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  1. rl_sd

    Ez Ducer!!!

    ....Basically - it is the same thing that you have done for your automated take-up reel for your camera - except for a vexilar. That is why I figured that you would have spare parts.
  2. rl_sd

    Ez Ducer!!!

    @papadarv could probably whip one up in an hour with spare parts!
  3. Thanks papa. I’ve been thinking the same thing regarding forced air. I have it in my other fish house and love it. This already the empire and hole(s) cut into the wall of the shack, which is why I was looking at trying a few things before jumping ship.
  4. ....Bringing this thread back to life. I got this house out of the ice a few times last year and the heater kept things "comfortable" during the day, but the bottom bunk got pretty cold at night. I am adding more fans to push the air down to the floor, which should help. I am also going to clean out the combustion chamber a bit and blow some compressed air through the orifice to make sure that everything is clean and running efficiently..... but I still have a couple questions for those that have experience w/ these heaters. The guy who had the house before me had a Wilcraft and needed to raise the heater in order to get the clearance needed to fit his machine in the shack. Right now the bottom of the heater is roughly 2 feet off of floor (see pictures above). The original mounting had the bottom of the heater about 10" off of the floor. Since I the original hole is already there (it has a diamond plate patch over it), do you think that I will gain much by dropping the heater back down to its original location? I added a tank cover and had to move the regulator. The original regulator was horizontal and hooked up directly to the tank (just like a gas grill). I removed the nipple and added a pigtail to the existing regulator. I then mounted it to vertically to the ready-rod stem holding the tanks on. I never gave it a thought that changing the orientation of the regulator would screw things up. Do you think that would be restricting any flow? Am I better off buying a two stage vertical regulator and ditching this one?
  5. Whoops..... wrong video. Yes 0 you just have to plug in the ones that you want to use. @leech
  6. Nope. Just plug in the ones you want. The thermometer is a tenergy solis and is by far the best digital wireless thermometer that I’ve had (4 total). The app is Bluetooth and easy to use, and best off all the unit is very accurate. So why the need for 6 leads?..... well- why not?
  7. My meat thermometer has 6 probes so usually I’ll poke one threw a tater to get a second reading on the grill temp while keeping the probe off of the grill grate..... turns out the wife forgot the Yukon golds on the last shopping running, so a pear was sacrificed. dam did that pear take on a nice color after 9 hours though! The sweet, tan little bastard smelled so good that I was tempted to take a spoon a give her a try
  8. Picked up a couple brisket flats this weekend and fired up the pellet grill today. Usually I only do full packers, but figured I’d give the flats a try. This go around I didn’t wrap through the stall to see if I could improve on the bark. Turned out ok, but will prob go back to doing it the old way instead. Did some beef ribs for the first time as well. Tasted good, but not nearly as much meat as other beef ribs I’ve had in the past. Either way.... a day smoking beats a day working!
  9. Giving you sh!t wouldn't be near as much fun if you didn't take it so well....
  10. Are these the big bullets you shoot in your bear gum?
  11. CW were a good trailer... that is what is under the house that I built. I think that that they tooled-up expecting a larger piece of the pie though, and couldn't survive without the contract. CW came in after the 2010-ish time frame when all of the frames were having axle pivot issues.
  12. Any slope on your roof?
  13. Picked up a second wheel house last year cheap and it has a empire vented radiant heater. I am less than impressed with it, but am trying a few things before I throw in the towel and move to a fan forced. Biggest issue is the guy on the top bunk bakes, while the guy on the bottom freezes. It is a 6x 12 ridgeline that has been spray foamed The guy before me mounted it about 2 ft of the floor so that he could fit his wilcraft in, moving it down to the original position is on the to do list yet this fall. The other thing that I have been looking at is fans. I ordered some high flow computer fans but sent them back because I was less than impressed with the air movement. Today I got a 12 v squirrel cage type of fan off off amazon... definitely impressed. It isn’t as quite as the computer fan but moves way more air! And at just over an amp draw, I think it is going to to be a winner. I am debating on whether to leave it hook up direct or wire it into the Thermo switch line that I have wired into the heater. For guys looking for a fan that doesn’t break the bank, sound like a freight train, or pull more amps than a toaster oven... I suggest taking a look at this https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07Q37K34D?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title&th=1
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