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  1. I remember those stupid punch cards. I was in junior high and had to “program” em in class. I hated em and thought I’d just avoid using computers altogether!
  2. Been sick at all since starting to use it? Friends of mine have been using it for a few years religiously for one reason or another. They keep a jug of it next to the coffee pot.
  3. Wanderer

    Tips On Hooks For Tip Ups And Northern

    The Gammi’s are good! This is a pic of my rig. I just run 20 lb fluorocarbon to the snap and change hook sizes as needed and run the Gammi circles. This didn’t turn out like I expected but this pike had my rig all the way around his lower jaw and didn’t cut the flouro. It’s the same leader I used all last year, landing up to 30+ inchers. And what do you do when you forget your tip up? Make the next best thing with what you have. A twist tie and candy wrapper was my flag for the weekend.
  4. Wanderer

    Tips On Hooks For Tip Ups And Northern

    Either quick strike or circle is my choice, with a lean toward the circle hooks. I think my landing success rate is even a little higher with the circle hooks. I caught one pike yesterday on a circle hook that bled and I was really surprised. That almost never happens.
  5. Another month and it will be 12 years on here for me - and I might’ve been posted topless once in all that time.
  6. I learned how to encrypt all digital media near my fishin’ holes. Hopefully that explains it.
  7. 10 years is a notable anniversary. Congrats! I was checking to see how many I recognized. A fair amount. Then I saw you did catch me.
  8. Wanderer

    Spring Turkey Applications

    Probably archery again for me. MN only planned for now.
  9. I don’t recall where I read it, but I do recall that WI didn’t get as aggressive as they could’ve/should’ve and now they’re so far behind it they’ll likely never catch up. In my mind that’s a lesson that should be learned. Deer are awesome. I love seeing em and love hunting em. I get wanting to have an awesome piece of ground in a premier deer hunting area to be a premier deer hunting property. If I had a Million dollars type of thing. But letting this stuff go without an effort to stop it has the potential to ruin it all in a decade or two. Its easy for me to say shoot em up to subdue the spread cuz I’m not married to hunting one piece of land in one part of the state. And not married to being strictly a deer hunter either; there are plenty of other opportunities for chasing game around here. But I just can’t get behind the “It’s too late to even try anything” method of denial. When it comes time for me to be worm food there might be such a drastic decline in the quality of our deer herd I won’t want to hunt. Big deal, I’ll be done. But my kids and grandkids may be left to just talking about the good ol days when you didn’t have to worry so much about getting some good, clean, healthy free range meat on the table. Will it even be worth it to hunt? My crystal ball really only works looking backward.
  10. I’ll admit I’m not schooled on the prions, but yeah, I have similar thoughts on the matter. To spreading invasives: Another train that pretty much left the station, BUT blaming it ALL on boaters is off the mark IMO. They get spread naturally as well. You can’t deny it when you’re wading North Dakota potholes on the prairie and see the main vegetation is Eurasian Milfoil.
  11. Which is sad... There is such a thing as too much of a good thing; even with deer. And to risk the health of the statewide herd to avoid short term loss is short sighted in my opinion. The DNR would be curtailing one of their very valuable revenue stream if they trashed the entire state’s herd to the point of discouraging participation. It makes no sense for them to do that intentionally.
  12. Wanderer

    Plan Your Success

    Here’s my plan for the day: my wife will be working a double, so why not shake the first ice cob webs off? Getting the gear ready this morning for some fishing after work.
  13. What an uphill battle. Makes me almost glad I don’t hunt the SE anymore. Not that CWD hasn’t shown up in Central MN either but there are too many positives showing up down there. I hope the private landowners get on board now. Maybe in 5 years they could take a bow, and sigh of relief the problem didn’t get further out of hand. The deer will come back.
  14. Bueller? Bueller? Anyone going this year? I’m on the fence. Kinda depends on what the kids knock over this last weekend of FA season and if I have another person to go with. I did run through some rounds last weekend to make sure I was ready should things play my way for the season.
  15. Wanderer

