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  1. DonBo

    20 Gauge For Turkey

    I'm sure that's for five shells. Still not a bad deal.
  2. DonBo

    20 Gauge For Turkey

    Here's a trick for everyone experiencing this problem. Get your sighting down with target loads first, then you'll probably only need to shoot one or two turkey loads to see how they pattern.
  3. DonBo

    20 Gauge For Turkey

    And it's so much lighter, makes it easier to carry on those long hikes. As an added bonus, the recoil is much less with the 20.
  4. DonBo

    20 Gauge For Turkey

    I shoot Heavy-Shot Magnum Blend through a Heavy-Shot Choke tube with awesome results in my 20. No need to limit your shots to 35 yds, I'm not afraid to shoot out to 45 yds. I'm carrying this gun instead of my 12 more and more.
  5. I just put mine in the dishwasher.
  6. Mine is 165. Don't need to go that hot? Isn't 165 considered safe for pork?
  7. I cut them pretty thick. The edges did get a bit overdone waiting for the centers to dry enough. A few hours in a Ziploc and the moisture evened out nicely. The ginger is really strong, I'll cut that in half next time. All in all I'm pretty happy with the finished product, but a half loin is not near enough. BTW, all the trimmings are going into my venison grind tomorrow.
  8. 1st time trying the pork loin. Just a small 1/2 loin to try it out. Used the soy sauce, Worcestershire, ginger recipe. I also cut pretty thick. Fingers crossed.
  9. Love the idea of pork loin, think I'll try some this weekend. Since I'll be stuck inside because of the cold, guess I'll use the dehydrator instead of my smoker.
  10. DonBo

    Wi 2019 Results

    I'm in for D season also. Season lasted only about 45 minutes last year. Gonna try a bit harder for a couple left over tags this year.
  11. DonBo

    Girls Are Trouble

    Check out this beast inside the 694 loop, north metro.
  12. DonBo

    Late Morning/ Afternoon Hunting

    Setting up near roost areas in the late afternoon is a great plan that had worked for me time after time.
  13. DonBo

    Spring Turkey Applications

    Sorry, as a non-resident, you will never draw for these seasons. Wisconsin residents get first choice no matter how many preference points you may have. Season C is their fishing opener and you have a pretty good chance of drawing this tag. If you apply for more than one time period, say season D & E, you'll draw E everytime. This is all personal experience from over 30 years of hunting across the border. Good luck and keep your eyes on when the leftover tags go on sale. Zone 4 is Thursday, March 22.
  14. DonBo

    Spring Turkey Applications

    Minnesota Archery again. D season in Wisconsin. Hopefully taking my dad out if possible, he's 95 and not in great shape right now. Also have a women's mentored hunt later in May. Not certain yet, but hoping to put a Nebraska hunt together. Seeing WAY more than expected this fall what with the cold wet spring we had.
  15. Heard wheelers have been out since before Thanksgiving. Anyone here been out yet?