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  1. Looks great! What material did you use on the walls behind the stove and in the bathroom?
  2. Are you stepping up to something like Dakota Digital or have you found something different/better/cheaper?
  3. yup.... its time. Unless it is a Marcum 7, then that is the normal battery life
  4. Seems like electric is the way to go if you want temp consistency primarily due to the electric controls and predictability of the electric element. As leech asked, what kind of smoker due you have now? Does it have a temp-level control (1-5) or is it thermostatically controlled (125deg-400deg)?
  5. That sucks... been watching the show for years and seems like a rough life both on and off the boat.
  6. Is that homemade Horseradish I see? What is the Parmesan for?
  7. A guy can never have enough of either.... guns or wheelers
  8. Definitely spent a lot of time reviewing builds like LilRipper and Hawg. Pretty crazy how things can change. Personally with all of the keyboard warriors that are out in the FB world, I appreciate it here.
  9. What he said ^^^^^^^ I created a "build book" that I keep in the fish house. It is fun to look back and reminisce on the building of the shack when fishing is slow. I took measurements of the main runs before spray foaming and wrote them in. I is also easy to count the number of pine boards each run is up on the inside..... One of the other benefits of finishing from the inside to the outside!
  10. Where are the updated pictures?
  11. You are using a termination strip correct? Simply fold the corners like you would wrapping a present before putting on the termination strip. Make sure to fold them in a direction that will not catch wind.
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