    Plan Your Success

    My planning is usually all about expanding on places and techniques I’ve learned about either the last time I was out or have learned about since the last time. For example: @Tom Sawyerhelped me better understand shallow water pan fishing last year and icing some cats. It was fun! There is a never ending bucket list of lakes to try that I haven’t gotten to yet; species to learn more about and new to me techniques that I’d like to work on lakes that I’ve already been on but think I could improve success. Don’t get me wrong - I love to catch fish as much as the next person, but I get more satisfaction out of finding something new than just going to a known spot time after time to rip some lips. Usually this means more mediocre trips in terms of numbers but when I find the new honey hole it’s all worth it. The thing is though, there’s pretty much always something in the bucket for dinner when I get home.
  16. Wanderer

    Vikings 2018

    I’m sorry but today against the Pats is a great example of why I don’t typically give these guys my weekend daylight hours. What a mess. I DO think they were robbed of a touchdown though.
  17. Wanderer

    Joe Buck

    Really? Does he look shady or sumthin?
  18. Wanderer

    Muzzy 2018

    I got out yesterday with a couple friends to try some new to us public ground. Chasing deer was the main reason but also an opportunity to stretch the legs and see places I’ve been curious about. We worked the slow drive method instead of stand hunting. Our first area was bigger and more hilly than we thought going into it. There was no way we were going to drive it effectively so we just basically stalked toward each other’s directions and hoped for the best. The blue jays let me know I was probably pushing deer several times and I saw quite a bit of sign, but no deer. It’s a good area to sit and I plan to the next time I can. One of the other guys saw 1 deer but didn’t have a chance at it. Area 2; we took a much smaller piece of cover but it was still no slouch. We managed to work the drive perfectly to our poster and all saw deer but couldn’t get shots at em. The kick in the shorts was, when we started, we had the place to ourselves but during the push another group came in to the area on the end we were pushing to. They no more got into their stands and started dropping the deer we pushed. Our poster didn’t shoot cuz it would’ve been in the direction of one of em. They were happy and thanked us! Area 3 was another small piece that had a good amount of sign but we didn’t see any deer. It’s another spot I might return to though. On the drive back to my truck with about 30 minutes of shooting time left, we saw 3 deer go into a patch of woods. We opted to pull over and pursue. We split up and headed in quickly. They came my direction and I was able to drop a doe for my buddy who I was really hoping would come out of the day with a deer. The last minute success was almost anticlimactic for the adventurous day it was but we were happy.
  19. Wanderer

    Tried Something New

    Good shootin’! I’ve been pondering doing the same someday but have yet to try it. Taking one with my handgun is currently the only reason I have left to hunt the regular MN FA season. Seems like it could be a nice rush.
  20. Wanderer

    Muzzy 2018

    That IS awesome! Congrats on a perfect day!
  21. I’d like to pick up another one this year. Since it’s been several years since I’ve really shopped the market, I could use some recommendations. I’ve leaning toward making the leap to a unit that sends pics to my phone but after reading some Spy Point reviews I’m not sure if it’s worth it. Are there other cellular cameras to look at? Any one with a cellular camera have any feedback on positives or negatives? If not cellular, what current brands and models are a good bang for the buck? I have an old Moultie I’m really happy with for battery life and reasonably happy with pic quality. I like good battery life but would like a more reliable and quicker trigger. Thanks!
  22. Wanderer

    Muzzy 2018

    I went ahead and bought a tag since the FA season was going pretty slow in camp. Then bang, bang, bang, bang... just like that we all have enough venison... My season might just boil down to a few walks in the woods, checking things out that I’ve been curious about. Just wouldn’t feel right not carrying my smoke stick with even though I probably won’t use it. Premature tag purchase.
  23. Wanderer

    Turkey Day Ice?

  24. Wanderer

    Muzzy 2018

    I’m with ya here! ‘Cept the vacation part for some dumb reason.
  25. Wanderer

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    I can’t speak for the walk behind styles but I know my old single stage blower on the tractor does just fine and throws snow plenty well compared to a two stage. Ive been told that if that’s what ive been running, I wouldn’t be happy “updating “ to a 2 stage by the guy that would’ve sold me the 2 stage. If that says anything for ya.