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  1. I hear a few complaints about guys not getting their QAD timing right when setting them up. Is this a frequent problem?
  2. I LOVE my berettas, I have a 303 and a 390 and I'd really like to upgrade that to an A400 Extreme. I bought a Browning A500 years ago and couldn't stand the hump back, couldn't hit much with it. Tried a Benelli M2 before getting my Beretta and didn't really care for the different recoil feel and couldn't hit much with that one either. Bought the 303 and never looked back. Now, Beretta and Benelli are part of the same company and both quality. Browning is also a quality gun. Try them and get what you like and what fits you well.
  3. I think you guys are being awful hard on Dubnyk. Maybe he wasn't superman like, as we've come to expect, but good grief we went 2&2/3 games without even scoring and holy hell we gave him no defensive support in front of the net. I'm not sure its realistic to think any goalie could have done enough in this series to get us anywhere. Unless the goalie can score too, its hard for a goalie to win a game where you get blanked!
  4. bucket list item...never been but would like to go someday.
  5. This series has just about stripped all the joy out of my week! Its killing me. Game one I didn't get to see the start and by the time I get to start watching we had just given up goal 4 to let them retake the lead, we outplayed them from there out and got nothing to show for it. Game 2, I've never watched us play worse in a big game. Just horrible. Then last night, I thought if we just got home we'd be OK. Kane owns us, caught Dubs cheating and beat him with an average but well placed shot. AND WE CAN'T SCORE ONE FRIGGEN GOAL!?!?!?!?!???? Not for 2+ games! Vanek standing around turning it over. Suter doing nothing. Crawford playing like he's the best goal tender ever, stopping everything we throw at him. Its just PAINFUL... UGGGHHHHHH. Saw a couple people last night comparing it to a few years ago when the Twins were good but the Yankees just owned us in the playoffs. They weren't really that much better than us, but they made us look pathetic. That seems to be us and the stinkin Hawks now. NOT something any other Minnesota team should have copied from the Twins!!!
  6. lawdog

    Wild vs Blues

    I hope Dubs pulls it together and gets back to the form he's shown since he got here and not the career underachiever role that made him available to come here. He's been our savior this season but I'm afraid right now after that debacle the other night. I'm afraid they could fold up their tents and be done. That was a bad confidence shredding buttkicking...
  7. lawdog

    Wild vs Blues

    Wild really stunk up the joint last night. Hope they got ALL that junk out of them in one game. Even Super Dubnyk looked terrible. Come on Wild, time to rebound!!!!
  8. I had two knocks come off this year, in both cases they fell out during the shot, not noticed until I went to pull them from the target. Upon closer inspection both arrows had small cracks that made the knocks loose.
  9. quite a win at St. Louis where we have been brutal after an amazing effort by Dubnyk and a great third period by all.
  10. There are specific levels that you can buy in a kit for scope mounting. I know of no other way to do it.
  11. Good job. How much price variation did you see between the places you checked?
  12. ya what do you do with a stolen Sprint Cup Car? Not exactly something you can take over to Jimmy the fence and just sell. Pretty sure if you all the sudden have a $150,000, 850 hp engine for sale that will tip someone off too...
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