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  1. The sad truth about archery hunting is that sometimes they just get away. I've shot a couple over the years that had evidence of being hit previously with no apparent long lasting injury. Hopefully that's the case with your deer. Kudos for searching as long as you did.
  2. Sure looks like it. A picture of the tail would tell you for sure.
  3. DonBo

    Fall bird

    Congrats! I've got two landowners in two states that claim they've got birds in their back yards every day. Hunted both several times now with not one single bird sighted. Oh well, I'll keep at it just in case...
  4. Archerysniper's bird night be the biggest Merriam's I've ever seen. Another great Black Hills hunt.
  5. Tough birds. Glad he's back in the game.
  6. Archerysniper and I made our second trip to South Dakota's Black Hills. He again shot his bird the first morning there, we worked a little harder on mine. It was noon of the third day, we had just pulled a blind and were headed in for lunch when some yelping and a gobble came from a distant ridge. Lunch will have to wait. We dropped everything except my gun and Jeremy's calls. Down into the draw and up the other side and I see some birds at only about 60 yards. Couldn't tell what they were. I got set at the top of the ridge and Jeremy stayed down below me about 30-40 yards and
  7. Sadly I'm getting pushed out of my best metro spots - BUT - Archerysniper and I are leaving for the Black Hills on Friday. We both had such a good time last year that we are really looking fwd to going again. After we get back I've still got three tags for two different seasons in Wisconsin. Fingers crossed for a great season yet to come, good luck one and all.
  8. Sounds like you're right about hitting the breast. They are tough birds. Best guess is he'll be fine.
  9. Mike Foster is as good a turkey hunter as you'll ever find. I'm sure everyone can learn something from him.
  10. Those should work. I love the large diameter 3 blades for turkey.
  11. Often a lone hen is your best bet. If that's what you're comfortable with on public land, go for it. Have her facing you. Mr. Tom will want to get in front of her to be seen at his best.
  12. Need to hear that story. Still planning something along those lines for next year.
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