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  1. That must’ve taken f o r e v e r ! You going today? I’ve seen people out already.
  2. Hope things start looking WAY up for you soon @papadarv!
  3. What a way to spend the weekend. Ugh is right. I trimmed a few branches at our camper for the same reason and then shook a bunch off, getting snow dumped on my head but I’ll take that over what you had by far!
  4. Nope! I was a goofy fella somewhere else today. So yer sayin’ someone was poaching my spot? Hoping it’s enjoy the blowing snow and icy waves tomorrow though.
  5. So, the same as any bad fish you might eat… The sniff test never works better than when meat is raw. If you can’t tell then, you won’t be able to tell after it’s wrecked with heat. For the record, I’ve never gotten so much as an upset stomach from any sushi I’ve eaten. I can’t say the same for all the cooked fish I’ve had. You Lutherans with your pale coffee and overcooked food!
  6. I know nothing about a Bear Whitetail Legend. But when I do get my bow restrung I take it to a shop that builds their own. Less stretch and more wear resistant. Custom colors too if you’re into that type of stuff.
  7. Maybe give up on 171/172 if you really want to get a deer? Lots of space but bucks only/antler less by permit kinda sets the table doesn’t it? I didn’t hear a lot of shooting up there yesterday. When I looked at the regs before leaving I took the rifle and blaze orange out of the truck.
  8. Well… it shouldn’t be a roll of the dice at a place that has a good rep, should it?! My go to dinner on bachelor night is usually sushi from Coborns deli so maybe I’ve built up some tolerance. Did you get that off an episode of “Dirty Jobs” or “How it was Made”? Ever watch Bloodline, the spin-off from Deadliest Catch? They catch em in Hawaii too. ’Merica.
  9. I had other stuff that was just as effective.
  10. @leech~~ what, what??? I prefer ML season anyway. If I would’ve shot better I’d be at 5 this morning. Might pick up a couple more before the day is over. Sweet drake to go with that sweet hen.
  11. Not a fan of the orange army. I’ll pick up a couple of what’s left over when y’all are done. Plus there’s still ducks and geese to chase.
  12. @Duffman first stop at the PL review: This was decent (the trio), except I’m used to ahi being served raw or rare. They did theirs a medium rare or even a little medium. Still good but would’ve preferred less heat. Wife had the bacon Gouda burger. She thought it was great. I tried it; thought it pretty good also. The live music was a solo guitarist playing some old classic country. Hank Sr., Johnny Cash, Haggard kind of stuff. He had a great voice. Volume was a little high though; I had a hard time understanding the drunk guy next to me at the bar.
  13. @chaffmj I’ve fished Anna. Nice little lake.
  14. Having dinner at the Pickled Loon now. I thought I saw you at Emily Meats on the way through.
  15. Can you find it in the dark? It all happens in the first half hour of legal shooting.
  16. Surprisingly few shots around here too. I have a hard time believing the neighbors are being picky for a change, especially for as many as I saw. Light, shifting, whisper of a wind this morning had the woods quiet and good scenting conditions for the deer. Maybe that has something to do with it?
  17. Already in for the morning. Got things to do before heading further north. I saw 8; 2 spikes, 2 does, 4 fawns. Clicked the safety off and scoped a couple but never pulled the trigger. Looking for something bigger I guess.
  18. We’ve liked Chico’s too. Just don’t get over that way much anymore.
  19. Best rating system there is. I offered to take the wife there tomorrow for dinner. I have close friends that live scattered throughout the Fifty Lakes/Cross Lake area and they know the Fox Lakes exceptionally well. I haven’t hunted the Old Grade but have hunted around the golf course. I’ve been hoping to buy a piece of that area for myself in the near future. I grew up traipsing around the Pine River area just west of there and a little south of 1. Quite a few memories of my own but not many from the bars!
  20. Thanks! Stand is set and rifle ready. Not expecting much but I’ll be out there anyway.
  21. Seems like a good place. Always a full parking lot when I go by.
  22. Packing up to head home, set a stand and get a rifle out. Oh, and pick up a license. Kinda can’t avoid it I guess.
  23. I’ve said I wouldn’t buy a firearm deer tag in MN again but I just might if I finally get caught up on my jobs. They’re dragging out longer than I expected. The end is within sight which is good and bad but I need to get into the woods for a few days at least!
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