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    Favorite Crappie And Sunny Jig

    Demons are good! I always have some with too. But I usually start with a forage minnow in blue/glow. Another I’ve learned to keep handy is a Rattling Blade Spoon. Can’t say I have a hard go to for sunnies. Sometimes they hit the forage minnow anyway. But I do normally have a tungsten jig head with plastic ready to go if a good marking fish is interested but just won’t commit.
  2. Gotta remind myself of that even as pay for the wrecker. My worst fear is a sledder popping out of the ditch and into the road. This guy just drove onto the road and stopped in my lane without so much as turning his head left or right. I still clipped his back end but he didn’t get hurt. Not on a trail and techically trespassing by rinding in the field he came out of. Dude did seem lost. He did offer to help but really had nothing to offer. I know it should go without saying but PLEASE LOOK before you come onto a road!!!
  3. Wanderer

    Saved A Snowmobiler’s Life Today

    Yep, I’ve had some close calls myself by my own doing. This was the first time I can recall being the one “in control” so to speak of the outcome for someone else to this level. Talking with some buds today about it, there’s a ton of worse possibilities that could’ve happened and I truly believe we both got lucky Sunday. My truck is throwing a code now that’s probably due to damage to my exhaust system. P11 CB. Nox sensor or hole in the exhaust, most likely according to what I’ve seen so far. We’ll see how that turns out. Thanks for the comments guys.
  4. Wanderer

    Saved A Snowmobiler’s Life Today

    Just been back home for a half hour from that road trip to Aitkin. Having a hard time getting that incident off my mind.
  5. First of I’ll say I’ve been a Lund guy for a long time. But a guy hasta look at other options these days. Looking at 1875 Pro Guide and Competitor 185. Floor plans are nearly identical sans some small differences in trim. Operationally it appears the differences would hardly be noticeable. The biggest deal I’m wondering about is the ride. The Alumacraft salesman's claim is they have a drier ride by hull design. I don’t know cuz I’ve never been in a modern Alumacraft. Other things to consider? Electronics? Rigging ease? The price difference would probaby get my TMs and finders on the Alumacraft for the same as a base Lund.
  6. @gregg52 Check out KovashMarine in Moorhead; they seem to have a good variety of Warriors new and used to look at.
  7. Wanderer

    ‘nother New Boat Question: Lund Or Alumacraft

    Nah, gregg52, no s____ from me! That glass vs tin ride has been on my mind too. I ran a Ranger bass boat with a 150 for over a decade and that rode way better in rough water than the new 1775 Pro Guide I fished out of last year. I was actually shocked at how hard we slammed for a boat of that weight. I just figured that was going to be the nature of the beast if I go tin. I looked up glass boats at Warrior dot com; both new and used. There were some nice units for sure but I’d have to go fairly used to stay around the price point of a new tin boat. It’s an option though.
  8. Wanderer

    Electric Auger Multi-task

    Thats correct. But cigarette lighter sockets as power sources are getting pretty outdated. Even the car charger plug ins are just the terminal end that you plug a USB cord into. The E6 Lightning is the first battery auger that has this feature and I’ll bet all others will follow suit. The amount of power to charge things that run off USB is pretty minimal, including LED lights. The E6 (6 Ah battery) is marketed as being able to drill 70 - 8” holes through 24” of ice on a charge. If that stands to be true, I might be wantin’ one. But even if I could make the power connection to a Vexilar, I doubt I’d take it that far. 6 Ah hours isn’t enough for a day on the ice for the Vex IMHO.
  9. Good to see you post @gregg52. You’ll have to go into FM for Minnesota regional threads now. Winnie is there.
  10. Wanderer

    20 Gauge For Turkey

    I have a Mack’s Prairie Wing catalog at home that I swear had listed 20 Gauge Heavi Shot Triple Beard @ $16 / box. Might wanna check them out.
  11. Wanderer

