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  1. I thought last nights episode was the best since the opener. Great story telling and plot and yes, Mike's conversation with minivan man was great. Along with him taking down the guy in the garage
  2. thought the finale wasn't too bad but I guess the hype machine had me thinking it was going to be an OH S%^T ending and it wasn't. Knew Pete was going to get it, Reg was a shocker. Something tells me that Glen got bit, just a gut thought. I agree the whole thing about a bite is contagious but a mouthful of blood and fluids is perfectly safe. The spinoff Fear The Walking Dead looks interesting, looking forward to July for that
  3. this has been an impressive ride, imagine where we'd be with solid goal tending earlier in the year, or even average a couple wins here or there and we'd be in the upper 90 point totals. I really like this Stewart the way he has stepped in for this team, taking on that guy from Colorado right off the start and mixing it up with Nolan last night who was all tough roughing Nino but a complete wuss when Stewart got there. I'll take Stewart all day over Cooke now
  4. Another big one tonight! Look out Chicago
  5. This show has not disappointed. The Jimmy/Saul character development is great whether he's being thrown out by security guys or sitting in a dumpster taking a telephone call, not to mention his brother. This has been a winner IMO
  6. Tomorrow is it until October. The guy that played Abraham said in an interview fans are going to be upset with the season finale, which I take we lose a big character or something. If Daryl dies we riot!! Anyways enjoy tomorrows show, I don't want to peak on here for the chance someone posts a spoiler about it!
  7. Wow what a show tonight. Mother D Spoiler alert- Noahs death was the most gruesome one yet. And father Gabriel is setting up the battle. I also figured Carol would want to take down the abusive husband
  8. I've not read the comics and haven't looked online for spoilers, I just have that feeling we're being set up for something big for the finale. I like the exploration of a "normal life" and how the characters can't cope with it, that they need that rush of killing walkers to feel normal now. My gut says this Alexandria isn't going to be as normal as it is appearing to be but I couldn't guess either other than just human war for the finale, Alexandria versus Rickville.
  9. we brought dinner! The subtle humor the last couple episodes has had me. Along with last week's "we're going to make it. We're going to make it." next scene the RV is broke down. I think everyone knew that Rick is going to take down the spouse of the lady who did the haircut.
  10. Last night's episode left me wanting more until the end. Though I appreciate that they did touch on them not having unlimited supplies. The new character added was a neat twist to get to next week. Did appreciate the we are the walking dead line
  11. I read that there is legislation being pushed at the federal level to throw out the December ruling. My gut says BHO will sign it and turn it back over to the states. Then lets see the howlers response
  12. Thought the show was great, especially the whole first trial scene with his "knuckleheads" and then the prosecutor playing the tape LOL. At the beginning I was a little [PoorWordUsage]? The whole cinnabon thing, I thought he worked at Cinnabon before he was a lawyer? When he popped the tape in then I remembered from BB where he was going. I think this is going to be a real good show overall, at least I have high hopes for it
  13. I was sad to see Tyrese go, it was a good character and after Beth I didn't see another character going right away. I guess I am in the minority that like the flashbacks or whatever of former characters but if you're going to do that why not have others? Karen? Herschel? Or even the other 2 characters that were in his original group of 4. See what this weeks brings, in 8 weeks or so we will be waiting another 7 months so enjoy while we can
  14. caught the movie last night, thoroughly enjoyed it. Powerful ending. No matter if it was played up or anything it was a well done movie I thought
  15. I can't imagine that even if they did it would have a complete impact on the outcome of the game. Unless I've missed it but STL hasn't come out and complained about it, and for crying out loud its over 27 years later
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