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  1. Hello Gentlemen. My father passed away and he had a bunch of rods and reels that are of no use to me. Where can I donate them in the Twin Cities? Thanks!
  2. Hello Everyone. My first oil change was due (@25 hours) and after researching the internet I never really learned all of what I need in one concise document. Here are some bullet points: 1) Even if the oil doesn't look dirty on the oil stick, it will be filthy when you dump it out of the reservoir. Change It. 2) Use a 14mm wrench to remove oil drain bolt. 3) Clean the end off the drain bolt. There is a magnet there and mine was definately full of crud. 4) My original Polaris oil filter was labeled "3FD" as a part number. Mine was on so tight from the factory I had to buy a Sears Adjustable filter wrench to use with a 3/8" wratchet. 5) My replacement oil filter was a WIX (Napa) number #51358. This looked identical to the Polaris version Tousley Sports Center showed me. Either way, you will need to buy a K&L Oil Filter Socket #35-4980 to properly tighten it back on. 6) Be sure to oil the rubber ring and fill it with some oil before you put the filter back on. Clean all surfaces as well. 7) I used Rotella T6 5W-40 synthetic oil. Polaris oil is 5W-50. I couldn't find that viscosity anywhere. For my summer oil change (@50 hours) I will look again. Polaris wants $36.00 (at Tousley) for 2 quarts of oil and filter. You will need 2 Quarts of oil. 8) I did NOT clean the screen. Maybe next summer. Almost all users report that it is always clean when they check it.
  3. But when the tip splits reeling in your fish like mine did it breaks your heart! No more of that for me.
  4. The shooting range I frequently go to only has a maximum distance of 25yds. I have been looking for a way to shoot my deer rifle at targets to keep my skills up and do it cheaply. I have a box of Hornady lead round balls with a diameter of .310 and thought of the idea of using them in a 30-30 with a small charge of Unique gun powder. Let me tell you its been a blast! They are really accurate as well. There is no recoil so anyone can shoot them. To make up these "gallery loads" do what I did: 1) full length resize your brass 2) open up the neck with a Lyman "M" die so the round balls arent deformed inside your brass 3) prime the cases with any large rifle primer. I found that using pistol primers wouldn't burn all the powder in the case 4) load with 6.6g of Unique. 5) lube the balls with Alox bullet lube and press them into the opening of the case with a board 6) lightly remove the flared case mouth with a Lee Factory Crimp die. This was really fun and shows that reloading can open up for you many possibilities!
  5. I had another successful shoot using my .45 and 200 LSWC bullets. This time I went slower yet, using 4.5g of Bullseye and kept them long, at 1.270" In this load I tried a batch of Badman bullets, and their quality was excellent. Recoil was very managable too.
  6. If you are the owner of this pistol (I have the Service model with the 4" barrel), you may have heard how difficult it is to shoot LSWC bullets without getting failure to feeds nearly everytime it is fired. The usual recommendation is to use RN or RNFP bullets instead. The XD forums are filled with users plagued with this problem. I am a reloader, and after working at it for a while, I have finally figured out the right technique to make it work. I have to say I am rather proud of myself! Using Falcon 200gr LSWC's, fill the case with 5gr of Bullseye and load them long..I tried a 1.270" C.O.L. I found the slower the action cycled, and the longest cartridge length I could get away with resulted in no jamming whatsoever. Hope this helps somebody!
  7. I think your right! At my age I'm allowed a few ahh-s#$&ts!
  8. All-terrain vehicles (ATVs): "Class 1 ATVs are motorized flotation-tired vehicles with at least three but no more than six low pressure tires that have an engine displacement of less than 1000 cubic centimeters and total dry weight of less than 1000 pounds." Does that help?
  9. These pistols are not legal for taking big game. See page 59. That was your intention right?
  10. Can I ask, What did you do to finally get the chuck off?
  11. Thank you! The Digger bracket I found on the internet, but what are "Polaris Lock and Ride adapters"? Googling that doesnt come up with a clear part number to order.
  12. I have a 2013 Polaris 500. I wish to install a bracket whereby I can fasten my Ice Auger(Strikemaster 3000). Preferably to the front. How do you guys do it?
  13. Because of the problems you have had with your Ridgid drill, I think I am going to a dealer who repairs these things, and have them try. Thanks for the heads up!
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