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6 x 10 Aluminum skid house build

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11 hours ago, Snowbound said:

All good points I've considered. 

When I built the hitch I didn't have my tracked ATV around so expected I may have to reengineer the pointed end. 

When in sharp turns the tracks can hit the tubing. 

It is working good enough for this winter but will make some adjustments for next. 

I have a tracked side by side that has the same issues with normal hitches, instead of modifying all of them I simply bought an extension.  Here are a few, I think they are 8-12 and 18 inch extensions.




1-8-2017 9-54-23 AM.jpg

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13 hours ago, landscaper said:

looks good! any more work on the interior?

Interior is not finished off.

I want to fish out if it for a season and plan a layout.

I do have a Superior direct vent heater and LED strip lights which run off one of my boats trolling motor batteries.

I plan to build a cabinet around the heater & battery which will also serve for storage and table.

I also plan to build a 2' x 2' x 6' box to mount to the back of the house that will house the propane tank, ice auger, shovel and other essentials.

Looking into solar panel to help maintain the battery

These are all future summer projects, as for now I have the house on Red and fishing out of it

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Pretty sweet build!  I'll be interested to see what you come up with for the interior and that storage box.  

I've been trying to keep my Aluma lite as light as possible.  It is 8x12' with a v front.  I think I am going to add a couple minimalistic beds in the back, cedar boards for rod racks/rattle reels/coat hangers, and a small storage box up front inside the house for  battery and small things.  I've also really considered getting some cargo netting along the bottom of the walls to keep stuff tight when traveling and not rolling around.  Figured that would be lighter than a box or something.

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That's an awesome rig! What thickness of UHMW are you using? Any issues with snow coming up through the holes into the shack? What issues have you noticed with it so far? Where did you get those little windows? Sorry for all the questions

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I went with 3/16 UHMW.

The plastic has backer throughout whether it the 2x2 floor joists of foam board so 3/16 is plenty thick.

If it were hollow on the back side I would probably go thicker.


I have 2 spear holes which have 2 round hole covers in each spear door.

I once pull the house right after a good powder snow. I did get some snow blow up around door/cover seams in the floor.

Otherwise snow fills the spear hole cavity creating a seal and I get very little in the house.


I did not have the interior finished last winter.

Any exposed aluminum will build up frost and then drip.

I'm in the process of adding ferring strips and 1/2 foam board to the interior to cover any aluminum and cedar T&G interior.

I'm concerned if I don't have the interior sealed tight warm humid air can get to the aluminum, condense and create a wet spot.

I think if I was to do it again I would ferr and add foam board to the exterior keeping the aluminum from freezing.


1' x 2' Anderson window

I use it as a spear house so I didn't want a lot of window to cover, just something to peak out of


Not a problem, it's been a fun build.

Look forward to using it again this winter

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Did you have any issues with the UHMW on the hitch? 


I'm of the same opinion on windows, smaller the better. I sight fish lots up north and light makes it hard to see down the hole. Did you not insulate the walls with spray foam or something?

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No problem with the hitch or plastic on it.
You seeing a potential issue?

I wanted to finish the inside so went with foam board instead of spray foam.

Walls are 1" square with 1" foam in-between.




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The way the hitch is designed snow is pushed down and under the house.

The whole house slides on top of the snow like a big toboggan.

No plowing.


I pull the house with a tracked ATV.

The tracks do throw up a bit of snow that ends up on top of the plastic on the hitch but that is easily removed with a shovel and the hitch folds up out of the way when not in use so I'm not tripping over it 

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Are you concerned at all with the added weight of finishing the inside?  


I was only able to get my house out 2 times last year, and the second time was staying on the ice for a weekend so it was loaded down with gear.  

I added a bunk, a front storage box, a big battery, a couple fans, XM radio hookup, a solar panel and controller, rod racks, rattle reels, and Nu-way stove and piping.  All the extra stuff adds weight quick!  I still think it is a lot lighter than most other houses out there and coupled with the new tracks for the ATV, should be able to go just about anywhere.  Pretty pumped for the season!  

I'll have to take some pics and post them up.

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On 3/15/2018 at 10:52 AM, Papa Bear said:

What did you use for trim on the corners and roof? Looks really nice!

I used left over sheeting I sheared and bent to 1.25 x 1.25 angle 

Installed it using 3M tape

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