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    What's more aggravating?

    I’ll give ya that one too. Of my 4 “legends” the first two were at the Coon Rapids Dam back when you could fish almost anywhere. On the west side tight to the corner of the wall was a bit of an eddy. One week apart to the hour (6 am) I hooked the beasts on a crawler. The first time I got the fish coaxed down to the rocks for landing it. Still hadn’t seen it after a true 30 minute fight. I got to see a boil on the surface from its tail, something like 3 feet or more behind where the line entered the water - right before the hook popped out. After 30 minutes it was over that quick. The next week the fish just marched right out to what we called “the fence”. It was an instant snag spot some 50+ yards out rumored to be a sunken fence but was probably a tree. No matter, nothing ever came free from it, including that fish I had no control over. We were carp fishers so hard fights were the norm. These two or maybe same one were something else. I think Catfish Hunter. The operator errors were: Fishing a bass tournament on Clearwater with drop shots WAY before drop shots were a thing. We were crushing a school of hawgs. One of those spots the size of your boat or less. We loaded the boat with 4 lb average fish when I hooked this toad that wouldn’t come up enough to see even in that water. My partner/competitor even knew right away it was something he needed to pay attention to and grabbed the net without me asking. The fish was directly under the boat when the breeze caught it and pulled us away from the fish. The fish didn’t move though and my drag was too tight. POP! My partner did the most heads up net man move I’ve ever seen to this date. As soon as the line broke he swung the net over to the other side of the boat and jammed into the water in the hopes the fish was high enough and slow enough for him to get it. Nope, sorry for your loss. Thats the fish that taught me the most about managing my drag. And the last (bear with me): Ely last year I was doodling a 3 inch paddle tail around the edge of a weed bed on a 6.5 foot MH baitcasting rig with 20 lb Power Pro mated by swivel to 20 lb flouro leader to the jig. A light bite and quick vertical hookset turned into fish ripping out of the weeds for about 15 feet then turning around and rocketing back into the weeds at warp speed. Not wanting the fish to bury itself, I thumbed the peeling drag but couldn’t stop it. I thumbed harder till the line broke, not even slowing it down. Hindsight says I shoulda taken my chances with the weeds but the 1.5 second battle didn’t give me enough time gauge what what I was tied into! I liked reading the other actual stories posted so I thought I’d share some details of mine. Good luck out there!
  2. Wanderer

    Crow Lake for opener

    Thanks Duffman. I’m at the all packed up/can’t sleep stage now. Tomorrow at work will be tough to keep any focus. I’m lovin it. Once we hit the border my electronic leash is going off. Hopefully for the whole trip. Hope to have some pics to share for sure.
  3. Heading up for the muskie opener this weekend. All the gear and clothes are accounted for, just the food to get now and try to sleep at night. Looking forward to my first visit there and my first honest effort for muskies. Oh, I’ve caught some in the past while bass fishing but going toe to toe with an intentionally caught monster with the proper gear will be all together different. Anyone else going to try their hand? We’ll be fishing till Wednesday. I hope to have a couple decent pics to post next week.
  4. Wanderer

    What's more aggravating?

    I have a harder time with the ones I don’t see. I have 4 memorable fights with monsters that stretch back to when I was a kid riding my bike to the river on the weekends to last year in Ely. Each one still gets brought up from time to time by the people who were fishing with me. They’re kinda like legends in our own minds.
  5. Wanderer

    Wing It Quick Swap weights

    Ordered yesterday morning; delivered this afternoon. Now that IS quick! Had to check out the floats and quick swap connectors. I ordered the 7 float package with one of those small floats you mention. I can see how it work well for what you were doing. I picked up some of the line through floats also, as I’ve used them in the past and been happy. What I was hoping for is the quick swap connectors being the same for the weights, floats and lights. They are. So I can fish the line throughs with braid for the main line (brass grommet on top) and quickly switch to a lighted bobber set up with just a quick cut and retie of the line after adding the quick connector on the bottom and the light on top. It occurred to me how easy it’ll be to switch even the same rod from rigging to float fishing by just adding or removing either another quick connector or just a split shot. So now I have all the weights I need from 1/4 - 2 oz, including bottom bouncers, and multiple size floats with lights for the fam in 1 Plano 3700. And I can leave 4 rods at the dock in the meantime! Yah, I’m diggin this!
  6. Anyone else using them? I did for the first time last weekend and was instantly hooked. I ordered a kit today along with some floats and light sticks too. These are the best thing I’ve seen for bait rigging ever. The thing I’m looking forward the most to is being able to set up the entire family to fish with the proper weights all the time, no matter what water we’re fishing without retying everyone all the time. Pretty cool.
  7. Wanderer

    Wing It Quick Swap weights

    8 years, eh? Yeah, I had no idea they’ve been out that long! But I’m not an ardent walleye guy anyway. That could change a little in the future now. I ordered straight off the website but see they are carried in stores. There’s the lightweight and heavyweight kit plus the bottom bouncers. I ordered the lightweight kit and bottom bouncer kit to 2 oz also. It’ll be so much cleaner and easier to have a cluster of rods in the pontoon WITHOUT bobbers and weights bouncing around and tangling in transit. Keep just the connectors on till we’re ready to fish and just push on the right weight or float for everyone as we bait up.
  8. Wanderer

    Where everyone go?

