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  1. Definitly not in the Feline Family, and most likely in the Canine Family, I'd say timber Wolf and or a large dog, I grew up right next to Lake Rebecca Park Reserve most of my child hood which is near Rockford,Delano Loretto area and I have seen Timber Wolf's in that park reserve, Before I was old enough to hunt, I'd go sit in the woods/trees out there and watch deer in the fall.
  2. Why does a hunter/person need to bait deer???????????????????????????????????????????? Are they not a hunter, why do you need to bait? Must not be a good hunter, just like to shoot huh?
  3. Like I stated before, the question should be (Why do you need to bait deer?) You should be hunting them (within the laws).
  4. Oneida Tomcat Bow Win Model 70 XTR Featherwieght .270 Win Model 100 .308 Rem 870 Exp. 12ga. Smooth Bore Barrel Slug
  5. Thanks on the chainsaw thing, Actually I just heard it from another hunter this past weekend. There's a 40-acre parcel accross from our land that's county public land and one of the guys I was talking too said He reported to the DNR of a permanant built stand in there two years ago and it's still there and the guy hunting in it is the same guy as last year and it's wrecking his hunt back there so he says. He said he's put two calls a day in to the the CO in the area, most times leaving messages of course, but he's yet to see a DNR person out there in two years now to do anything about it and he also discovered a very large corn bait pile with an actual feeder next to somebody elses stad next door on private land just adjacent that he's reported in to the DNR too, So he goes off saying "come muzzy" season in a few weeks if that stand is still up and that hunter is in it and the DNR hasn't done anything about this yet or the bait pile he's bringing out his chainsaw and cutting the tree's down hunter in it or not.
  6. Sounds like they shot the buck that came in after the doe was already dropped and they left the doe. I'd take a chian saw and cut the tree down while there in the stand next year, of course with a mask on.
  7. I think the question should be (Why do you Need to Bait Deer?) Your hunting right????
  8. About 3-years back my father shot a fork buck at about 25-yards, perfect low and behind the shoulder shot. Needless to say upon cleaning the deer the slug went in one lung, hit near the heart area and stopped, didn't even do a pass through. The buck dropped about 40-yards away but after I saw that, I studied the ballistics and they just don't have the energy or velocity I'd say past 60-75 yards or so. But it did it's job though.
  9. I also heard 15% down right after opening weekend, also talked to my uncle which hunts in area 249 just west of Mille Lacs and the registration place said there that numbers were down 48% from last years. He hunted religiously for the 9-stait days and said the M-F days he didn't hear one single shot M-F.
  10. The opener looks to be a wet messy one pretty much state wide. Don't forget to wipe/clean your guns off as soon as you can each time in or each day. They will rust very fast. Gun oil does smell and the deer can smell it. Maybe there are some good tips out there to post here or some ideas? Good Luck to all!!!
  11. I never made it racial, that's a FACT that the DNR limits pounds of walleye's to two seperate groups, I didn't do that, the government did but the government only asks one side for more $$ for restocking the resourse not both, and BOTH USE the same resource. I'd like to know as you say where the Red Lake $$ came from???? For restocking that lake please, that the same resourse nearly became extinct from over harvesting?
  12. It has both good and bad points to it. At least it's voluntary so far. The problem I have with walleye stocking is that there's a group out there that doesn't contribute a dime to the DNR and or walleye stocking efforts and yet get to net thousands of pounds of walleye's every year but yet here we pay for the restocking efforts. They even lost some nets last spring with walleye's entangled in the nets, has anybody heard if they got fined yet or not? Look what happended to Red Lake years ago, who had to restock the fish in that lake and with who's funds? The DNR gives quota's of walleye's for both groups but yet only asks (so far) one group for $$$$$$. Very one sided.
  13. Pick up some Hornady 20ga. SST sabot slugs for it, you won't be disapointed, there in a brownish colored box.
  14. Bigfoot got it!!! Pretty fast indeed!!!
  15. I just bought a 12ga. Pardner Pump at auction on Gunbroker Brand New in the Box for $135.00, went to the range and shot a round of Trap and it shot great, it's just like the Rem. 870, in fact most of the 870 stocks and parts will fit on the Pardner and you cans also interchange the chokes with Win-chokes or Mossberg chokes, great gun for the $$, I'm currently in the market now for the 24" Fully Rifled Slug Barrel too which sells new for around $100.00,
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