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  1. I would like to know if there is a way to use plastics with greater confidence for walleyes so any tips would be much appreciated. One concern that has crossed my mind is the question of whether or not the plastics are edible. If a fish bites it off and swallows it, can it harm the fish?
  2. I have yet to find plastics to be very effective. I've tried everything from finesse to snap jigging and trolling and found nothing plastic will out fish live bait. It could be that I just don't fish them properly though.
  3. Actually you did start with the batteries but testing showed them to be in good condition. Like quoting Bible scriptures, one cannot build a theology on one verse but must take the whole of Scripture into account, troubleshooting batteries can require multiple tests and some are difficult to perform. Glad you found the problem no go and fish away!
  4. Bulging suggests that battery was frozen at least once, which also indicates it was not fully charged at some point while in subzero temperatures.
  5. I never remove my boat batteries for the winter and always leave them in my boat for the same reasons your coworker shared. I don't just charge them and forget about them though. Stored batteries will lose charge over time and this can dramatically raise the freezing point. According to Trojan Battery, the freezing point for fully charged electrolyte is -92 F. However, that freezing point increases dramatically as the electrolyte loses charge. Electrolyte at 62% charge has a freezing point of about -16 F., which is not uncommon in MN. At 40% charge the freezing point raises to ab
  6. As Pat K eluded to, it kind of sounds like a tripping circuit breaker. If that is what is happening there could be a couple issues. Assuming the breaker is functioning correctly, the motor could be drawing too much current causing it to trip. That could be a motor issue or motor wiring issue. If the circuit breaker is getting tired, it could be failing prematurely. This could be a circuit breaker issue.
  7. Just curious, is there a specific reason for placing the pizza on the aluminum tray and then on the stone? I would personally place the pizza directly on the stone. Makes a nice crispy crust.
  8. Well, I'm thinking our trip to the Lac Seul on June 3 is not going to happen this year.
  9. I regret that I will not be able to attend. I have an appointment with my tax accountant. I look forward to hearing about the results.
  10. Here's one we tried. Place walleye fillets on bottom of baking dish. Layer on sliced onions and then brush on Catalina salad dressing. Repeat for another layer. I don't recall but I'm betting we baked it at about 350 until flaky.
  11. Oh yes, I was thinking 120vac. Sorry.
  12. I've been using braided for years on spinning reels and have never had any issues with twisting. In fact, I prefer braids partly because I don't have line memory or twisting issues. I've used Fireline, Nanofil, and PowerPro in 8# and 10# and neither of them gave me any issues.
  13. Ditto on the double uni knot for tying flourocarbon or monofilament leaders on braided line. I find that the knot will work better if I make more twists on the thinner line. For example, when I tie my double uni I'll make about a half dozen twists on the leader, I use flouro, but about 10 twists on the braid. I find that when I get snags the line will break at the hook more often than the double uni this way so I don't have to replace the leader as often. I personally don't like to use snaps or swivels when jigging. I believe they take away some of the sensitivity.
  14. If all you're running are lights and the furnace, a 15A circuit would be more than adequate, which would be 14ga. The wire lengths involved are minimal so voltage drop should not be a concern.
  15. For jigging my favorite is a 6'-6" medium rod with fast or ultra fast tip. My primary go-to rod is a Fenwick Elite Tech with ultra fast tip with a Pflueger Supreme 25x reel. This setup works when the walleyes aren't too finicky or they are biting super soft. When I want to present the jig with a little more finesse, I got to my St. Croix Eyecon with fast tip and again the Pflueger Supreme 25x reel. The Pflueger Supreme 25x is a smaller reel but I find it balances the rods real nice.
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