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    Self employed sign guy. Lifetime member, Chilakoot Bowhunters. Archery, bowhunting, LOVE to hunt turkeys. Summertime crappie and walleye fishing. Twins baseball.
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  1. DonBo

    Mbrb 2018

    Rank is the order on which you draw for your prefered spot. #1 chooses first. #2 chooses second, etc. I was drawn as the #1 alternate for the MN DNR hunt, Hwy 61 & Warner Rd in St Paul. This is a new one for me.
  2. DonBo

    Dave Smith Decoys - Cheap!

    Guess you had to be quicker than that.
  3. If anyone's interested in adding some premium decoys to your flock, the bargain cave at the Woodbury's Cabela's has over a dozen in stock at substantially below retail.
  4. DonBo

    Rinehart 100

    Considering Aurora weekend before opener. Anyone interested? MIGHT have an open spot in my camper.
  5. DonBo

    Rinehart 100

    Tons of fun. It's a 100 target 2 or 3 day shoot. Lots of novelty shoots, raffles, door prizes, etc. Numbers were down this year because of a date change, but there's routinely 800+ shooters. Don't know if Aurora gets that many. There about a dozen around the country.
  6. DonBo

    Rinehart 100

    Did anybody take the trip to Sparta last week? Believe this was my 9th year attendidng, what a great, fun shoot. There's another in Aurora, MN early September I'm thinking about going to. Anyone who enjoys 3D archery, or just likes rubbing elbows with hundreds of other archers should definetly put this on their list of things to do.
  7. Walleye fishing remains quite good with a nice mix of quality fish. Caught these three Saturday afternoon in just a few hours. 17", 18", 19+". Fish were caught from 10 - 19 FOW, again all near tips of points. Crawlers put more in the boat than leeches, but better have both along. Can't wait to get back.
  8. DonBo

    Turkey Contest Winners

    Thanks Borch, and everyone that joined in on the fun. Love hearing the smack talk and the success stories. Congrats to all the winners.
  9. Two weeks before I get to go back. Some friends up there found the crappies yesterday, still full of spawn. Sad that I didn't search a bit harder for them last weekend.
  10. Could not find the crappies this weekend, but the walleye bite was fantastic. Caught most on tips of points in 14 - 18 FOW, all on leeches.
  11. I actually did really well over the long weekend. Caught hundreds of crappies including some real pigs. A few bonus walleye as well. Crappies were in 5 - 7 FOW in the cabbage. Had much better luck with plastics than minnows. Walleye were in 8 - 12 FOW and prefered leeches. Headed back this afternoon.
  12. DonBo

    Persistence Pays off

    Awesome! What a great morning.
  13. Wetting a line for the 1st time today. Gonna hit it hard this weekend.
  14. DonBo


    Five hours? Wow! That's about 3 hours longer than any bird I've ever worked. Good job.
  15. DonBo

    Bow Bird Down

    Persistence and patience pay off again. Congrats!