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  1. What size T&G are you using? The cabinets look like 3/4, but it may just look that way due to the door framing.
  2. First butts of the year... prepped and seasoned by my 9 year old. Was going to start them curing for cottage bacon, but the wife wanted pulled pork...... needless to say the vac sealer was busy, even after delivery about half a dozen packages to the neighbors and in laws.
  3. So what’s the verdict? Pink salt or tender Quick?
  4. Didn’t we discuss this last fall as well?
  5. Did you house wrap it? If you didn’t make sure to tape your joints. A lot of guys have had good luck cutting the foam on a table saw if your stud spacing is true. Are you finishing the inside? If so, make sure to take measurements and pictures of where your wires run. Then when you hang something later on you don’t need to worry about hitting the wires
  6. Not sure if you will be moving it at night or not, but one of the smartest things we did was put a licensed plate light above the wheel well for moving at night. It is a lot nicer that trying to hold a flashlight in your mouth. For what its worth... I didn't put fender marker lights on either.
  7. Good question..... that I don’t have an answer for. I know that some of the manufactures have been putting them on. Just curious why he changed them.
  8. How come you moved away from the winch straps to cable? Make sure that they are stainless.
  9. Are you keeping things mostly 12v DC? Make sure that you wire it for 120v ac as well. That way you have the ability to put a small charger in that can run off a generator. What are you doing for insulation on the wall? I know you said that you are on a tight budget, but have the floor sprayed somewhere down the road is a great investment. What are you doing for heat?
  10. If you have never tried this, I highly recommend!
  11. Truthfully... I think that it has to do with the amount of fat content and how it reacts to the salt, nitrates, and nitrates..... then you add the smoke to it. Next time it try it I am going to pull a chunk off of at 125 and see how it affects the end taste in the frying pan
  12. All the CB was done with the HM dry cure. I did a read on the amazing ribs site that suggested dry over wet cure for beginners. I thought the wet cure was supposed to cut time in half. I know that I have seen pops cure in the past, but I pulled my TQ recipe off of YouTube. Basically tq, brown sugar, onion powder, and black pepper. My CB tastes a lot like ham. I’m wondering if using white vs brown may change the flavor profile a bit. Lots of wires is right, but still wasn’t quite enough. The outside one got up to 160. The nice part is that it can be eaten right out of the package.
  13. Well.... here it is in all its glory. A fair amount of work and time, but still worth it. I forgot to count the number of packages, but there is a bunch... 3/4 of a garbage bag worth. Regarding HM vs Tenderquick- I think that I will go TQ next time. The salt taste and texture is just “different”. I did rub down one of the butts with real maple syrup before I smoked it and it added a nice hint of extra sweetness. I think that I over cooked the Canadian bacon a bit, but it was still good. Next time I want to try making a Cajun and jalapeño flavors.
  14. ....I agree. I just got into making bacon and was going to make belly bacon, but went the buckboard/cottage bacon route instead..... actually have 24# of cottage and 8# canadian bacon finishing their cure right now. After eating it, I am hook on cottage bacon.For $1.18 case price at sam's, it is hard not to go w/ the pork shoulder.
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