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  1. DonBo

    Turkey seminar

    Mike Foster is as good a turkey hunter as you'll ever find. I'm sure everyone can learn something from him.
  2. Those should work. I love the large diameter 3 blades for turkey.
  3. Often a lone hen is your best bet. If that's what you're comfortable with on public land, go for it. Have her facing you. Mr. Tom will want to get in front of her to be seen at his best.
  4. Need to hear that story. Still planning something along those lines for next year.
  5. The ladies I'm hunting with are mostly shooting 35-40 lbs. Still think the Bullhead is a good option for that?
  6. Can't dissagree with you. I struggle with this question because I mentor so many women (and often kids) that shoot lower poundage bows. I'm such a huge proponant of the bigger mechanicals, but just can't recommend them to those archers. I've never seen the head loppers in action with the lower poundage so it's hard for me to have an opinion on them. I know your son has had good luck with them, I doubt he's shooting more than 40 lbs? Does anyone here have any experience with the low KE Rage? They are supposed to work well at lower lbs.
  7. The Bullhead he's referring to is for head/neck shots only. Lots of people like these for turkeys. I'm not a huge fan, but my reasoning is different than most. They do cut down on the wounding rate that is often extreme with regular broadheads (fixed or mechanical) used for body shots.
  8. DonBo

    Spring plans?

    You're right. Labs I think. Didn't realize there were different trials for different breeds.
  9. DonBo

    Spring plans?

    Rick, do you know a Dave Rowan from Northern California? He's my cousins husband and travels all over the country judging these same kind of trials.
  10. What's everyone's plans for this spring? I'll be hunting (probably archery) near home when I can here in the metro area of Minnesota. Planning on a serious 5 day hunt in Wisconsin, season D. Hopefully we'll have at least a couple extra tags. Just now getting my application in for So Dakota again, hope we draw. Doing the Women in the Outdoors mentored archery hunt again mid May. This has turned into my favorite hunt, and I can't even carry a weapon. Someday I hope to be retired and be able to put a couple other states on that list.
  11. D season again for us. Wisconsin is my favorite hunt.
  12. Meat spent over a week in a fridge before packaging. Believe me, it's an old tough bull that was rutting hard. Backstraps are okay, though not great. Have not yet found anything that will tender up the steaks.
  13. Mother nature proving once again who's in charge.
  14. But do all marinades tenderize? I always thought they were just for flavor.
  15. Too late, but an interesting idea. What does everyone use for a tenderizing mariande?
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