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    game fair

    That’s a pretty good question actually. The website says they’ll post admission prices closer to the event. Well, it’s pretty close! Probably around $12 though. smurfy, if you’ve never gone, you should go. There is SO MUCH to see there. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there but that’s more of a timing thing on my side. It’s a great way to spend a day or even two.
  2. Didn’t seem too bad today! Crappy pic but this gill covered the full width of my MX7 which is 10 inches wide.
  3. Coming into Ely tonight on 169 - where the new part is highest above the old part - I was pretty sure I was seeing a smoke filled valley. And as we’re getting settled in around 11 we were seeing it in our lights. Maybe just depends on certain conditions? We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Anoka was bad and smelled like smoke Thursday afternoon. Oops, almost forgot to throw a pic in. We had our own private air show today at home. The jets made 3 loops before bugging out.
  4. That 3M VHB is wicked strong. I avoid using for temporary installations. Just make sure your surfaces are clean.
  5. I’d say you saved me a trip but really just about guaranteed I’ll go now. Buy some stuff. It sounds pretty good!
  6. I haven’t been through there for a couple weeks but don’t recall seeing it open. I might find an excuse to go by there tomorrow. If I do, I’ll let you know.
  7. Prolly a tree fitty chevy.
  8. Sometimes I think mergansers are a little creepy anyway.
  9. Looks like a tri toon C10!
  10. If you wanna part with that 620, here’s your upgrade.
  11. Da plane! Always wanted one and most places I want to go have the water to support landing and take off. A Ranger wouldn’t suck either!
  12. You just reminded me that I should get one.
  13. Can you hike or free climb? Or do you need climbing gear? I’ve been near it but never seen it. I might just have have to swing by some day to check it off the list.
  14. I meant to do that. Just gotta hold the phone, and the carrot right.
  15. Look at you go @smurfy posting pics!
  16. Naw, I was just driving by and saw them grouped up. I was actually on a hunt for breakfast. There isn’t much open at 5am so I took some time to check them out.
  17. Just leaving the Hoffman deer yard. I don’t usually get this close to em.
  18. I thought the sunrise this morning was nice.
  19. It is an aluminum Ranger…. I’m assuming it’s the Ranger part that makes it a douche mobile to you. Bass fishermen have more fun.
  20. I stay in Anoka with a friend. I work wherever the contracts are; mostly the Cities though. Been doing both since March! Consulting on the other while focusing on this one. That’s why I don’t have any fish or bunny pics lately.
  21. On the way to another night of work. Can’t wait! At least this station has a higher limit. Thanks for posting fun stuff to look at you guys!
  22. Yeah that’s the lake. Why do you put stop there?
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