    ^^^ This ^^^ If everyone who drops in is still interested in bass info, both getting and giving, post a little something. I’m guessing people have been out or at least have heard some rumors. I fished walleyes last weekend - no bass in sight. Coulda gone for a couple smallies during the process though.
  9. Wanderer

    So is this forum dead?

    Those are some real nice bass! And your MVB bait line is one I’d be happy to fish as well. Great work!
  10. Wanderer

    2018 gardens

    That is a cool looking back yard.
  11. Wanderer

    Extra Gas ?

    Hmm, now that’s a question I’ve never heard anyone ask before. I’m not a routine border crosser but I’ve only been asked about guns, fish and alcohol. I’ve read my documents and haven’t seen anything relating to gas either. If you don’t get an answer before the 16th I’ll ask for ya when I cross over!
  12. Wanderer

    Which lone wolf hang on stand do you like?

    Great! You will love it!
  13. Wanderer

    Just Food and Drink

    Chocolate peanut butter stout is back on tap at the Boathouse in Ely. A little thinner than last year but still a treat!
  14. Wanderer

    So is this forum dead?

    Surface water temps in Ely are 69-71 on the lakes we visited. I think that’s a really fast warm up though and the actual spawning depth temps are lower. I haven’t seen any bass bedding activity and the 18-19 inch smallies I’ve been catching are all fat and egg laden. They’re sitting deeper than usual this time of year too. The walleyes are are still shallow.
  15. Wanderer

    Grackles fishing

    I didn’t know grackles fished either. Interesting.
  16. Wanderer

    Last Season

    Was checking back to see you with a bird pic @Borch
  17. Wanderer

    Last Season

    Brotha’ you got that right. Actually I’m cooking hobos over the campfire in Ely right now. Not a bad second fiddle. I won’t be a cooking hobo in a blind this weekend.
  18. Wanderer

    Last Season

    It’s amazing to me to look back already and realize 1.5 days around C season time will be the story of my entire archery season this year. Just too much other stuff going on AGAIN this spring to make an honest season out of it. Full on fishing during any spare moments now. Good luck out there!
  19. Wanderer

    What did you do to your Camper/RV this week?

    Well I guess I could close the loop on my water heater since I finally had time to look at it. I haven’t pulled the element yet but have filled the water and run through everything with my meter. I’m 99% sure it’s the element. I have 120V to it and it Ohms out at 2. I figure that’s the water giving me that reading since the elements should Ohm out at 10 or more. Basic rule I learned in shop: Power to the load; load don’t work; load is broken. Looks like a $15 part. What I did enjoy learning is getting the propane part of the heater operational. Never had that before since the wire harness was apparently always disconnected from the ignition module. I plugged that in and she fired right up. Now to get my sealants put on tomorrow and clean and lube the bumpout gaskets. I bought some LED light bulbs to try also. And time to get a bigger TV installed in the main living area. That 13 inches just doesn’t cut it with my eyes anymore!
  20. Wanderer

    So is this forum dead?

    Prespawn might be a stretch but I bet you see them on the beds. Late start/almost no spring in these parts but the water has warmed quickly once the ice finally left. Last weekend, at about the same latitude as OTC (assuming that’s where you’re headed) the males were all over in the shallows. Didn’t see many bass beds yet and didn’t see any big females but they’re getting close. Didn’t have a way to check temps so I can’t tell ya that, just what I saw. Heading to Ely this weekend - I’ll have temps and observations from there next week.
  21. Anybody shooting any leagues this year? Shotgun, rifle, handgun? I’ve shot trap and skeet in the past at Metro but am now in Sporting Clays at Rice Creek. I’ve just been using my field grade Citori with factory chokes and have been happy with simply getting and staying tuned up for the birds of fall. I’m totally convinced this helps a guy save shells in the fall and make cleaner kills. But getting beyond that, I’m thinking I might like to start changing chokes at different stations for those tougher targets like fast minis and distant high risers. Those high, arching birds are my nemisis. Once they start dropping I’m in trouble. Anybody got any solid tips on leads for those? Any recommendations on after market choke choices for a Citori? I’m assuming extended, hand tightened chokes are the way to go but a knowledgeable recommendation would be appreciated.
  22. Wanderer

    Canoe Makeover

    Sweet job there!
  23. Wanderer

    Woodstock nests

    Yes! And I wouldn’t waste em on the dog either! ‘Cept the mergs - if Rover wouldn’t be too offended!
  24. Wanderer

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Sitting on the patio tonight my wife says “Looks like these two are gonna... yep, a pair of Downey Woodpeckers makin’ babies.
  25. Wanderer

    Woodstock nests

    Not speaking for anyone else but I really enjoyed the woodcocks that I’ve eaten.