    Garlic Enhanced Spinners

    Garlic has been used to scent baits since the 80’s or 90’s but it’s pretty much been in the realm of soft plastics. Chompers was the first that I tried. Couldn’t tell ya if it really did any better or not since there wasn’t a non-garlic version of the exact same baits available. Which really brings me to my point: It’ll probably work best at catching fishermen. The garlic could cover up other negative odors you might get on your baits but I really believe hard baits live or die on their own merits of action and flash. The funny thing is, Panther Martins have never needed extra help in catching fish! They’ve always been phenomenal pike and trout baits. I think they’re just trying to put a new spin on an old bait to pique the interest of new anglers. If you don’t already have some, get some anyway - you’ll love em. Just make sure you have a good swivel in front of em. They are line twisters. Yellow with red dots and gold blade my favorite but other colors can beat that from time to time, depending on where you are.
  12. Wanderer


    I’m shocked! Well, not really.
  13. Unusual behavior like that makes him seem desperate, so I wouldn’t bet on it. But I also don’t know the scope of the environment there so I can’t say for sure. He might have a bank den at one of the lakes around there and is just adventurous and out for a stroll or really likes that grass!
  14. Wanderer


    Had to check that one out. Yep! That could pass as a Unified Statement from meat eating hunters to Vegans and anti hunters. I also watched the clip from UW Madison. As as a Sportsman you just gotta automatically like the guy. I’ll be sure to tune in more. Thanks for the heads up guys!
  15. I think he’s in trouble...
  16. Wanderer

    20 Gauge For Turkey

    It seems the technology put into loads and chokes these days have 20’s performing as well as the 12’s have from years gone by. I’ve witnessed some remarkable shooting by 20 gauge users the past few years, that’s for sure.
  17. Wanderer

    20 Gauge For Turkey

    Minky, I had to ask a friend that shoots a 20 for turks. He’s shooting a Browning semi auto and found Heavi Shot Triple Beard to work extremely well with the Heavi Shot 831 choke. I’m pretty sure I remembered the 831 right. With Federal loads he’s had good luck with a Carlson choke. Although he also prefers shorter range shots, he’s harvested birds at 40 yards just fine with the Heavi Shot. Hope that helps a little.
  18. Wanderer

    Need A Polaris Fusion 600ho Primary Clutch.

    My sledhead SIL figures you DID get the wrong clutch. There should be numbers on the clutches. Do the old and new clutch numbers match? Your replacement clutch should be about an inch away from the block when installed. He figures you could take the backing plate off the old clutch and reuse that. Just tossing out a couple ideas. I haven’t worked on many sled motors myself. Plenty of autos but that’s not the same... By the way, according to him, Fusion 600’s weren’t noted as having bad cranks as much as the bigger blocks. Dragon 900’s were bad too.
  19. Wanderer

    Just Food and Drink

    We have the same Disney glasses... -28 near Little Falls right now and brreezy! Forecasted -34 in the morning with -60 wind chill. Same temps as Ely but more by the looks of it. Ely will be maybe -50 wind chill.
  20. Wanderer

    Jiffy Extreme

    https://www.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/e69eb9e2-740f-41c3-9685-883f7bd06e1a Better check soon before hell freezes over LP quits boiling at -41F. The next couple nights a lot of Ex’s should be getting back together too.
  21. Wanderer

    Pastime Project

    Oh, that doesn’t look like SO much... Nice work Smurfy.
  22. That’ll buy some fuel and bullets.
  23. Wanderer

    2004 Polaris Sportsman 500 Fuel Issue

    Can’t say specially about your wheeler but usually situations like that are a result of the fuel pickup tube either being out of position and too high in the tank, or broken off. I’ve experienced what you’re describing in a leaf blower, snow mobile and boat gas tank used for a race car.
  24. You should be saved now @leech~~. Things seem Ok on both sites.
  25. A fishing HSOforum, you say?