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  1. Dive_Guru

    6 x 10 Aluminum skid house build

    I would just worry about snow building up in front of it and causing issues. Nice, it's coming along! Can't wait to see the end product.
  2. Dive_Guru

    6 x 10 Aluminum skid house build

    Did you have any issues with the UHMW on the hitch? I'm of the same opinion on windows, smaller the better. I sight fish lots up north and light makes it hard to see down the hole. Did you not insulate the walls with spray foam or something?
  3. Dive_Guru

    6 x 10 Aluminum skid house build

    That's an awesome rig! What thickness of UHMW are you using? Any issues with snow coming up through the holes into the shack? What issues have you noticed with it so far? Where did you get those little windows? Sorry for all the questions
  4. Dive_Guru

    New Ice Skid Build

    Hi Guys, New to the forum. I am starting a ice hut build and wanted some advice. I am building an aluminum ice skid 6.5'x8' which is going to be used on fishing trips into lakes around Northern Alberta. I have a VK Professional 1000 to pull it down the trails into lakes, so plenty of pull power. It's going to be moved a fair amount, spending maybe 3-5 days on a lake at any one time. Walls are going to be 1" (.125) tubing Floor trusses are 3"x1.5" (.13) channel 24" on center Skis are 8"x4" (.25) Tubing with both ends angled into tips. It will have a 3rd ski in the front on a V-nose. HDPE on the skis. Enclosed in .040 aluminum sheeting TIG welded frame My initial concern is that the 4" clearance on the skis might not be enough. Does anyone have experience with this much clearance on a skid? Is it possible to put a groomer between the snowmobile and the skid to help prevent it from plowing. I am open to other ideas for skis. I've looked at some other ideas and may change this part of the design. Is tubing better than using channel for the trusses? I'm unsure of height yet as I plan on putting a bunk in it for sleeping two. I was thinking of making it 6'4" with a bowed roof. Any advice is appreciated with potential problems you might see.