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  1. Shoutout to @Big Dave2 for the shrimp boil instructions. It turned out perfectly and everyone loved it. Had to throw together a few kabobs for the kiddos as well.
  2. How much of the liquid do you drain off before pulling? I tried pulling it right in the juices but seemed to get greasy?.
  3. If smurfy can have his catsup, I can have my mints!
  4. Take a spoon and hollow out and stuff it with cream cheese or seafood salad and then put shredded cheese and lawrys on top. Easy peesy! If you don’t want the brown outside you can wrap the outside in foil
  5. Tried cheeseburger meatloaf on the pellet smoker last week. 1# pork sausage, 2# 85% beef, shredded cheese, Italian bread crumbs, Worcester sauce, chopped onion, minced garlic and four eggs. Made 4 loaves and topped it with more cheese and some ketchup and mustard. Onto the smoke for an hr at 400 degrees. My two boys went nuts over it. Thinking maybe pickles on top next time! Had to make up a stuffed onion as well!
  6. I assume that that you are covering with foil? Also, what count shrimp have you been using?
  7. Need some more specifics on this.... never done a boil, but may be a fun way to spend an afternoon.
  8. Ok.... So I have to admit that this is something that I have been somewhat fascinated with, but no absolutely nothing about. Here are my main questions... Is there a "Shroom Finding for Dummies" book or something similar that a pure novice myself can pick up? I have read a lot of posts on here that talk about "my spots".... Do morels typical come back the same place every year, or is it just because of the general climate conditions in that "spot" Follow on question.... If they come back the same exact spot, what sort of care is needed when harvesting? Cleaning and prepping.... what are the steps? I assume that it is different for each specific variety of mushroom? What sort of "season" are we looking at? Obviously based on facebook sales posts, the morels are ready now... how long does it last and what about the other varieties? Exactly how dangerous is it for me if I "think" it is one variety and ends up being harmful? Truthfully, this is one of the main items that has stopped me from taking a trek out into the woods. Thanks in advance for letting a newbie in on the trade secrets
  9. Soo..... just an update. I thought that I was receiving the entire hopper assembly, what I received was just the hopper lid. I made another call and was told that since they were the middle man, all that they could give me was parts- to which I replied “ I need every part from page 5”. They agreed. My 2nd shipment arrived today- which included the entire hopper assembly, a fan controller and separate auger. I have a suspicion that by the end of the deal I’ll probably have enough parts to buy an additional hopper assembly. Here is the new top feed design.
  10. Uneventful night in front of the tv so I figured I would revive some old threads and add my two cents i have had great luck with these.... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01H3S99M6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. Me neither! In all fairness there may be a slight chance that the fire pot should have been cleaned before the cook, but hunger took priority!
  12. Well.... had my first major issue on my pellet smoker. Last week I cooked two chickens at high temp(~400 f). When the birds were done I went through the standard cool down cycle. Everything seemed fine and the birds were fabulous. Fast forward to the next day, I came home from work at about 5 pm and could smell some smoke. I went to the back patio and could see a little bit of smoke come from the hopper. I open the hopper and found that the pellets had smoldered all the way back through the auger system and burned up all the pellets in the hopper... which was full. I think what saved a major burn out versus the smoldering was the fact that the pellets give off a lot of moisture when they burn. Unfortunately, the moisture steamed off the paint in side of the hopper box. I was finally able to get the auger system working again but had to scrape all of the caked ash out and use a channel lock to help the auger move. It sounds pretty bad when it runs, but did seem to get better tonight after it rand for an hour. The one good piece of news is that I called the big horn company and they are sending me a completely new hopper and burn pot assembly, which is kind of amazing being that the grill is 3 yrs old. The new design has an auger that goes up at an angle and drops the pellets in from the top to prevent burn back. I have had thousands of pounds go through this thing and have never had this problem. Just wanted to share the story with all of you.
  13. What size T&G are you using? The cabinets look like 3/4, but it may just look that way due to the door framing.
  14. First butts of the year... prepped and seasoned by my 9 year old. Was going to start them curing for cottage bacon, but the wife wanted pulled pork...... needless to say the vac sealer was busy, even after delivery about half a dozen packages to the neighbors and in laws.
  15. So what’s the verdict? Pink salt or tender Quick?
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