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  1. looneyducer

    ice line

    I don't think there is a major brand I haven't tried, but I'm back to Trilene XL in 2, 4, 6, and 10 Lb test, each with the corresponding weight florocarbon beneath a #10 spro power swivel.
  2. looneyducer

    Differences between 1man shacks?

    I'm 6', 196 or so, and I love, love, love my little Clam Scout. Two rods, vex, scoop, bucket, black cat.... I can load it in and out of my truck without unloading it. Lay an auger over the top and go. There isn't any extra space, I suppose, but then again I'm out there to fish, not dance around in a shanty. Need to stretch? Flip it back and move. Need to warm up. Kick your slush against the inside walls and turn that little cat up. I even drag mine when hole-hopping. It's easier and faster to drag than carrying a bucket.
  3. looneyducer

    Level-Wind ice rod/reel setup?

    You're right about the low level baitcasting reel, and that they aren't cheap, but inside of those available, you don't want anything on the cheap end either. They need to be pretty smooth and awfully well built if there is any hope of them working and lasting in the cold. I run one with a left handed reel, and if I purchased another I would insist on that again. I usually use spinning reels, and, well, that's the hand I reel with. It's on a 36 inch, Medium Heavy Rod with 10 Lb XL on it. I use it for 3/8 + lures, though it will fish down to 1/4. I had a cheaper reel with a flippin' switch on it before this one, and although the reel gave up early (couldn't handle the cold -- plastic knobs on crossbolts cracked, and the drag never did work right once it got below 0) I do wish my current reel had that feature. It made controlling the bait on the way down instantaneous, and made the transition from dropping to jigging a one-handed operation. Hope that helps. I'm re-lining my ancient Shimano right now. What a way to fish.
  4. looneyducer

    Burn hole in Otter

    Gorilla tape inside and out will work in the short term.
  5. looneyducer

    Excessive hole drilling

    I agree. You can drill a thousand holes for all I care, but all those holes that aren't next to you -- those are public property, baby. And by the way, thanks for drilling them for me. That's awful gentlemanly.
  6. looneyducer

    StrikeMaster Auger Give-Away

    Looneyducer in Moorhead, Minnesota. I'd use it to electrify some fishes.
  7. looneyducer

    St. Croix Premier and Berkley "Dave Genz" Rod?

    I have a Medium and a Medium Light, both mounted with Avocet IIs, but I've always wanted a Light. That's too bad about the St. Croixs. I put my nads in hawk for one of their 7 foot ML rigging rods last summer, and have so far been happily impressed.
  8. looneyducer

    St. Croix Premier and Berkley "Dave Genz" Rod?

    The early Dave Genz Berkley Lightning was great (probably a production rip-off of TB) other than the eyes, which were a bit too small, and a seriously deficient hook keeper. They all had hard black foam caps on both ends of the reel and a black label on the handle that said "Berkley Lightning Rod Dave Genz Solid Graphite Rod." They were not in production very long before all sorts of carp was getting marked with Lightning Rod and some of it with Dave Genz, which is why one of the comments above smacks of not understanding the interest in such a P.O.S. At any rate, if you have one of those early rods (and a St. Croix copy -- I need to check that out), I think you should count yourself as very, very lucky.
  9. looneyducer

    I've got a problem

  10. looneyducer

    Tecumseh vs. Solo

    If it performs flawlessly, why in the world would you get rid of it?
  11. looneyducer

    You might be an ice fisherman if.......

    when you call something a Do-Jigger, you're being specific.
  12. looneyducer

    Stunted fish

    If you want aggressive harvest of small fish (which I think would be a good idea on some lakes), why not import in a few dozen six pound pike?
  13. looneyducer

    Heater issue...

    Tape the starter trigger open. It's probably not recommended, but I've seen people run them that way for years.
  14. looneyducer

    Stunted fish

    Since when did $3,000,000 become miniscule? More to the point though, what kind of money are we throwing at Crappie Management? or Bluegill? Perhaps I should make my post more plain: if you manage waters for walleyes, don't expect great panfish fishing.
  15. looneyducer

    Stunted fish