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  1. You do realize it is rude to do this before sending out the invitations, right?
  2. I am a strong maybe. I have been on Traverse a couple times for the spring opener but I've never fished Big Stone so it would be interesting.
  3. The block walls will not be covered. Only that part above the blocks will have a finished interior wall.
  4. Yes, it has been insulated.
  5. I think part of his thought process is that the building is built into the side of a hill so the bottom seven feet or so is block walls so running the wiring in conduit would be about the only alternative for his receptacles and other outlets at accessible heights.
  6. I don't think it would be good to leave the wiring exposed and that's why I suggested the conduit. Yes, we need to study the implications of using conduit. It should be noted that he has already begun installing the wall and ceiling steel. I told him he would need to calculate the appropriate lumens for lighting, provide branch circuits for 120v receptacles, 240v receptacles for welder, ceiling fans, any heating systems he plans to install (he's designing it for in-floor heat), and proper outdoor lighting at entrances.
  7. Yes, my neighbor wants to surface wire the interior. I had already suggested completing the electrical work before finishing the interior. I'm not aware of any code that would forbid this option and if I understand the 2020 NEC code correctly, EMT or PVC would be acceptable. There is very little that I can find regarding residential detached garages. Article 511 covers commercial garages, but this is not a commercial garage. He wants to do this himself, which is okay as long as he gets it inspected properly.
  8. That's where I was headed. Thanks.
  9. You mean strapping Romex directly to the walls? Doesn't that violate the need to protect them from damage? Plus, I figured it would be a much nicer, more professional finish.
  10. BobT

    Inline Reels?

    I picked up my first inline last year, Eagle Claw, and so far I like it. The only complaint that I have is that there is no anti-reverse unlock option. I wrote to Eagle Claw to see if they have another model that would include this and at this time they do not. It would be great if they added this option along with the audible clicker it could work a lot like a rattle reel.
  11. This may seem like a silly question but my 25+ years of electrical experience was primarily focused on industrial packaging machinery design and installation and not residential wiring. My neighbor is building a new unattached garage. It will be insulated and finished on the interior but he wants to run the electrical circuits after finishing the inside so when he asked me, I recommended putting his wire inside conduit, either EMT or rigid PVC. To do this I told him that he'll want to use stranded wire instead of solid core as this will be far easier to handle in conduit. Here's the problem. Even though UL lists devices like receptacles for stranded wire, In my opinion, stranded wire should not be used on screw terminals unless they include saddle straps or clamp/pressure plates. Wrapping stranded wire around terminal screws is a recipe for disaster. Finding receptacles that incorporate saddle straps is not easy. A solution that I thought of would be to use Stacon connectors but I'm not sure this would be permitted per NEC code and we haven't found that answer yet. We are referencing the new 2020 NEC and he will have his system inspected accordingly. Does anyone know if it is permitted by NEC to use crimp-on connectors such as the one pictured for fastening the stranded wire to the devices? Also, if you could point me to the section of code that applies it would be most appreciated. About the only other option that I can think of is to used solid core pigtails to facilitate the connections to the end devices. Thanks!!!
  12. Like liver, heart can easily be over cooked leaving it like a slab of leather so take some care to use lower temps and cook just until done. I agree with 1/4" thick with Lowry's Seasong Salt. I also use bacon fat for frying. Everything is better with bacon.
  13. Sorry about the delayed reply. It is too late this year but there was a change since I first posted. For some reason our tomatoes, peppers, and green bean plants took a change for improvement. The tomatoes are lush and loaded with green fruit. I have been able to harvest beans three times and they are still flowering. Our peppers have left dormancy and are now growing and flowering, although maybe too late for this year. About the only change that I can think of is that the weather started drying out a bit. Maybe they were just getting too much rain for our soil, which is heavy.
  14. What you are doing is even better than what they hope to achieve with the law. I do the same thing. My minnows never see lake water while in my possession except while riding on a hook. It is not possible to transfer invasives via my minnows or minnow container unless they came from the bait shop and the result would be same either way. This brings up a good question. Aren't minnows trapped in lakes and streams? They could contain microscopic versions of invasive species and therefore be responsible for transporting them to every lake where the minnows are used. Even those raised in rearing ponds are potential threats if the rearing ponds become infected. Unfortunately, it is impractical (not impossible) for a CO to know that my minnows have not been in the lake. He would have to take my word for it. As a result, unless they catch me taking my aerated minnow cooler from my boat to my truck, ....
  15. The problem with fishing walleye below 35' is that whatever you catch you best be planning to keep. Bringing them out of that depth will kill them for sure no matter how slowly it is done.
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