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  1. landscaper

    K-drill roll call and update

    thinking about getting the Kdrill Not sure what size yet? I have a jiffy 9" auger that I use in the permy but don't like all the smoke so that why I am leaning towards getting the Kdrill system.
  2. landscaper

    Another skid house build

    Love the blue color! looks like a nice house!
  3. landscaper

    6 x 10 Aluminum skid house build

    looks good! any more work on the interior?
  4. landscaper

    New Ice House Frame

    Looks good!!
  5. landscaper

    Pickled eggs!

    Well…………………….They turned out really good….just a little too "SWEET" for my liking they had a good vinegar taste and a very little spicy but mostly it was sweet then the vinegar taste comes. I tired a different recipe today with more spice so now…we are back to waiting!
  6. landscaper

    2017 Fish House Build

    Great news! Great Info! Great Pictures! Your new house will be the 21' "berkshire blue" ? I do like both siding colors. I really LOVE the interior stain color and how that turned out!!! Very Nice! Plan on doing a rustic look very similar to that in my house-house. Cant wait to see the spear house. On wheels or skids? Sounds like another fun project!
  7. landscaper

    Pickled eggs!

    Saturday afternoon my wife and I made "spicy pickled eggs" with habanero,jalapeño,red bell peppers,onions,and garlic are the main ingredients. anyone wants the rest of the ingredients just ask..or wait till i try them first! This is my/our first go with any pickled eggs so hopefully it turns out good!! How long does everyone let them sit for? i have read 1 week to 3 weeks?? Thanks guys
  8. landscaper

    Switches/ outlets/ fixtures

    Has anyone used any LED strip lights from this company? Tonys Rec. Lighting From, Sauk Centre MN? http://tonysreclighting.com Thanks Guys
  9. landscaper

    Exploratory Committee RE: 2016 Build

    Can't wait for details and pictures! Then just try and remember everything for when I want to build a new one(Many moons away unfortunately )
  10. landscaper


    How many of you guys have the EU2000i Companion? I see it cost a little more and just for hooking two eu2000 together is that right?
  11. landscaper

    What tv for a fish house

    Yettistyle, I do like your 50" Vizio TV in your fish house!! Might have to upgrade mine!
  12. landscaper

    Exploratory Committee RE: 2016 Build

    I saw it on the ice @ the Brainerd Jaycees Tournament. I have seen it the last 2 years but didn't want to bother you by checking out the fish house. Any luck there or at the contest? ALso should of had a "For Sale" sign on it there
  13. landscaper

    Fryin' Saucer

    I will have to take a look at one of these. What local stores carry this product.
  14. landscaper

    Frabill heavy duty cases

    I am also wondering the same question. I have not seen one in person. Hopefully next time I am out of town I will look. Where is everyone finding them at?….Runnings…Fleet Farm I would guess?
  15. landscaper

    New Ice House Frame

    Any updates?