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  1. rl_sd

    Rattle Reels

    Not sure what you mean by "rattle snake / Northern lights" style ?
  2. Didn't use any smoke... primarily because it was snowing out and I was on a time crunch. Pretty much everything I do other than poultry I do at 225. I cranked the heat up on this one to get the bacon crispy. I think that you would be fine @ 225.
  3. When it comes to venison, I have never been a huge fan of unprocessed meat like roasts and even steaks. I was deboning my deer last night and came to the back straps..... decisions decisions. Steaks? Grind meat? I said the heck with it and fired up the pellet grill. I took one of the back straps (with ALL the silver skin removed) and cut it in half. I tenderized the thicker half with a mallet and seasoned it with my homemade sweets/spicy/savory rub then wrapped it with bacon. The smaller half I rubbed with olive oil and garlic then seasoned heavily with kosher salt and cracked pepper. All I can say is wow.... I know what I’ll be doing with the back straps from now on! The garlic/salt/pepper was phenomenal. The bacon wrapped was really good as well, but I should have seasoned it more. Neither piece had any gamey taste to it at all, which really surprised me considering this was a big old buck. I put them on for 40 min @ 350 degrees. The smaller one got slightly over cooked with an internal temp of 170, but was still juicy as heck. I am excited to keep trying new things with my back straps in the future!
  4. looking good! After doing chickens and turkeys spatchcocked, I rarely do it any other way anymore.
  5. I have 7 in my 6.5 x 14 plus V.... but no bathroom and everything is pretty open. As I mentioned before... I like to have my holes close. Usually two people fish each pair of holes on the right, then we use rattle reels behind us in the corners with a camera in the middle hole. It can fish 3 people comfortably, but two is optimal. How many people are you planning on fishing?
  6. Are you starting with an open floor plan? How man beds, etc. do you plan on having? One thing that has always drove me nuts about some of the ice castles is the placement of their holes. It seems like you are always having to step over holes in order to move around the house and the holes are never close enough to be able to watch your dead stick as you jig. In deep water, having the holes farther apart makes more sense, but I usually fish in 20 FOW or less. I would say that 10 holes is the most that I would put into a 8x16 with an open floor plan. If you are going to have a lot of counter tops , cabinets, sofas, etc. - then you are probably looking at closer to 6-8 holes. Just my two cents
  7. rl_sd

    Rattle Reels

    Fly line is the only way to go. I have barrel swivels 3 foot up. Tried tip up line and finally got sick of cutting out knots.
  8. rl_sd

    Rattle Reels

    Should work out fine for you.
  9. Sorry Del.... it's Friday and I just can't help myself
  10. rl_sd

    Rattle Reels

    Here is a good video to check out... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr1QnnCKbIM
  11. rl_sd

    Rattle Reels

    Don't forget about the other accessories as well
  12. rl_sd

    Rattle Reels

    I have the Lindell's in my big house. While I "like" them, I don't necessarily "love" them. Last year I picked up a second, slightly smaller fishouse and decided explore a few different options. I picked up the following: Productive 101 - $11 Rattelwheel -$20 Lakco - $6 SO,,,,,, the results? I actually really like the old-school wood reel for the money and sound. The rattlesnake is REALLY nice. I like the puck design that lets you move them around and use other accessories (like the lindells). I knew what I was getting with the Lakco... but also know from experience that after about 5 years the plastic will get brittle and they will have to be replaced. I guess that right now, I am considering outfitting the bigger house w/ rattlesnakes and moving the lindells to the smaller house. We only use them at night, so I can't quite justify spending the dough on products like the northern lights ( $50...wow) Just my two cents
  13. rl_sd

    Wheel House build

    Tag also says that it is some sort of a caddy....Hard to make out the other words.
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