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  1. Come into the house w/ your line right and the tank and bring it up towards the V and back down the other side of the house. I would not suggest burying it in the wall, but instead running it along the baseboard. You are using rubber hose, not copper correct?
  2. I have actually tried to go to numerous local markets lately.... none will sell you just the pork belly, they are curing everything for bacon
  3. County Fair in Dells has points and flats sold separately from the packers... Not much of a price different either ($0.40/pound), which is surprising considering the amount of fat a guy trims off of the packers I know a lot of people that will separate the point from the flat and smoke separately. I would think that you would loose a lot of moisture if you tried cubing it first. Beef and pork are two different animals (pun intended). Best bet is to smoke it whole until 160, let rest, cube, and then throw them in the pan.
  4. Interesting... I will have to check it out.
  5. Looks awesome! Where did you get your pork belly from?
  6. Sure. It has 2 lbs velvetta, 1 lb Gouda, 1/2lb pepper jack, 1 lb ground beef, 2 cans rotell, 1 green pepper, 1 package of cream cheese. Wife wouldn’t let me put onion in it . This makes a BIG batch and could easily be cut down. Next time I would prob cut the Gouda down to 1/2 lb and include an additional can of rotell
  7. On the Facebook pellet grill forums, it seems like smoked quest dip is all the rage...... so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and give it a shot. It ended up being a much bigger pan full than I thought! Next time I will be doing a half batch
  8. The wifes birthday was last week, mine is next month, and we have an anniversary in between there so we decided to go out and buy a flat top grill (griddle) as our gift to each other. Took a while to get it seasoned (10 beers and 10 oz of flax seed oil) but it’s finally done and ready to use. Decided to make up some chicken Phillies tonight. Lot different than using my pellet smoker or gas grill, but still fun to play with. Will definitely be a hit through out the summer at breakfast time!
  9. @Lip_Ripper Guy Would be able to answer your questions most proficiently, but I haven't seen him around much. He did a great job documenting his builds and you may be able to get some of your answers from his pictures. I ended up putting on a rubber roof on mine, but I think that most are using one piece galvanized. Regarding the joints, VHB is what is being used. A lot of the builds w/ metal studs are also using the VHB in place of screws. Just my two cents..
  10. Nothing like bringing up an old thread, but the wife and I both have birthdays and our anniversary coming up and decided to pick up this 36” griddle from Lowe’s this weekend. We are a “breakfast family” and can eat eggs, bacon and hash browns for any meal of the day. I also thought that this would work well for doing a reverse seat off the pellet grill. Got it all seasoned up and have made a couple meals on it. I went with the Blue Rhino over the Blackstone because of the integrated cover and searing burner. Hoping to do some chicken Phillies this weekend!
  11. rl_sd

    New pup

    Sorry to hear about your loss! It is crazy how much they grow on us and isn't easy to make decisions like this. I am in the same boat w/ my 12 yr old GSP... Thinking that it will be time to be looking for a pup in the fall so that I can run the two together. Great looking pup!
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