington 870 express slug gun

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remington wingmaster 870 12 gauge w/sabots

remington model 7600 pump 30-06

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Marlin Model 30 30-30

Winchester Model 70 .280

Remington ML .50 cal

Mossberg 500 12g Slug

I wanna try using a spear next!

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I shot my first deer with a Marlin 336C 30-30. Used that rifle for the next 30 years.

I then bought my used Winchester 70 30-06, which I currently use.

Been trying my hand with a Ruger .44 mag revolver off and on for the past couple years but haven't had opportunity to try it yet.


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Several different bows over the years, but for guns?

Marlin 30-30

Remington 870 Wingmaster

Browning A-Bolt .243

Winchester Model 70 300WSM

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Hoyt someting,

Matthews Switchback XT,

Winchester 1200 Ranger

Browning A500

Winchester 1300 (my DeerHog gun)

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Darton bow


870 12 gauge

.280 Browning

.50 cal muzzi

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1st yr(1976): old 8mm bolt

2nd year:old 303 British

o3a3 30-06 bolt

Win 270 bolt

Rem 30-06 pump

Ruger 7mm mag bolt

ruger 30-06 bolt

Rem 870 slug

High Country bow

Matthews bow,

and now...introducing the new CVA about 24 hrs anyway.

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Winchester 88 .243

Wichester 88 .243 (different gun)

Remington 700 .22-250

Remington 700 7mm Mag.

Ruger 77 .243

Winchester 70 .270

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Old Indian something bow

Darton Bow

Hoygt Rebel bow

Mission bow

7 mm mauser

browning lever action 308

Remington 308

Remington 30-06 pump

Remington 30-06 model 742

winchester 94 30-30

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Oneida Tomcat Bow

Win Model 70 XTR Featherwieght .270

Win Model 100 .308

Rem 870 Exp. 12ga. Smooth Bore Barrel Slug

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2 different Rem 870 12's

Rem 7400 30-06

CVA .50 cal muzzy (now replaced with a T/C Omega that hasn't killed yet).

I think that's the only firearms...

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Was sent out as a youth with my k&R model 88 20 ga. (single shot) only to miss a biggie at 100 yds.

Came back with the Win mdl 94 in 30-30 to take a smaller buck that afternoon. After that, it was all the 'ol 94 for many years.


Browning A500 with smooth slug barrel

Benelli SBE with bird barrel

Browning BLR (lever) in 308. Reminded me of the 94.

Browning A-bolt in 300 win mag. Love it.

Knight 54 cal. boomstick. Biggest buck so far.

Matthews bows.

Hmm... I guess ech is a poor letter choice.

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Rem 740 30'06

Rem 740 30'06 (different gun)

Ben Pearson Colt Longbow

Rem 742 30'06

Rem 788 7mm-08

Marlin 336 Texan 30-30

Ruger 44 Carbine - three different guns/times/places

Ruger 77 MKII 7mm Rem Mag

Ruger 77 MKII 243

Ruger 77 MKII RSI 243

Ruger 77 MKII 6.5x55 Swede

Ruger 77 MKII 257 Roberts

'38 Swedish Mauser 6.5x55 Swede

'96 Spanish Mauser 7x57

Marlin XL-7 Rifle 270 Winchester

Browning BLR 257 Roberts

Ruger 77 RL 250 Savage

Rem 1100 12g w/slug barrel

Rem 700ML 50cal muzzleloader

Browning B92 357 Magnum

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Savage 110 .222

Rem 700 .22-250

Ruger 77 .243

Rem 721 .270

Weatherby Vangard .257 Weatherby

Marlin 1885 .45-70

.58 cal smoke pole

Rem 870 12 gauge

Benelli Nova 12 gauge

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  • Posts

    • I think the way it sounded some did at some point at least sit out there or at least be home because you had to go uptown to register. Most were chest puffed happy to share in all their different levels of cheating. Some said apples, we store acorns, corn, birdseed, pumpkins. 2 said their husbands get em before the poachers do by hunting the Friday night before season laughing. The 12 all said they butcher their own. Oh well why worry now this has been going on for many years, maybe that 2nd buck tag is the way to go so us that can't screw our natural resources laws over can drop a 2nd one lawfully and legally or I could "party hunt" with no party around until tagging time. Like Dave said at least they are spending the $ on a tag, well most of their kills anyway.
    • love smoked cheese!!
    • Many people feed deer, even those that don't hunt. I don't own land and don't feed deer, so I'm not sure if it isn't allowed during hunting season (I used to wonder why bait shops still sold suckers and shiners after the game fish season closed - until I realized those seasons don't apply to certain rivers).   Food plots are different story. Some see them as not much different than hunting over bait, while others view them as a way to provide food and cover for lots of animals, not just deer. There is an ethical debate about baiting deer, but I believe the biological reason it isn't allowed is because the experts claims it's more likely to spread disease as deer create nose-to-nose contact while eating from a bait pile, whereas that's not really an issue with food plots.
    • Looks good Zach , what kinda cheese ya got there? I did up some gouda a few weeks back with some eggs. salmon filets a little bit before that .  In the next few weeks I'll throwing smoke at a pig belly .
    • Considering how many women I know that have taken up hunting, I'm kind of surprised most of them don't hunt themselves.
    • Same here. When my son was starting out the first few years I would put him in a stand and then I would go as far away so that I could still see his orange and hear him shoot but he could not see me. He never knew dad was sitting on a log just down the trail waiting for him to get a shot at a deer. I more or less gave up my few years of hunting so he could learn as I have taken my share of Deer over the years. If he did get one, I would let him try and fill my tag as well. We have always hunted in groups-Parties of 5-15 guys up at the cabin so no Deer were ever wasted. And young people learned how to hunt.
    • That is what the TIP line was made for. What you describe is illegal and happens with gun, archery, solo and party hunters.  You can register by phone but legally you are still supposed to be with the deer when it is transported and if any 12 of the 14 are transporting the deer and get stopped by the DNR it won't end well for them. With the cost of guns, vehicles and fines I personally see no way anyone would risk doing something like that.
    • Informal I know but I asked 14 women at work today if they buy a deer license for their husband to fill, 12/14 said yes ! Most said they are many miles away during opening weekend and since you can phone register their husbands say nothing to worry about. This is normal. So heck with 2 bucks just get your wife a tag like the hundreds maybe thousands do in this state and you're already easily set for 2 bucks or more there is no limit really.
    • Yet the stores are full of stuff to feed deer, and "food plots" abound.
    • I set mine at parking lot speed, engage the trailer brake and adjust, up or down, until you can feel the brakes engaging enough to slow you down at bit, but not enough to lockup the tires. I believe the small battery is part of the break-away system.
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