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  1. BobT

    New Handheld Gps

    Personally, I still use my Garmin GPSMap78sc. I have it loaded with Upper Midwest Fishing Info and a Minnesota Topo product and love it. I use it for hunting, ATV riding, and fishing. I'll use it until it won't work anymore.
  2. I've never tried pork jerky. Interesting.
  3. Most of the time I just use the Dale's as a marinade. Brush it on before grilling.
  4. It's good stuff. I use it with chicken, pork, beef, venison, fish, you name it. I can get it locally at Elden's in Alexandria.
  5. That is how my 1T external HDD is. There is a 12v power supply and a USB connection.
  6. My son was able to gain access by connecting it to his desktop. It required 12v power to drive it. Thanks.
  7. I'll share mine. ½ C. Dale's Steak Seasoning. If you can't find this you can substitute equal parts soy and Worcestershire sauce. 1 t. Onion Powder ½ t. Garlic Powder ½ t. Black Pepper ¼ t. Cayenne Pepper 2 - 3 lbs. meat sliced across the grain to about 1/4" thick and cut into bite-sized pieces. Thoroughly mix all ingredients. Stir to blend well. Pour into a vacuum pack bag along with the meat and vacuum seal it. Work the bag to thoroughly mix the ingredients. Place in the refrigerator overnight. For best penetration periodically kneed and flip over the bag. Sprinkle extra black pepper after placing on drying racks. Dry until desired tenderness (about 6 hours on my dehydrator).
  8. Thanks for the help. I was talking to our IT guys at work and they gave me a USB cable that I could connect directly to the HDD. Unfortunately, the cable was made to work with 2.5" HDD and not 3.5" which require 12v. My son is a bit of a geek and he and I will be looking at it tomorrow. He figures he can make something work with the stuff he has around.
  9. Our home PC finally bit the big one. It was a Dell Inspiron with Windows Vista OS. The HDD is about 140GB. The computer just stopped working. When I push the power button it doesn't do anything except the power button just momentarily flashes yellow and that's it. No other indication that power is on. Normally, it goes green and I hear fans and drives start running. I'm suspecting possibly a power supply issue. At any rate, I have realized it was getting time so I decided to finally upgrade. I was well pleased with the last one so I purchased another Dell Inspiron small desktop with Windows 10. I would like to try and connect my old hard drive to the new desktop to see if I could extract some files that I have on it. How do I do this? Is it just a matter of plugging it in and accessing it like a USB flash drive? Thanks, Bob
  10. BobT

    Cooking the perfect steak.

    I'm with you on this. Probably one of the best steaks I ever had was done this way....sort of. Our neighbor invited us over for steaks. He was cooking them on a gas grill and at one point the drippings started to flame up and it got away from him a bit. The steaks got nicely charred black but the inside was medium to medium rare and they were amazing. I was at a restaurant one time and where I was sitting I could see the chef cooking the meat over charcoal. I don't know what he was basting them with but it was a flammable mixture that flared up and the flames did a nice job of charring the outside. Again, these were very good.
  11. BobT

    Cooking the perfect steak.

    Thanks for not saying "unthawed!"
  12. BobT

    What's more aggravating?

    I figure any fish that doesn't get into my boat was a wall-hanger for sure. ?
  13. BobT

    What's more aggravating?

    Not every time. When fishing for walleyes I never use a steel leader but do attract a fair number of northerns to bite. Once that happens, it is just luck that the line doesn't cross its teeth and get cut. We have also caught them this way and wondered how they didn't get loose. My brother caught one last week about 34" in which the jig was lodged in its throat. All we could see was the jig head. Unfortunately, where we were fishing, a 34" northern was illegal to keep so we had to cut the line and hope it will survive. How that mono leader didn't get bit off is a mystery to us. Never mind. I didn't comprehend your entire post. My bad and I agree with you.
  14. We fish mostly in the Lost Lake area. The morning bite was quite a bit slower than we have grown to anticipate. Some pick up in activity around noon and then much better in the evening in current. Friday, I took my fishing partner up to Pelican Rapids and from 6:00pm - 9:30pm we figured we boated over 200 walleyes. Every one was between 15" - 17". Nothing larger or smaller. Saturday evening we found the bite slowed a bit (only boated about 100 walleyes in the same time period) but they ran slightly larger with most running in the slot. Crooked narrows (west of Deception Bay) was productive, especially in the evening. Keewatin Bay produced some nice eyes on Thursday with many falling in between 25" - 28". Our biggest of the week was 28.25". One boat made a run up to Grassy Bay and did well. He also stopped at Devil's Elbow and found it to be productive. Caught one musky there too. Caught quite a few northern pike in the 31" - 34" range. With the slower morning bite, this was the first time in the 20 years we've been going that we did not run out of bait. I gave away about 30 dozen minnows to a neighbor that didn't have any. So end tally was that we fed out 170 dozen minnows and a pound of leeches with 10 guys.
  15. We're heading up to the southern end near Deception Bay next week. I know we won't be heading that far north. May take a run up to the Grassy Bay area though.