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  1. rl_sd

    Time for a smoke

    UPDATE: Got a set of two grill grates. Packaging and overall product quality is nice. I knowingly ordered mine a bit long so that I could cut them down and fit in place of one of the existing grates. So, as far as the usability goes-I am still on the fence. I checked it with my infrared thermometer, and it definitely does get hotter than the regular grades. However, not nearly the 200 to 400° difference that the product claims. I was seeing about 100 to 150° hotter on the aluminum grate versus the standard grate. I did get so mean to you since your marks on my steak, but not quite what I was expecting. I’m going to continue to mess around with temps in food types and will let you know. I guess that I have spent $55 on a stupider stuff.
  2. rl_sd

    Time for a smoke

    I just run on “smoke” for the first three hrs (between 150-180 degrees). When I wrap them I make sure to put some sort of liquid in the foil packet..... double wrap in foil in case you get a sharp bone
  3. rl_sd

    Time for a smoke

    Hear are a few racks of baby backs I did this weekend..... probably my best ones yet Yesterday I did a 8.25# flat for a friend. I delivered it whole so I didn’t get a chance to taste it but he said it was great
  4. rl_sd

    Time for a smoke

    I have never heard about the meat side down trick. Do you think it makes a difference? Are usually put a Dr Pepper in my foil packets, but butter would do somewhat of the same trick
  5. rl_sd

    Week 16

    It’s better to be lucky than good...
  6. rl_sd

    Meat slicer are they worth it?

    Hope it’s as good as the nesco ( which I don’t think they even make anymore). Make sure to update the post after you use it in case my nesco takes a dump this summer
  7. rl_sd

    Meat slicer are they worth it?

    I have a $100 Nesco that I bought 10 yrs ago.... I am totally suprised at the amount of meat that I have cut w/ it and have not had and issues. Just this year I have sliced over 30 cooked pork loins with it. It has sliced a lot of partially frozen venny rumps for jerky as well. I am surprised how well the plastic gears have held up. There is a little wear "button" that rides on the back of the blade to maintain clearance that is starting to wear pretty badly. I find that some cooking spray on the back side of the blade resolves the issue
  8. rl_sd

    Time for a smoke

    Had a friend going camping this week and asked me to make up a “few” wings that could be reheated in the crock pot on Wednesday. Yesterday he dropped off a 10# bag from Costco. I laid them out on cookie sheets on paper towels so they could dry out a bit then coated them with some olive oil and lawrys. Good thing Costco doesn’t sell an 11# bag cause the smoker was full! They turned out pretty dam good. High heat for about 45 min. Rotated and flipped half way through.
  9. rl_sd

    Time for a smoke

    Seems to me that we are missing an entire page from this thread that was here yesterday.... what gives?
  10. rl_sd

    Time for a smoke

    I have an old MES 30that I put a new element in right before I got my pellet grill. I decided that all of the wet chips is what raised havoc on the last element, so now I run a smoke tube that I burn pellets in. The nice part is that I can now do cold smoking
  11. rl_sd

    Time for a smoke

    I just bought two panels that I am going to trim slightly to replace one of the 3 grates on my Big Horn grill... I actually have a buddy that received them this weekend for fathers day and say they work just as advertised on his pellet grill.... I will give an update next week when they arrive.
  12. rl_sd

    Time for a smoke

    Since we are talking about searing stations, etc.... Has anyone ever used the Grill Grate product on their pellet grills? https://www.grillgrate.com/shop-grillgrates/standard-grillgrates/pellet-grills/
  13. rl_sd

    Time for a smoke

    Agreed... They make the juiciest burgers and steaks around, but everything is "medium". I find myself cranking up the gas grill and doing a reverse sear.... gotta have the grill marks!
  14. Is this in Brandon at the state park?
  15. rl_sd

    1994 1750 Tyee Renovation

    90 hp?