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  1. A few of us are planning a trip to North Dakota for a few days to do some duck and goose hunting. Any suggestions on where to go? Have been through Jamestown on the way to Montana deer hunting and have seen alot of birds around that area. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Scott Stein Adult Eastern
  3. Scott Stein

    Your Top Ten Westerns?

    True Grit (the original) The Cowboys Rooster Cogburn Chisum El Dorado Son's of Katie Elder Rio Bravo The War Wagon The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
  4. Scott Stein

    Lottery results are up.

    8 years in a row 442B
  5. Scott Stein

    Trail Reports

    Road the trail from Courtland to Madison Lake,trails were awesome!
  6. Scott Stein

    Thoughts On Warming Up Engines

    10-15 mins when weather drops below 30.
  7. Scott Stein

    20 inch Box Fan

    sounds like somebody should head NW tomorrow. There talkin 30-40 mph winds! sounds like whoever has the fan is going to turn it on High!
  8. Scott Stein

    Grooming trails

    trails are groomed down here.
  9. Scott Stein

    Jiffy Propane Auger

    I think these augers were made more for drilling holes in perm shacks so you dont get the exhaust floating around and get the black streaks on the wall.