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  1. Where are the updated pictures?
  2. You are using a termination strip correct? Simply fold the corners like you would wrapping a present before putting on the termination strip. Make sure to fold them in a direction that will not catch wind.
  3. Crazy how quickly a cap full starts the heaving!
  4. I would imagine that the density of the two are different..... They are two different cuts from two different animals. I have had pork butts roughly the same size take 30-45 min different in the past although they were cooked together at the same temps. At that time I just assume that it had to do temp differences on the smoker.... Just my two cents I guess.
  5. I just looked over every page of your work. They look AWESOME! I am familiar with most of the poses, but "rollover" is a new one. Looks pretty seductive to me!
  6. Depending on the experience that you want, there are a lot of opportunities in the Waubay/Bitter region. There are a handful of businesses w/ sleeper houses but like anywhere else - you may or may not be on fish. Using guides and fishing out of a SnoBear is starting to get to be the new trend and seems to lead to more daytime activity. Big stone will give you an active day bite for perch and bluegills, but the sizes have seemed to take a bit of the dive over the years (but there are lots of upcoming year classes on the way). Waubay and Bitter give you a little better chance and catching multip
  7. The only gripe that I have heard on the Blackstones is to stay away from the ones that have the "grease gutter" in the front versus the pan in the rear. I have a friend that bought one with the front gutter and didn't like it, so he sold it and bought the model with the single rear cutout. Mine has the grease trap in the front left corner, but is cutout with a pan and not a gutter system
  8. I really like this layout! I’m hoping that you are doing spray foam on the walls?
  9. This is still your layout correct? First off... Are you really sure that you want to go direct vent instead of fan force? Don't get me wrong, they are nice for simplicity and electrical usage - but are no comparison in comfort (and before someone chimes in, yes - I have one of each in both my house ). If you went w/ a 20k ducted fan forced midway under your sidebunk you could run your ducts like this... Otherwise if you are completely set on putting in a direct vent, I would suggest moving it to the passenger side "V" and putting your door in the s
  10. Come into the house w/ your line right and the tank and bring it up towards the V and back down the other side of the house. I would not suggest burying it in the wall, but instead running it along the baseboard. You are using rubber hose, not copper correct?
  11. I have actually tried to go to numerous local markets lately.... none will sell you just the pork belly, they are curing everything for bacon
  12. County Fair in Dells has points and flats sold separately from the packers... Not much of a price different either ($0.40/pound), which is surprising considering the amount of fat a guy trims off of the packers I know a lot of people that will separate the point from the flat and smoke separately. I would think that you would loose a lot of moisture if you tried cubing it first. Beef and pork are two different animals (pun intended). Best bet is to smoke it whole until 160, let rest, cube, and then throw them in the pan.
  13. Interesting... I will have to check it out.
  14. Looks awesome! Where did you get your pork belly from?
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