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  1. Bummer - me neither. Didn’t expect one anyway. A friend and his daughter both drew this year.
  2. They do! I just go to my patch, cut a few off and eat em raw on the spot. A buddy checked his patches around the Elk River area after looking over mine last Saturday. He didn’t find anything nearly as far along as mine are. Mine are on the low side of a west facing river bank. Warm wet and pretty sheltered. I think this year I’m going to try to spread em out and get some more stands started.
  3. My wife was interested to hear about the hummingbirds. Her favorite.
  4. Look for the clearest water you can find. They'll still eat if they can find the bait. Good luck!
  5. My first find was on my river bank. When I searched for more info, I remember reading 2 things: asparagus likes to keep its feet wet; and there really isn’t any “wild” asparagus. What we find foraging is the same stuff as in the store. And like @minky stated, you start seeing stands along the road in wet field areas here and there when you know what to look for. It grows pretty tall and leaves the dried stalks looking almost like a tumble weed in the spring. Not quite as heavy or round but I can’t think of a better way to describe it. Cut it when it’s short cuz it gets woody after a foot tall or so, and like anything else, don’t take it all or you won’t have any left to come back to.
  6. Dang. Better story with the hanky panky but I’ll live.
  7. Did you catch anything that mentions fox and grays, yay or nay?
  8. Interesting. That’s one phase I haven’t seen. If he’s big I might think gray/fox cross. We have a couple black/fox cross that visit our yard. Nice dark chocolate hues.
  9. Forgot to mention the other day @minky, asparagus is coming up too.
  10. I put in for 45 and 88. At least I’m finally started in this game.
  11. Ha! I JUST walked past my ferns in my yard - yup! Fiddleheads are coming up today. Nothing in the weekend.
  12. I skipped right over planning for the walleye opener and spent my efforts on my muskie gear. Plus fixed the cracked transom on the toon and ran a few trips up and down the river over Easter weekend. Then helped a buddy test out his new/used Lund 1875 Pro V GL on Gull the other night after work. THAT got the juices flowing! What a sweet rig. When we got to the landing I stood there a bit and let smell of the open water soak into my brain. It’s time.
  13. Echoing Borch’s sentiments! LOTS of great memories from the few times I’ve been able to get out there. Thanks for the pics and congrats again!
  14. Nice! Yep, that looks just the way I hope to find em! Nada for me but maybe if I get some time in the turkey woods I’ll have some better luck.
  15. Wanderer

    Rush River

    Good stuff JB. The boots on the wrong feet thing with kids: you’d think there would mathematically be a 50/50 chance of it happening but reality shows more like 90/10!!
  16. Good for you Bigfish JZ. That’s a situation I can’t even comprehend. I’m one of the 50 hour/week crowd. 5 weeks of vacation built up doesn’t really mean a thing.
  17. I have one. In my shed. Among other things I’m storing for my buddy. He said it was pretty cool; likes it a lot. Told me to try it but I haven’t cuz I don’t wanna like it a lot and have to buy one. Same mentality I have about new snowmobiles. Hope you enjoy it BD.
  18. Top photo is a hen hooded merg. Red head Swan hybrid Goldeneye
  19. For about a week now around Little Falls
  20. This will be my first year to apply. I don’t think I’m ready to get drawn yet but should be by the time I pull a permit. Sounds like a once every 3 year average around here. Who knows, maybe I’ll have to GET ready sooner!
  21. All my calls are the same old Primos gear I bought when I got in the sport like 25 years ago. My acrylic slate is always the first one I start with. It’s the one I have the most control with and can get the most variety of tones from. My hinge box is my second favorite. I started with diaphragms and eventually learned to do pretty good without anything, just my own mouth calling. But I didn’t realize how much I was practicing it or something else changed cuz I’m not good at it anymore. I can still cluck and purr OK and throw out a good enough gobble but the bread and butter yelping with a couple cuts has MUCH work to be done!
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