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  1. rl_sd

    Truck Tire Chains

    Got a cousin that just bought them for his 3/4 ton quad cab chevy diesel. He ended up putting them on the back. Said that he doesn't know how he went this long without them.
  2. rl_sd

    Time for a smoke

    Well.... after 12 months of debating it, and 6 months of having the seasoning - I finally decided to give buck board bacon a try. I ended up using the High Mountain cure on a 6# butt roast. The box of cure will do 25# and comes with 3 packets of seasoning. I portioned out the seasoning based on my size, removed the bone, rubbed on the cure and put the roast in a vac bag. I turned the bag on day 5 and pulled the meat out of the bag on day 10. I soaked the roast for an hour in cold water to level out the cure. This gave me the desired saltiness. I let it sit in the fridge over night and smoked it the next day @ 225 on the pellet grill. I was planning on only bringing the meat to 145 deg internal temp, but I missed the thermo alarm and ended up cooking to 160. So, the end product is more like ham and less like bacon. Either way, it turn out awesome and the kids ate the sh!t out of it! After smoking I let it sit in the fridge over night so that the smoke could set in. I sliced it by hand since it was only a single roast and my slicer is a pain to clean so the slabs got a little thick (~1/4"). Next time I am going to do a couple more butts and also try making some canadian bacon out of pork loin. For the cost and taste, I am going to have a hard time making store-bought bacon again! Now that I know the cure is good, now comes the fun part of messing with additional flavors. I did crack some black pepper on one of the smaller chunks. Next time I am thinking brown sugar or maple syrup.
  3. rl_sd

    Here We Go Again. Be Prepared!

    Ugghhh... was looking to be a good year for fishing in the wheel house. What do you guys think, are we pretty much screwed for the year or is there still hope?
  4. rl_sd

    Here We Go Again. Be Prepared!

    Me too... had a rental on red
  5. rl_sd

    Gas Grill

    Been in the same boat.... I have decided that I am better off spending $150 on the "disposable" grills and replace it every 3 or 4 years than to drop the money on a weber. Not saying that they aren't worth it, but the propane grill doesn't get used much now that I am a pellet junkie.
  6. rl_sd

    Homemade UV LED lure dip glow cup for a vex.

    same here.... UV light is key, but for a few bucks you can get one online
  7. rl_sd

    New 8 X 16 Shack Build

    Make sure you use shielded cable vs wiring rca ends onto standard 16 gauge wire other wise you will have interference from your other 12 and 120 volt wiring. More insulation = less btus needed. At the very least I would spray the floor. Going to want to go 30k if you aren’t going to spray foam the walls Depends on location. 30” is optimal. If on the side of the house versus back, I would go 24” because the are nicer to sit on. I have a 36” for my fold down top bunk and it works well to sleep my 7 & 8 year old Are they nice? Yes. Are they a nessecity? No. I don’t have one and moisture has never been an issue. The only prob I have is cooking bacon in the house.... I love bacon but when u cook it in the house it lingers for days, but not sure the vent would totally solve this LED!!!!! You need to decide whether you’re going to have a generator and how long you want to run it. If you think that you’re going to constantly run a generator then you probably want to have more 120 V lights in the last 12 V lights. If you’re not going to run a generator that often or not at all then you would want to cut down in the number of 120 V lights. Three way switches are in valuable within a fish house. Being able to switch on the entire bank of lights by the door and also by the rear bunk is very nice when you hear the rattle real go off in the middle of the night. I have three double pancake LED lights in my house that can be switched on and off individually one light or too light per fixture. I then ran the input power through a three way switch so that I can shut each light down individually or shut the whole works off as one. Hall lights are also very important, we used LED Leison plate lights and they work awesome
  8. rl_sd

    Battery Longevity In Ice House

    First off, you need to figure out you amp loading.... how many amps does your furnace take, lights, radio etc. and how long do they run. That should give you your amp hr rating. Then match your battery requirement up with the right amount of amp hours. Not all batteries are created equal based on size. For example, a group 27 can range from 60-100 amp hrs. Here is a good site for calculating battery requirements https://www.batterystuff.com/kb/tools/calculator-sizing-a-battery-to-a-load.html
  9. rl_sd

    See Through Hole Covers

    Sounds pretty friggin awesome to me. Still, for the couple hundred that it costs spraying is definitely worth it
  10. rl_sd

    See Through Hole Covers

    If you are spending that much time in one spot, spray foam is going to do you a world of good and will also make things comfy on the feet. I suspect it will also cut down on the wading pool as well!
  11. rl_sd

    Prime Rib Seasoning

    Great timing PF... was thinking about doing prime rib on the smoker for Xmas.....anyone doing any injecting?
  12. rl_sd

    See Through Hole Covers

    Yikes! Is your floor spray foamed?
  13. rl_sd

    Prime Rib Cooking Debate

    ...dam, you beat me to it.
  14. rl_sd

    Plan Your Success

    Yup.... What he said ^^^^^^^^^^^
  15. rl_sd

    Big Buddy Heater Won't Light

    Do you have the filter on the end of the hose?