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  1. Mercury got rid of 2 strokes over two years ago.
  2. I like bass fishing as much as walleye. I'll be up in voyaguers for a week again next week. Then after that I'll probably fish Rainy exclusively for the rest of the summer.
  3. Reeled 40 in today. All largemouth. Morning sucked then I switched it up and rallied. Had an operator error on the GoPro and switched it to photo instead of 4k video...on my biggest fish of the day!! That blows. oh well
  4. Tore up the bass yesterday. 80+. Starting to get good now.
  5. The only problem with fireline is that you can cut your hands on a hang up
  6. I hate braid. That's why I use fireline
  7. No I meant in the other thread till it got moved
  8. Can't believe it lasted that long
  9. Saves lots of money in lures
  10. I use fireline on a my rods for over 20 years. 20# on walleye rods. I will never go back to mono. It lasts years if you don't lose any line. If it starts getting beat up you can spool it to another rod (inside out) and it's like brand new again.
  11. Core rods are ready. Tekotas on eyecons
  12. Well. ABC are ready D-H are co-pilot's jobs....
  13. Good eye. Theyre all curados. The ones I bought this year are the curado DC models. I send the reels out every other year to have a pro go through them/lube/replace wear items. Its actually a really good deal. They come back like new. Ive personally never fished with anyone who had a left handed retrieve on a casting reel. super uncommon.
  14. I have more spinning/rods reels than casting, thats just my bass gear in the pic. St.Croix eyecons with various reels. Latest one i just bought is a stradic 2500. Got pretty good reviews. Ill have to give a full report..lol. Im gonna try to make it through this summer without sending a broken st.croix back for warranty
  15. I usually buy a few new rods n reels every year. Stuff gets shuffled down in order. Everyone that fishes with me ends up using my gear anyways. Bass stuff is ready to go.
  16. Well then that shows how little you know about baseball. Back up the statement as the worst contract as compared to someone like a Ryan Howard or Barry Zito. Mauer not putting up the numbers in recent years is as much of a result in the twins not fielding a good enough hitting team around him as just skills decline (be it injury or age). While his numbers dont match up with contract size as per % or twins payroll. Other teams are far outpaying players based on their production.
  17. Merc has a new 115 proXS 4 stroke now. Good option in the little motor category. Plus the satisfaction of buying American. https://www.mercurymarine.com/en/us/engines/outboard/pro-xs/115-pro-xs-fourstroke/
  18. If it's gonna be in a boat isn't the boat going to be covered with some kind of blind? Dog has to be able to see the ducks, keep in mind.
  19. Billions of dollars in betting and marketing. You'd be foolish to think that the outcomes arent manipulated. Pats win after 9/11 Saints win after Katrina Crippled Peyton goes out a winner Lights go out on the ravens to stop a blowout. Do teams just come back like yesterday? Falcons ran the ball 4 times after being up by 25. They had 1st and 10 from the 22 and a FG would would sealed it but.. Facemasks with 2 hands are hard to see...
  20. cant help but think that the NFL is scripted
  21. Twas a good last weekend. Saw every mallard in North America, I think...
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