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  1. Crappies are biting all night! Only $50 per person per night for a deluxe Ice Castle sleeper on the action!!!
  2. Traxxx

    Northern Pike Photo Gallery

    A few nice ones that my clients caught over the weekend...
  3. Traxxx

    Who should I get to mount 11" sunfish?

    I think it was around $200 all said and done with driftwood and tax. This one is about 5-7 years old, picture is from today. It's painted in spawning colors.
  4. Traxxx

    Who should I get to mount 11" sunfish?

    11" Replica done by Fibertech in Nisswa.
  5. Traxxx

    Bass Photos

    Couple big ones from the ice... 21 1/2" 20"
  6. Traxxx

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    29" caught by a lucky client.
  7. Traxxx

    looking for a weekend house rental.

    My sleeper houses are on a good panfish, bass and pike bite in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Just added a four bunk 8' x 16' Ice Castle. I have openings the next few weekends.
  8. Traxxx

    Brainerd Ice Fishing Tourniment

    Just looked at the access and there is a way around it. Somebody did cut out a path through the heave. Guessing they are letting it freeze up before plowing.
  9. Traxxx

    Spare tire/winch cables.for ice castle.

    Anyone know what diameter the cables are? What length? I have to replace one tomorrow.
  10. Traxxx

    Suggestions for permanent house first timer...

    I'd go wheelhouse if you can swing it. Something along the lines of a 6 1/2 x 14' for size, should do the job. Go with LED lights and a forced air furnace. Make sure to insulate the floor.
  11. Going to Vegas in late march. Anybody have any recommendations for a guide on Lake Mead or any other must fish places close to Vegas?
  12. Traxxx

    LOTW walleye gopro video - 30 incher!

    Sweet video Jake...say hi to Greg for me
  13. Traxxx

    Easter Turkey!!

    Great job, he won't forget that hunt!
  14. I hit em right away. Make sure to cut those foam bobbers down so you have about a 1/4" still sticking up above the water. My favorite deadstick in the house is a small weighted Thill bobber, small splitshot, glo demon and a small crappie minnow hooked thin in front of the dorsal.
  15. Traxxx

    How close to the weedlines?

    They may be up in those weeds during the day, especially if the weeds are still green. I'd drill a bunch of holes inside the weeds parallel to the weed edge and check for fish.