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  1. https://shop.northlandtackle.com/spoons-swimming/eye-ball-spoon/ Anyone ever used these? I have been seeing a lot of posts on folks having good luck w/ "eyeball" type jigs and figured I'd drink that Koolaid and jump on the bandwagon with these. Was just wondering for those that have used them, what size and colors seem to work best for you?
  2. Highway 68 / Ben Heins Public Landing? https://www.google.com/maps/dir//45.3553465,-96.4747352/@45.3545964,-96.4768098,810m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!4m1!3e0 Or were you thinking of a spot on the lake?
  3. ....unless you are from SD . I do quite a bit of fishing in that area and it sounds like things are starting to straighten up. Like most places, the freak snow storm really screwed things up in December. It sounds like once the slush pockets solidify that the lake will be in pretty good shape. There were some people driving on it before xmas, so this upcoming cold spell should definitely help.
  4. rl_sd


    Definitely one of those shows you love or hate.... As for me - I have been saving season 8 for the week of Jan 20 when I spend the entire week in the wheel house.....allegedly
  5. So... now all you need to fab up is a rattle reel with a seatbelt end to use for your dead stick and you'll be golden! Very cool. ......searching C-list for used mini-vans as we speak
  6. Awesome... going to have to check it out
  7. Thanks leech. I have been looking for Indy Lites down here by Sioux Falls but they are few and far between. I'll keep an eye out.
  8. So.... I have an 8yr old and a 10 yr old. The 8 yr old has been blessed with my body type while the 10 yr has been blessed with my height.... either way, they have both outgrown the 120. I have had the older son on my wife's 2006 Ski Doo 600 touring sled. He does good with throttle control and turning, but doesn't seem to have enough weight to throw around on while side hilling in the ditches and trails. The younger has the weight but lacks the length need to touch the running boards effectively and hasn't driven "mom's sled" at all. I've been looking at 340/440 pumas and jags, but the price of them have seemed to sky rocket as the 120 crowd has needed to move to the next step. I worry about some of the older style sleds and the boys having enough arm strength to turn them. What is everyone's thoughts on the next progression?
  9. rl_sd


    Time to charge your battery...
  10. Thanks Doug. Did you buy the special charger or do you use your sla charger?
  11. The old man needs new batteries for his vex.... naturally I am stuck with ordering. What is everyone’s thoughts on lithium’s? I know that Dakota Lithium has had their product out for quite a few years now. Who’s using them? Are they worth the extra $$ or am I better off betting him a replacement 9ah sla?
  12. rl_sd


    ....and just like that, all was right in the world!
  13. I have the 8735. I haven’t had any issues with power. Especially when lights and everything are low power consumption.
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