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  1. Did another round of cottage bacon ..... 10 days brining turning the package ever other day, rinse and rest overnight in the fridge, smoke and rest over night in the fridge, and then slicing. It is a long two week process, but well worth it! If you’ve never done it, I high recommend giving it a try! I did 4 pork butts and ended up with abound 20 lbs.... gave about half of it away already, but have 4 more butts ready to brine before winter!
  2. Looking good RD! Where did you pick up the flat from?
  3. I was hoping that the import/export would work for texting... getting sick of screenshotting my pins
  4. There is no "again" if you never really stop, right? Commented on your comment because you were also admiring the contents on the table.
  5. ....And how long has it been since you were at the "Lady Luck" in Vegas? I see you're taking your pants off at the dinner table again
  6. New Costco in the area huh? Anyone every realize that smurfy’s table always has just enough other random stuff on it to keep us guessing? Oh... the casserole looks good too!
  7. ...LOL, I did it again on Sunday as well. I used 21-40 ct shrimp and grilled up some chicken breast ahead of time that were added before the pan went on the grill.... pretty spot on!
  8. A lot of it depends on the bandwidth that you are paying for. They will limit your pipe. Best bet is to hook up a computer directly to you router and see what you get on your speed test. The mesh systems are awesome for both range and through put, but any wireless router is only going to deliver on the bandwidth that your isp provides. If you find that your hard wire computer is a lot faster, the first step is to update the firmware on your wireless router and go from there.
  9. Shoutout to @Big Dave2 for the shrimp boil instructions. It turned out perfectly and everyone loved it. Had to throw together a few kabobs for the kiddos as well.
  10. How much of the liquid do you drain off before pulling? I tried pulling it right in the juices but seemed to get greasy?.
  11. If smurfy can have his catsup, I can have my mints!
  12. Take a spoon and hollow out and stuff it with cream cheese or seafood salad and then put shredded cheese and lawrys on top. Easy peesy! If you don’t want the brown outside you can wrap the outside in foil
  13. Tried cheeseburger meatloaf on the pellet smoker last week. 1# pork sausage, 2# 85% beef, shredded cheese, Italian bread crumbs, Worcester sauce, chopped onion, minced garlic and four eggs. Made 4 loaves and topped it with more cheese and some ketchup and mustard. Onto the smoke for an hr at 400 degrees. My two boys went nuts over it. Thinking maybe pickles on top next time! Had to make up a stuffed onion as well!
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